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July 26, 2020

This newsletter from the Graduate College features notable opportunities for University of Illinois graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to develop skills, engage with employers, and learn more about meaningful career opportunities. For advice on networking, applying for jobs, and more, check out our online career development resources.

Tip of the Week

How to write a cold email. Check out our short video below for tips on how to make new professional connections.

Graduate College Online Workshops

The Graduate College continues to offer a range of career and professional development opportunities to help you achieve your goals, explore broad careers, communicate effectively, and land a job that's right for you.

Monday, July 27 - Friday, July 31 | Online

Going on the faculty job market soon? Join us for valuable advice from our Career Development staff and from faculty who have served on search committees at a range of institutions. This week-long series of events includes presentations, hands-on activities, and faculty panels that will get you ready to apply this fall. Faculty panels will focus on both life as a professor and the job search process at different kinds of institutions. Registration required.

Employer Online Events
Wednesday, August 5 | 5:00 - 6:00 pm (CST)

The webinar will include an overview of the firm and explain the various recruiting opportunities and timelines that are available to Advanced Degrees, including full-time roles as well as spring/summer internship opportunities for 2021. The deadline to apply for 2021 full-time consultant openings at Bain & Company is August 30th.

Sunday, August 16 - Thursday, August 20

AUCA will be hosting a series of online events this summer for students to learn more about the industrial development trends and career opportunities in China. Events include four virtual career fairs, a student online career development forum, an online university-corporate partnership seminar, and multiple virtual employer talks and career workshops.

Handshake Job Postings

Handshake is an online system where students and postdocs can connect with employers recruiting at Illinois. There’s a huge database of job opportunities and information about upcoming events. Below you'll find just a sample of what is available on the platform. Click the job titles below then log in to see the full posting.

Applications accepted until: August 2

Life Sciences Specialists primary responsibilities typically include: Applying your technical and scientific expertise to contextualize key client issues and define hypotheses; conducting primary and secondary research on clients’ markets, customers, and competitors; performing rigorous analysis to drive insights and actionable recommendations; and collaborating with team members to communicate key findings to the client in written presentations and verbal interactions.

Applications accepted until: August 3

The Income and Benefits Policy Center is seeking a talented research analyst with experience in quantitative and qualitative research and project management. The research analyst will work with project teams as part of Urban’s Building America’s Workforce initiative, investigating workforce development, post-secondary education, and other labor policy issues. The ideal candidate can work collaboratively on a variety of projects focused on policy-relevant research.

Applications accepted until: August 5

Research Square has full-time opportunities for highly motivated individuals to fill the role of Academic Editor (AE). Academic Editors have a strong background in academic research and stellar language editing skills. AEs improve the writing in academic manuscripts to a level that is appropriate for peer review. AEs edit in fields related to their expertise, and their work connects directly to our mission of helping researchers succeed.

Applications accepted until: August 14

As a data scientist at Gallup, you will apply your knowledge of statistical and machine-learning techniques to a wide variety of challenging projects customized to our clients’ complex global research. Working on the biggest stage for researchers, you’ll explain and predict large-scale social behavior (e.g., consumer spending, lifestyle trends, political stability, election outcomes, and employee performance) using data from Gallup, the web, third parties (e.g., governments, IGOs and NGOs) and our clients.

Other Opportunities

We went looking for jobs and other opportunities that would be perfect for grad students and postdocs but aren’t on Handshake. See what we found below.

Applications accepted until: August 3

This position is located in the Corporate University, Washington DC, of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Responsibilities include: designs and develops classroom (in-person) instructor-led training and virtual instructor-led training; designs and develops web-based training, multimedia-based programs, instructional websites, responsive and mobile-delivered training, and other delivery methods; and analyzes tasks, jobs, and target audience requirements and conducts training need analyses.

Applications accepted until: August 3

CTCL’s Civic Data team creates and maintains nationwide datasets of candidate and elected officials, working with partners to ensure that everyone in America has access to information about how they can become and remain engaged with our democracy, year round. The Technical Partnerships Manager will be uniquely positioned to ensure Civic Data programs are being executed excellently and to help expand CTCL's work to support new partners and the broader civic data ecosystem.

Applications accepted until: August 9

The primary responsibility of this position is to organize and teach educational workshops promoting and supporting undergraduate research. OUR will train and support candidate to be successful in this position but ideal candidate will take initiative to help improve existing and develop new workshop offerings. All work will be conducted remotely for the fall 2020 semester and possibly for the spring 2021 semester as well.

Applications accepted until: August 19

JFI is an applied social science research organization. Its work investigates and influences the structural forces of society. Its interdisciplinary team collaborates with industry, government, and academia to pilot scalable, high-impact interventions. The fellow will join a small team of practitioners with backgrounds in normative ethics, economics, decision theory, public policy, data science, education policy, finance, and philosophy and will work closely with JFI’s Project Lead in Digital Ethics and Governance.

Applications currently being accepted

This is a full-time training position intended to prepare a scientist interested in moving into career development, academic administration, teaching, or similar career paths while bringing a scholarly perspective to their future endeavor. A core project will be coordinating Career Pathways Communities, an innovative learning community model to enhance career exploration, developed via our NIH BEST award and now part of the graduate school’s curriculum for basic biomedical sciences PhD students.


The Graduate College Career Development office supports graduate students and postdocs as they build meaningful careers at Illinois and beyond.

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