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Congrats to Tatiane Villar (center), who became an ophthalmology resident after completing her internship at the hospital. "This is such an immeasurable privilege and I feel so incredibly blessed for my life leading me here," she said. 

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Pathology Club GIANTMicrobes Sale
As we start looking forward to another spring semester, Path Club wanted to invite everyone to add a little whimsy to their science! Our GIANTMicrobes sale is running through January 24 and these guys are $9 for 1 or $17 for 2. Each one comes in the "Original" size (5-8") and includes a printed card with fun, educational, and fascinating facts about the actual microbe or cell. Please make out a check to "Pathology Club" and either put it in Tessa Brown's mailbox or arrange a time to meet up with her ( Order: For more info, contact


Price Is New rDVM Coordinator
Emily Price began her new role on January 8 as Referring DVM Coordinator at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

Emily has worked as a customer service representative in the Small and Large Animal Clinics and for the farrier service over the past three years.  In her new role, she will serve as a liaison between referring veterinarians and the hospital.  In particular, she will work to enhance referrers’ confidence and satisfaction with hospital services by ensuring efficient and effective hospital communications with referring veterinarians and their clients.

Emily is very passionate about the welfare and well-being of all animals, and brings that passion to her interactions with clients and the referring community.  She is looking forward to building great relationships with these important partners.


Students Receive Grant for One Health Project
Doctoral students Lee Ann Lyons, pathobiology, and Sulagna Chakraborty, community health, have received a Global Intersections student grant through the Center for Global Studies to increase international, cross-disciplinary opportunities for students on this campus. The Global Intersections grant is funded through a U.S. Department of Education Title VI grant.

Their project, “One Health: Interdisciplinary Knowledge of Infectious Diseases,” involves development of an interdisciplinary course proposal and a workshop that will coincide with the sesquicentennial research symposium in April. (The symposium entitled “Illinois 150: The 21st Century University and Research for the Public Good,” features a symposium on Uniting Infection Biology for One Health, co-sponsored by the College of Veterinary Medicine and the Institute for Genomic Biology.)

Dr. Marilyn O’Hara Ruiz and Flavia Andrade serve as faculty mentors for the doctoral students. Two dozen graduate students and faculty members across campus will be involved in the project, including, from our college, Maya Scott, Matthew Leslie, Johnny and Uelmen and Drs. Rebecca Smith, Yvette Johnson, Jack Herrmann, and Brenda Wilson.


American Kennel Club Lunch N' Learn with Dr. Jerry Klein
Therio club is thrilled to have Dr. Jerry Klein come down from Chicago to present to our entire school about the American Kennel Club. Dr. Klein will be presenting about how the American Kennel Club works to help the sport of purebred dogs and how veterinarians can work with the AKC. Please RSVP to this link by Sunday, Jan. 21, at 5 p.m.: For more info, contact Nicole Sugai,

Wednesday, Jan. 24, noon
BSB 2258


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