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March/April 2018


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  • News and Updates
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  • Our Affiliates Out and About
  • New Books We Just Had to Read: Bad Call and Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World
  • Highlighted Book from Our Wish List: The Wild Robot


News and Updates

Gryphon Lecture

The CCB will be hosting Marianne Martens for our annual Gryphon Lecture. Her talk, “"For the Love of Harry Potter: Growing up with Fan Fiction, Festivals, and Charitable Works” will take place on March 2nd at 7pm in iSchool room 126. She will also be giving a Brown Bag lecture “Protecting Youth in Online Environments: Whose Job Is It Anyway?" on March 1st at 12pm in the CCB.

March Madness CCB Brown Bag Series

The CCB will offer several brown bag lectures over the course of March!

We will be hosting:

"Protecting Youth in Online Environments: Whose Job Is It Anyway?" presented by Marianne Martens on Thursday, March 1st at 12pm

“Designing Library Spaces that Work” presented by Fred Schlipf and Ann Ohms on Monday, March 5th at 12pm

“Here There Be Dragons: An Introduction to Fabulous Beasties in Fact and Fiction” presented by Rob Chappell Thursday, March 15th at 12pm

All events will be in person and online here

Storytelling Festival

The 2018 Storytelling Festival is coming up on Saturday, April 14th!  This year, iSchool assistant professor Kate McDowell will coordinate the event alongside the CCB graduate assistants. The event brings together new student storytellers and seasoned professionals for an evening filled with characters being brought to life through the power of story. If you are interested in participating in the festival as a storyteller, please email the CCB at for more information.



March/April Calendar

Gryphon Brown Bag: "Protecting Youth in Online Environments: Whose Job Is It Anyway?" presented by Marianne Martens on Thursday, March 1st at 12pm

 Gryphon Lecture: March 2nd "The Forever Fandom of Harry Potter: Fan Fiction, Festivals, and Charitable Works," at 7pm in iSchool room 126

Designing Library Spaces that Work Brown Bag: March 5th at 12pm

“Here There Be Dragons: An Introduction to Fabulous Beasties in Fact and Fiction” presented by Rob Chappell Thursday, March 15th at 12pm

CCB Closed for Spring Break: March 17th-March 25th

Storytelling Festival April 14th at 7pm



Our Affiliates Out and About

Associate Professor Kate McDowell will be serving as a member of an external review panel for the American Library Association accreditation review process for another school in March. This is McDowell’s second review panel in two years.

After her partnership with the Business school and ACES, to redevelop the curriculum last fall, McDowell will be offering her new and improved Storytelling Your Career workshop, open to all on campus on Friday March 2nd.

McDowell will be travelling to Sheffield, England to co-lead a workshop called “Data Story Slam” with Mike Twidale at the iConference which takes places March 25th to March 28th.

Tuesday, April 24th McDowell will be giving the final keynote talk, “Storytelling Thinking” for iSchool career services which is aimed at recruiters.


New Books We Just Had to Read

Every month, the CCB and BCCB Graduate Assistants highlight books reviewed in the most recent issue of the Bulletin that we were excited to read.  These decisions are based on personal preference, but all books listed are Recommended by the Bulletin. For complete reviews, visit the Bulletin website ( to learn how to subscribe.

Hannah’s Review: Bad Call by Stephen Wallenfels

Reading Level: Gr. 8-12

Pages: [320p.]

Publisher and Year: Hyperion, 2018

ISBN: 978-14847-6813-6

Price: $17.99

Three friends from an elite boarding school decide to go on a weekend backpacking trip in Yosemite National Park. Ceo dominates, with his good looks, athletic ability, and movie producer father. Colin is a fantastic tennis player on an athletic scholarship. Grahame, who has an imposing physical stature, rounds out the group. On their way to Yosemite they pick up Ceo’s sort-of-maybe-girlfriend Ellie, an elite soccer player with a passion for cinematography. When they arrive at the national park, the group makes a catastrophic decision to hike a more treacherous trail than planned. Tempers fly between the competitive Ceo and Grahame, leaving Colin and Ellie to mediate between the hot-headed teens. As conditions get worse, the group struggles to come together to survive. The narrative is told between flashbacks from Colin’s perspective, which provides insight into the characters relationships with each other. This narrative is part survival story and part exploration of the teens’ strained relationships.

Stacia’s Review: Brazen: Rebel Ladies Who Rocked the World;  written and Illus. by Pénélope Bagieu; tr. from the French from Montana Kane

Reading Level: Gr. 8-12

Publisher and Year: First Second, 2018

Pages: [304p.]

ISBN: 978-1-62672-869-1

Price: $17.99

First published as a weekly online comic Les Culottées, Brazen: Rebel Ladies who Rocked the World brings together the stories of 29 courageous women in a volume of biographies written and illustrated by Pénélope Bagieu. Stories range from 4th Century BC Athens to present-day Afghanistan, celebrating volcanologists, bearded ladies, social justice warriors, and more. Regardless of time, place, and circumstance, the women share a common motivation Bagieu describes with a quote from writer and artist Tove Jansson, “Only passion – hope and joy – can be honest. Nothing I’ve been forced to do has ever brought joy to me or those around me.” Whether familiar with the women depicted or learning of them for the first time, readers will find these bite-size bios leave them wanting to know more. A 9-panel grid is used to describe each biography concluded with a two-page full-color spread that separates the narratives.  In the online comic the grid was originally displayed as a continuous scroll; while it still works on the page, it doesn’t have quite the same continuity. The limited palettes and less detailed panels allow for a fast-paced, blunt, at times humorous, and often cringe-worthy depiction of what these notable women have endured and overcome to find confidence in who they are. The illustrations and quick tellings pack a punch; readers will laugh one moment and gasp the next (and vice versa). Full-page spreads provide a place to pause and reflect. Detailed, colorful, and full of emotion, they provide unadulterated portraits of brazen women. Readers looking for true stories of empowering women without the romanticism will find them here, just in time for International Women’s Day!


Highlighted Book from Our Wish List

Brown, Peter. The Wild Robot. Hardcover ed. Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, 2016. ISBN 9978-0316381994.

For more book selections or to order this one, visit the CCB’s Amazon Wish List.


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