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News from ISE at Illinois — Spring 2018
Mind-Reading Robots: ISE researchers explore the brain-computer interface.

Researchers in the Department of Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering (ISE) at Illinois are laying the groundwork for cooperative robots—or “cobots”—that might be able to read our minds.

Faculty News
Professor Alexandra Chronopolou. 

ISE Professor Alexandra Chronopoulou says, “I’m interested in modeling systems that have some randomness in them…. In particular, my focus is on models that have long-range dependence.” 

Kesh Kesavadas. 

From Engineering at Illinois' "Why Cancer Research Needs Engineering," ISE Professor T. "Kesh" Kesavadas discusses robotic surgery and its impact on treating cancer patients.

Justin Srignano. 

ISE Professor Justin Sirignano publishes a ground-breaking article in Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics News.

Financial Engineering. 

The Master of Science in Financial Engineering (MSFE) at the University of Illinois—a collaboration between ISE and the Department of Finance—is educating students to become leaders in the modern financial world. 

Kathleen Hu. 

It’s estimated that approximately 30 percent of the food products made for consumption are wasted around the world, but in the U.S., the number is closer to 50 percent. Kathleen Hu is using tech to close the gap.

Floatin Illini. 

With mentor ISE Professor Henrique Reis, select Illinois students had a chance to conduct experiments in low gravity. This article tells the history of that award-winning project.

Viru Agarwal. 

Virupaksh "Viru" Agrawal's time at ISE came to a close in December, and he's set to enter the workforce in strategy and transformations at Express Scripts, the largest pharmacy benefit management firm in the nation. 

Alumni News
Matthew Goetz. 

A financial revolution is happening right now in the form of cryptocurrency. ISE alumnus Matthew Goetz is at the front of this transformation with his cryptocurrency investment firm BlockTower Capital.  

Chris Landreth. 

Chris Landreth received a degree as an engineer. He's now an Oscar-winning animator and tenured artist in residence at the University of Toronto.

Phil Blizzard. 

Blizzard’s entrepreneurial spirit and his Goldendoodle Dosi’s anxiety led him to create ThunderShirt, a snug wrap with a calming effect on pets. Today, ThunderShirt soothes millions of dogs and cats.


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