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WGGP Weekly News


March 8 ♦ Spring 2021 ♦ View Past Newsletters


TODAY at 3:30pm CST

IWD Banner
International Women's Day Informational Poster 
Click on image for more details 
International Women's Day 2021, March 8th, 3:30-5:00pm CST

“13 Women Who Changed The World: Untold Stories”

The Humanities Research Institute and The Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program co-host an annual event bringing together faculty, staff, students, and community members to recognize people who have made a difference in academia. Each speaker will have five minutes to tell the story of the woman in his or her discipline that changed the field in important ways.

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WGGP Co-sponsored Events

March Women in Science lecture. Guest speaker Dr. Catherine J. Murphy. 

Women in Science - March Lecture
Guest speaker: Dr. Catherine J. Murphy

March 9, 2021 @ 12:00pm CST via Zoom

The University of Illinois Archives is hosting a monthly Women in Science Lecture Series that will feature speakers from across the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s diverse and multidisciplinary scientific enterprise. The lecture series seeks to highlight the important innovations and contributions of women in the sciences at the University of Illinois, and center the importance of documenting women scientists and engineers to create a diverse and inclusive archival record.

March 9th guest speaker Dr. Catherine J. Murphy is the Larry R. Faulkner Endowed Chair in Chemistry and Head of the Department of Chemistry and will discuss her research on inorganic nanomaterials applications and the chemical interactions these nanomaterials have with their surroundings.

Click to view upcoming Women in Science lectures.

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YMCA Technology and Data for Positive Social Impact Poster. Speaker Dr.Safiya Noble. 

YMCA Friday Forum Series:
The Digital Mis(shaping) of the World – Spring 2021

Algorithms of Oppression – Data Discrimination

Friday, March 12 @ 12:00pm CST
Online via Zoom

Speaker: Dr. Safiya Noble, The University of California Los Angeles

Description: In the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, many of us are using technology more than ever before. The world of technology opens many doors for global connection, but does it also come with consequences? With growing digital interactions, there is a greater need to more deeply understand the intersections between technology and race, class, privacy, education, faith and public health. How these intersections impact our everyday experiences, as well as what might happen within these intersections looking forward, are critical for us to consider. Join us as we take a look into how technology is not only shaping but also misshaping our world.

Co-sponsored by WGGP and others. Click to view upcoming Friday Forum events.

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Webinar ID: 832 8923 8007  |  Passcode: friday


Upcoming Campus Events

Women's Resource Center's Women's History Month Banner
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Race, Human Rights, and Populism in Poland:  A Symposium Poster 
Race, Human Rights, and Populism in Poland: A Symposium

March 9, 12:00-1:30pm CST

This symposium brings together a set of cross-disciplinary experts prepared to explore this contradiction in Poland as an erstwhile would-be vanguard of liberal democracy and now fulcrum for an illiberal turn. A Poland that is out on the streets, fighting both for women's and LGBT rights and against antisemitism and xenophobia, is still visible. The tradition is not new. Yet the prevailing sense of the arc of Polish history in the past century is that this kind of Poland keeps losing against a different one. For those invested in the contemporary liberal face of Poland, what traditions and new creative demonstrations of civil society offer hope? For those who are more interested in understanding the more conservative turn in Polish identity, an identity that has been visible through the post-Communist period, what is important to understand about the wishes and grievances of those currently pushing back on the wider embrace of EU values by the previous Polish political leadership?

Click here to register for the Race, Human Rights, and Populism in Poland Symposium
REEEC-VORL Brown Bag Series Flyer 
REEEC VORL Brown Bag Series Event

March 11, 2021 12:00pm CST

The next event of the REEEC VORL Brown Bag Series will be on Thursday, March 11th, at 12:00pm CST. VORL Associate Larisa Kurtović (Assistant Professor of Anthropology, University of Ottawa) will give a talk entitled "A city on the water, without water: Politics of water infrastructures in postwar Sarajevo". These talks are designed to be informal with a presentation on a current research project followed by Q&A and discussion.

Click here to register for the REEEC VORL Brown Bag Series Event
“Abolition and Immigrant Justice” - 13th Annual Balgopal Lecture

March 11, 2021, 4:00pm CST

The Department of Asian American Studies presents the 13th Annual Balgopal Lecture on Human Rights and Asian Americans. The Balgopal Lecture was established by a generous endowment from Pallassana R. Balgopal and Shyamala Balgopal in 2007

This year’s Balgopal Lecture on Human Rights and Asian Americans will be delivered by Naomi Paik, Associate Professor of Asian American Studies at Illinois. The lecture will draw on Professor Paik’s recent book Bans, Walls, Raids, Sanctuary: Understanding U.S. Immigration for the Twenty-First Century, and will include responses from activists and community organizers Arianna Salgado and Vân Huynh.

