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IECAM Newsletter, FY2018 Issue 7

Need Last-Minute Data for Your PFA/PI Application?

Are you putting together your statement of need for your PFA/PI grant application and need some data?

The best way to contact IECAM is either through our online form or by making an online data request.

Visit Our Special PFA/PI Grant Planning Page

IECAM has created a special web page full of resources for those who are applying for Preschool for All and Prevention Initiative grants for the 2018–2019 school year.

This page includes links to much of the data needed to complete the statement of need for the PFA and PI grant competitions.

You can also check out our convenient table that provides detailed information on data availability, sources, and other information for each of the community characteristics indicated in ISBE’s FY 2019 PFA/PI grant applications.