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ATMOS Briefing - April 2021 Issue


For inquiries about the UIUC Atmospheric Sciences briefing, contact Rebekka Delaney. (rebekka2@illinois.edu)  

This briefing is for activities that occured during the April 1, 2021 to April 30, 2021 period.


Notes from the Head


This coming Saturday, we will celebrate the graduations of 16 undergraduate and 12 graduate students in Atmospheric Sciences. Some of you will join the work force in the government or private industry, some will begin your service to our country as members of the U.S. military, and some will be back in school next fall as graduate students across the country. You’ve shown a remarkable level of resilience and adaptability during this past year, and for this alone you should be immensely proud. On behalf of the faculty, I can say that we certainly are!

As you take the first steps on your life’s next journey, we hope you remember that you’ll always have your Atmospheric Sciences family here to support and assist you. The Department’s Alumni Committee, working in tandem with the Atmospheric Sciences Alumni Council, is also providing ways to help you stay connected with your classmates: Expect an invitation in the future for alumni reunions and other activities!

Graduates: We’re excited to hear about all the great things in your life, so please stay in touch!

Everyone: Have a fun and relaxing summer!

- Department Head Jeff Trapp




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Wuebbles, D., 2021: “Moderator for panel discussion on Equipping Local and Regional Communities to Act: The Path to High-Resolution Climate Models Informing Adaptation Strategies.” America Resilient Climate Conference, Argonne National Laboratory, April 14, 2021.

Wuebbles, D., 2021: “Climate Resiliency: Equipping Local & Regional Communities to Act.” Invited presentation at the America Resilient Climate Conference, Argonne National Laboratory, April 14, 2021.

Wuebbles, D., and J. Zhang, 2021: “Evaluation of FAA Climate Tools.” Invited presentation at the FAA ASCENT Workshop on aviation environmental impacts, April 28-30, 2021.


Awards and Activities


Atul Jain and Don Wuebbles appeared on the Reuters world’s top 1000 climate scientists list: https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/climate-change-scientists-list/

Don Wuebbles had an extensive number of interviews with media, mostly newspapers and radio, especially with the release of the Illinois climate assessment.

Don Wuebbles had an article in Illinois Times on need for climate action.

Zhuo Wang participated on the NOAA review panel on Climate Model Diagnostics, April 29-May 14, 2021.




Information about the "virtual" Convocation Ceremony for the Department of Atmospheric Sciences

Recognition of Graduates and Awardees
Saturday, May 15      
7:00 p.m. on Zoom

Please register to let us know that you wish to participate in this event by completing this form:  https://forms.illinois.edu/sec/972800124

Information regarding ordering your regalia can be found on the university’s commencement’s link noted below.   

Information on the university-wide Commencement ceremony and Stage Crossing can be found at commencement.illinois.edu/


Congratulations to the Decmeber 2020 and May 2021 Graduates!


Miguel A. Baeza

Nicholas Robert Barker

Alison Maureen Crivlare

Joshua Elefante

Qikai Huang

Hailey Elizabeth Ledbetter

Justyna Luberda

Xiuqi Luo

Bridgette Marie Mason

Kenny Puleikis

Andrew James Reiser

Hannah Speers

Shelby Ann Turner

Matthew Kelly Urbas

Victoria E. Wilson

Song Zhang



Max Grover

Prateek Sharma

Megan Varcie

Javier Villegas Bravo

Matthew James Woods



Randy J. Chase

Piyush Garg

Geoffrey R. Marion

Douglas Edward Miller

Sujan Pal

Shijie Shu

Jun Zhang


May & Summer Birthdays



Graduate Students:


Carolina Bieri

Chu-Chun Chen

Michael Sessa


Chuan-Chieh Chang

Antonio Elizondo

Rylan Housenga

Scott James

Enoch Jo

Sophie Orendorf

Tobias Ross


Kevin Boyd

Dongwei Fu

Javier Villegas Bravo

Troy Zaremba

Jun Zhang

Fangyi Zhou


James Goodnight

Megan Varcie



Francina Dominguez


Nicole Riemer

Brian Jewett


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