Click here to register for the Balgopal Lecture

#GlobalAndItsWorlds Video Challenge

#GlobalAndItsWorld Video Challenge Poster 
The Global and Its Worlds Video Challenge

In keeping with the 2020–2021 research theme “The Global and Its Worlds,” the Humanities Research Institute (HRI) and Illinois Global Institute (IGI) are inviting students, faculty, and staff to submit short, inspirational videos reflecting on our theme: #GlobalAndItsWorlds. Show us your global world, whether you are currently in Urbana-Champaign, or you are in a place called home. We want to see how our community sees and celebrates our Global Worlds.

Videos can be in several formats—TikTok, YouTube, or directly uploaded to the Illinois Mediaspace. Please watch the informational video announcement here.  You must log on to Illinois Mediaspace once before subscribing to this channel.

Click here for more information about The Global and Its Worlds Challenge

Women In History Wednesday

Nancy Brinker 
Nancy Brinker 

We have Nancy Goodman Brinker for today's #WomenInHistoryWednesday Nancy Goodman Brinker graduated in 1968 with a degree from the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. She is the founder and Chair of Global Strategy for the Susan G. Komen Foundation, an organization named for her sister who passed away from breast cancer in 1980. Nancy is also a survivor of breast cancer. She was Ambassador to Hungary from 2001 to 2003 and Chief of Protocol of the United States from 2007 to the end of the George W. Bush administration. Nancy currently serves as the World Health Organization’s Goodwill Ambassador for Cancer Control.

This series is displayed every Wednesday on our website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Click here for 150 for 150 website

Faculty Affiliate News

Rebecca Smith. See Rebecca Smith's Faculty Affiliate profile. 
Rebecca Smith 
Faculty Affiliate: Rebecca Smith

WGGP Faculty Affiliate, Rebecca Smith, will be one of the speakers for the upcoming International Women’s Day event TODAY starting at 3:30pm.  Professor Smith will talk about Alice Evans, the USDA microbiologist who proved the role of Brucella in causing brucellosis.  Click here to register and join the International Women’s Day celebration.

To learn more about becoming a WGGP Faculty Affiliate, please contact WGGP Assistant Director, Anita Kaiser, at arkaiser@illinois.edu or (217) 333-6221.

Click to see more Faculty Affiliates

GRID Student News

Sulagna Chakraborty. See Sulagna's GRID Student profile. 
Sulagna Chakraborty 
GRID Student: Sulagna Chakraborty

Sulagna Chakraborty
is a PhD student in the Program in Ecology Evolution & Conservation Biology and participating in the WGGP graduate minor, Gender Relations in International Development (GRID).  She will be sharing the story of Dr.  Mary Guinan during the upcoming International Women’s Day event TODAY at 3:30pm.

Click here to register for the International Women's Day event

GRID Alumni Spotlight

Maimouna Barro 
Maimouna Barro 
Alumni Spotlight: Maimouna Barro

Maimouna Barro
is a GRID Alumna and current Associate Director at the Center for African Studies.  She will be one of the speakers joining the International Women’s Day celebration this afternoon.  Dr. Barro’s featured woman is Khadidiatou Dia.  

Click here to learn more about the International Women's Day Event

Events of Interest

WonderWomen of Diversity Spring Discussion Graphic 
DePaul's WonderWomen of Diversity Spring Discussion

Expanding the Diversity of Women in Policy, Politics, and Government
March 18, 2021 3:00pm CST

Join Depaul's WonderWomen of Diversity during Women's History Month to discuss the urgency for increasing women’s inclusion and leadership in policy, politics, and government, as well as broadening the pool of women with seats at the table.

Click to register for the WonderWomen of Diversity Spring Discussion


Issue 3.2 of Q Magazine, “The Big Clean-Up"

Q Magazine
is a student-written, professionally produced environmental journal published jointly by the English Department and iSEE’s Certificate in Environmental Writing. We are particularly excited to feature winning pieces from our first Janelle Joseph Environmental Writing Contest, which ran from Summer-Fall 2020 and received submissions from students across a variety of U of I departments.

The Big Clean-Up is a collection of spirited articles, diverse in genre and united in their emphasis on empathy and compassion when considering the overwhelming nature of climate change.

Click here to read the Q Magazine
Today's Story From Inside Higher Ed

"Academe's Sticky Pay-Parity Problem" (Colleen Flaherty, February 24, 2021)

Women make up just 24% of research universities’ top earners, according to a new report urging action on pay parity in academe. Women of color are just 2%.

Click here to read the Inside Higher Ed article

WGGP Programs

WGGP Gender Relations in International Development Graduate Minor

WGGP offers a graduate minor in Gender Relations in International Development (GRID). The GRID interdisciplinary minor is designed to give students the analytical and empirical skills needed to address and critically evaluate human development issues in research and policy analysis, as well as in daily life. As of 2020, GRID Alumni have come from 35 departments across campus and 50 different countries.

To learn more about the GRID minor, please contact Anita Kaiser at arkaiser@illinois.edu or by phone at 333-6221.

Click for more information on the GRID Minor


Certificate in Global Health 
Undergraduate Certificate in Global Health
Joint with WGGP and LAS Global Studies

LAS Global Studies, in conjunction with Women and Gender in Global Perspectives (WGGP), is offering a Certificate in Global Health. This certificate is open to all undergraduate majors at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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