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Are you wondering where you can share your completed dataset? We’ve got you covered!
To help you make an informed decision about data sharing, we’ve summarized the characteristics of three repositories that are popular on campus (Dryad, ICPSR, and the Illinois Data Bank). See the table below.
  Dryad ICPSR Illinois Data Bank
 Description Multipurpose repository accepting medical and scientific datasets Discipline-specific repository accepting social and behavioral science datasets 1 Institutional repository accepting interdisciplinary datasets from active University affiliates
 Curation   Turnaround 2-3 days dependent upon submission 2 2-5 days
 Data   Backups 2 copies 7 copies 3 copies
 DOI Minting
 Fees $120 under 20GB 3 institutional membership free
 Licensing CC0 determined by depositor 4 CC0, CC BY, custom
 Open Access
 Preservation lifetime long-term ongoing access 5 years minimum
 Restricted   Access not available  not available 
 Size Limit 500GB / package email if > 2GB 2 TB / faculty / year
 Size   Recommended 10GB 2GB 15GB


1. Datasets are accepted into the collection if they meet the appropriate criteria. An initial disclosure review takes up to 3 business days.
2. Accepted deposits experience a rigorous curation process, so ingest timeline varies.
3. The University receives a limited number of waivers via the voucher request form. For questions, please contact your community representative. Individual file deposits over 20GB are accepted for additional fees.

4. Explicit permission is required for redistribution.


Still unsure what’s the best option for you? Contact us! We can help you figure out what repository best fits your dataset’s needs. We also offer data management consultation for an easier deposit in the future.


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