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Versioning keeps track of changes in your file, whether you make small changes or create entirely new copies. Illinois provides two popular cloud services that offer version control features: U of I Box and Google Apps @ Illinois.

Versioning with U of I Box

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•  Supports collaborative editing of Box Notes, Office Online types, and Google Docs file types stored in Box
•  Creates and tracks versions of your documents
•  Offers a comment feature to indicate what changes have been made
•  Team folders allow group ownership so there is no loss of access if a teammate leaves

∗  Cons         U of I Box maintains the 100 most recently saved versions
∗  More info:  Accessing Version History
                      U of I Box, Information and Requesting Shared Team Folders

Versioning with Google Drive

google drive logo

•  Supports collaborative editing of Google Docs files
•  Provides version history and capacity to manage your versions

∗  Cons:         Google Apps @ Illinois does not support for team folder storage
                     Google maintains revisions for the last 30 days
∗  More info:  View activity & file versions

Other software options

People who write programs often use advanced version control systems to track all changes. Two common systems are below:

Subversion                     git


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