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Illinois College of Applied Health Sciences
Dear AHS faculty and staff:

Hi, everyone. I want to say how I continue to be encouraged by all the great work I see this semester, even in the face of almost-unparalleled turmoil. You are all doing fantastic work educating and uplifiting our students, and for that I say, thank you.

Despite all we have ahead of us—possible COVID-19 surges, a looming presidential election—we can hold our heads high because you are a part of a tremendous university. Our COVID-19 testing is internationally acclaimed, and we continue to push forward with innovations, such as a new wheelchair design

I love reading about research like that, and I'm sure you do, too. To that end, we are collecting information about accomplishments and successes to publish in The Dean’s List. Be sure to submit your information. To ensure inclusion in Monday's email, we ask that you send information by 5 p.m. the previous Friday to Items will be reviewed and edited for style and grammar.

Stay well!

Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell
Dean, College of Applied Health Sciences


Dr. Ehud Yairi, professor emeritus of the Department of Speech and Hearing Science who led the most comprehensive hard data-based investigation of the onset of stuttering in young children, was the subject this summer of two overviews of his research, a rare honor. Those overviews included an article with reflections on Yairi's career and the impact of his research that appeared in the Journal of Fluency Disorders.


KCH professor Ken Wilund has received a grant of $125,000 from Discovery Partners Institute for the development of the Kidney Wellness Institute of Illinois (KIWII). KIWII will bring together local and international leaders in research, medicine, industry, and patient-advocacy to address chronic kidney disease, which affects approximately 15 percent of the U.S. population and costs more than $120 billion a year to treat. Wilund is the principle investigator, and his co-PIs include the president of the National Kidney Foundation as well as researchers from the Gies College of Business, the School of Social Work, and University of Illinois at Chicago.

KCH professor David Strauser and KCH professor John Kosciulek have received funding for their Rehabilitation Services Administration Quality Employment Outcomes project. Strauser is the principle investigator on the project—which also includes the University of Wisconsin, Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of Kentucky. The objectives are (1) to increase the number of eligible applicants to State vocational rehab programs; (2) to increase engagement of eligible applicants in service to promote participation in services throughout the tenure of their Individualized Employment Plans;  (3) to increase the number of employers hiring and retaining persons with disabilities in their workforce; and (4) to increase the Employment Rate indicator, as compared to each programs’ historical data and national trends. The project is funded by the Department of Education-Rehabilitation Services Administration for $2.15 million over five years.

SHS professor Fatima Husain has received a grant from the Misophonia Research Foundation for a study entitled, "A Multi-Modal Brain Imaging Study of Misophonia Examining its Audiological and Psychological Aspects." The project will involve online surveys, in-lab audiological and psychological testing, and innovative brain imaging to delineate the audiological and psychological aspects of the condition, with the long-term aim of helping individuals with misophonia. The grant is for $396,304 for two years. Husain is the principle investigator and her co-PIs are Fan Lam (BioEngineering, Beckman), Yuliy Baryshnikov (ECE, Math, CSL) and Howard Berenbaum (Psychology, Psychiatry).


A study from KCH professor Wendy Rogers and SHS associate professor Raksha Mudar and published in the journal Gerontechnology found that social engagment technology can broaden social networks for older adults.

In conjunction with our upcoming, 18th annual Sapora Symposium, with a theme on social justice, our communications staff did a podcast with Lou Henson’s nephew, Mark Coomes, who was also a basketball coach, about Henson’s impact on Title IX and the integration of sports. 

Two Wellness Ambassadors from AHS—Rachel Brokenshire and Emily Grayburn—were featured on WCIA, talking about their work.


AHS has a new embedded clinical counselor, Kim Peters, who is located in Huff Hall, Room 245. As a Counseling Center employee, Kim offers time-limited counseling, connection to group counseling, referrals to community therapists, and outreach and prevention services. Students, faculty and staff can schedule appointments directly with Kim at or 217-333-3704.  More information about services provided by the Counseling Center can be found on this website.



A Benefits of Exercise webinar will meet tomorrow, Oct. 6, at 5:15 pm. Topics will include physical and emotional benefits of physical activity, tips for exercise during COVID-19, how to become and stay active. KCH professor Dr. Weimo Zhu will facilitate. Register here for the Benefits of Exercise webinar.


RST assistant professor Suiwen Zou is seeking individuals who are interested in participating in a study of attitudes towards national parks. You will read a scenario about a visit to a national park and answer a few questions about it. Upon completion, you will be included in drawing for $25 Amazon gift cards. If interested, take our survey.


A new study seeks individuals 18 and older to assess nutrition status. The study aims to examine relationships between various nutrition assessment techniques. There is one in-person session lasting approximately one hour, and one remote/virtual visit.  In-person we measure your anthropometrics, cognitive tasks, and simple eye tests and a skin test to understand your habitual diet. You complete surveys about your diet and physical activity habits remotely. Compensation is $40 via Amazon gift card. Contact Monica Kashi in the Department of Kinesiology and Community Health.


The Exercise Psychology Lab is committed to promoting exercise as an easy, fun and safe way to improve health and well-being. During this time when COVID-19 has disrupted our daily lives, we are offering free, Zoom-based group exercise sessions led by our research staff. Exercises are tailored toward middle-aged and older adults with moderate levels of fitness. Sign Up Here! Exercise classes are on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5 to 6 p.m.


The Dean's List is delivered on Monday. To ensure inclusion of your announcement, submit information by 5 pm the previous Friday. Please submit your announcements or calendar items to Items will be reviewed and edited for style and grammar.

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