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WGGP Year in Review


May 3 ♦ Spring 2021 ♦ View Past Newsletters


Message from the Director

Flavia Andrade 

As the semester comes to an end, I would like to give a sincere thank you for making my time with WGGP so memorable.  It has been wonderful to meet so many of you through our various events this year.  I will treasure my time as WGGP Acting Director, and I look forward to seeing more of you as we return to campus in the future. 

These are challenging times. The pandemic has modified how we live and how we interact with each other. It has also highlighted and deepened social inequalities globally, affecting women and gender minorities disproportionally. Throughout our events, we learned about global and gender resilience. It has been uplifting for us to come together in various events this year, such as our gender series, 40th Anniversary Symposium, Student Panel, Women at the Frontlines Against COVID-19, and so many more. 

We have welcomed new Faculty Affiliates and GRID students during the year. We have also worked with our current faculty and students on several events. 

As we look to the future and what 2021-2022 may bring, we would like to reflect on our events over the past year.  Please see a listing below of our recorded events.  You may also watch our recorded event list on the WGGP Media Space Channel. 

I would also like to take this time to congratulate our 2021-2022 graduate fellowship and award recipients.  The three recipients include Widya Ramadhani, School of Architecture (Barbara A. Yates Fellowship); Ananya Tiwari, Department of Educational Psychology (Rita and Arnold Goodman Fellowship); and Atyeh Ashtari, Department of Urban and Regional Planning (Evelyne Accad and Paul Vieille International Research Award).  

As you begin your summer semester, I encourage you to look over our website and learn more about our program.  I also invite you to “Like” us on Facebook  and “Follow” us on Twitter and Instagram to learn about happenings on campus and around the world related to human development and gender equity.    

Finally, please stay safe and enjoy a healthy and relaxing summer.   

Warm regards,   

Flavia Andrade   
Acting Director, Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program   
Associate Professor, School of Social Work   


WGGP Events 2020-2021

Silvia Beltrametti 

IP lawyer and SAIC lecturer Silvia Beltramettiwill provided insight into questions on legal matters concerning making and exhibiting art.


Gender and Family Issues in Public Restroom Design: A Local and Global Perspective Poster 

Faculty Affiliate Kathryn Anthony analyzed important gender and family issues in public restroom design including the need for greater potty parity, baby changing stations, gender-neutral and family restrooms.

Roukiatou Bâ 

Roukiatou Bâ gave a presentation on "The place and role of the Storyteller in the transmission of knowledge in Africa".

Julie Cohen and Best West, RBG Documentary Filmmakers 
RBG Documentary Filmmakers 

Following a virtual screening of the acclaimed documentary, RBG, there was a virtual conversation with the film’s directors, Julie Cohen and Betsy West.

WGGP 40th Anniversary Symposium Poster 

WGGP hosted its 40th Anniversary Symposium which brought together various alumni to discuss their research and to look at WGGP contributions over the years. 

Click on the link above for full recording or use the links below for individual sections of the program.

Opening Remarks

Panel on Gender and Societies

Panel on Gender and Global Perspectives

Panel on Gender and Disasters

Panel on Gender and Built Infrastructure

Reflection Panel

WGGP Graduate Forum Poster 

The WGGP Graduate Forum brought together WGGP Fellowship and Award Recipients to discuss their research projects.

International Women's Day Informational Poster 

“12 Women Who Changed The World: Untold Stories”
HRI and WGGP co-hosted an annual event where each speaker told the story of the woman in his or her discipline that changed the field in important ways.


Panel on Partner-Seeking, Relationships and Wellbeing Poster 

Panelists included Professor Ryan Wade (School of Social Work) and Professor Brian Ogolsky (Human Development and Family Studies).

Panel on Gender and Health Poster 

Panelists included Rachel Garthe (Assistant Professor, School of Social Work) and Nic Flores (Assistant Professor, Latina/Latino Studies).

Lual Mayen 

Lual Mayen is the founder of Junub Games and has a rich story from growing up as a refugee to becoming a game developer. He gave a lecture entitled "From Refugee to Game Developer: Peacemaking through the Art of Gaming".

Women at the Frontlines Poster 
4/16/21 - Women at the Frontlines Against COVID-19

Leadership from Informal Settlements in South Africa, Iran and Argentina
Representatives from Hoda House & EDF (Iran), La Poderosa (Argentina), and House Assembly (South Africa) shared their experience in times of COVID-19.

Recording will not be available until later in May.  Please check the WGGP Media Space Channel for updates.

Panel Discussion - "President Biden: First 100 Days" Banner 

The Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program and The Center for Social and Behavioral Science at the University of Illinois, hosted a panel on “President Biden: First 100 Days”.


WGGP Co-sponsored Events Highlights

Arjun Appadurai 

Professor Arjun Appadurai of New York University presented a talk titled "The Volatile Market for Globalization." He addressed recent debates about the rebirth of the nation-state in the era of pandemic disease, and about whether globalization is about to be rolled back or marginalized.  

Mikki Kendall Author Event Poster 

The WRC, WGGP, and the Bruce D. Nesbitt African American Cultural Center held a virtual author talk with Mikki Kendall.  She discussed her book, Hood Feminism: Notes from the Women That a Movement Forgot, and what led her to write it. 

From Here documentary poster 

The Humanities Research Institute (HRI) and the Illinois Global Institute (IGI) brought together "From Here" Film Director, Christina Antonakos-Wallace and film protagonists Sonny Singh and Tania Mattos to discuss the documentary and answer questions.  The discussion moderator, Lauren Aronson, is an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Illinois College of Law and Director of the Immigration Law Clinic.

Women Scientist 

The lecture series seeks to highlight the important innovations and contributions of women in the sciences at the University of Illinois, and center the importance of documenting women scientists and engineers to create a diverse and inclusive archival record.

YMCA Friday Forum Poster 

Friday Forum is a weekly lecture series that strives to raise awareness about national and international trends and events. This spring, Friday Forum took a look into how technology is shaping and misshaping our world with "The Digital Mis(shaping) of the World".


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