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This month’s Tech Talk announces the new Blackboard Course Storage Policy, GitHub shared license, as well as new Zoom capabilities, and an important update on Qualtrics. Read our April newsletter below.


Blackboard Policy Change - 2 GB Storage Limit
The LMS Governance Board, a subcommittee of the ITLC Educational Technology Committee, has approved a new policy that sets the storage quota within Blackboard to 2 GB per Blackboard course starting July 1, 2021.

This policy helps UIC better manage Blackboard storage. The policy also supports improved accessibility, student engagement, and system performance through the use of UIC’s ecosystem of related educational technology tools. Faculty with courses exceeding storage usage limits will have an opportunity to engage with the Learning Technologies Support team around options, including the possibility that an exception should be made and storage limits increased for their course.

Instructors are encouraged to leverage their choice of UIC-supported video streaming (Panopto or Echo360) and/or cloud storage (Google Drive, Box or OneDrive) services to seamlessly integrate digital content into Blackboard and create engaging learning content while maintaining storage quotas.

To learn more about the new Blackboard policy and instructor tips on managing course storage, visit: go.uic.edu/blackboardpolicy.

Managing Course Storage
Courses should be reviewed and adjusted to meet quota requirements. Instructors can view their course storage by logging into course sites and navigating to the Control Panel, then to Course Tools, and clicking on Course Storage. A screen will display the total storage for that course. To review all courses assigned to you as an instructor, click Next.

Visit the Blackboard File Storage page for tips, resources, and best practices on managing course quotas: go.uic.edu/blackboardstorage.


Course Archival in June
Blackboard courses that are over three years old are archived every June. Now is the time to check your Blackboard courses and preserve any content you do not wish to lose. All courses marked with the prefix Archived SU21 are planned for archival this summer. 

If you wish to keep access to any of the courses marked for archival on Blackboard My Courses, please email at LTS@uic.edu and request that the course(s) be excluded. Learn how to restore an archived Blackboard course.


GitHub Shared License Now Available
Technology Solutions is pleased to announce that the UIC community now has access to a shared enterprise-wide, GitHub Enterprise license! 

GitHub Enterprise is a code hosting platform for version control, issue tracking, and collaboration on software development projects. This platform provides a means for collaborative software development within departments and across various units and the entire university system. Learn more at go.uic.edu/GitHubatUIC


New Box User Interface
On Tuesday, April 13, University of Illinois enabled a new user interface (UI) for U of I Box (uofi.app.box.com). This change impacts UIC faculty, students, and staff with a U of I Box account.  You do not need to take any action to view or use the new UI. It will be visible when you log into the service.

To learn more about the new UI, what’s different, and how it looks please visit, go.uic.edu/boxupdates.


Zoom Updates
Breakout Rooms
Zoom breakout room settings were recently updated to allow Zoom sessions to be split into up to 100 breakout rooms (previously limited to 50). Breakout rooms are enabled by default for all UIC Zoom accounts and allow hosts to split Zoom meetings into smaller group sessions.

Learn how to configure Zoom Breakout Rooms. To access this expanded capability, Zoom meeting host accounts must be updated to at least version 5.2 (released in August 2020). Learn how you can check if your Zoom client is up to date.

Display Name
UIC Zoom settings have been updated to allow users to change their Display Name - the name you wish other people to know you by on Zoom. The Display Name could be your preferred name, nickname, or another name.

Zoom Display Names default to your university system name. Learn how to change your default Display Name in Zoom


Qualtrics License Extended
Following a significant license price increase for the Qualtrics survey platform in 2020, UIC IT leadership formed a committee to evaluate the University’s survey needs, and to identify the most appropriate vendor solution to fulfill those needs.  

IT leadership and the committee have affirmed the value Qualtrics brings to the UIC community, and determined that Qualtrics licensing will be renewed for UIC for the next three years.

We will begin with a one-year renewal (July 01, 2021 - June 30, 2022) followed by a longer-term renewal next year as IT leadership explores options to secure better pricing. We will keep the community informed with any updates and planned changes on the it.uic.edu website.


VoiceThread New Assignment Features
In this workshop, hosted by VoiceThread, you will learn how to turn new assignments on for your courses and begin using them with your students. It will review all of the workflows, new features, and options for your VoiceThread assessments.

      Date: Tuesday, May 11, 2021

      Time: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CT
Register Here

Research Technologies at UIC
This webinar will provide an overview of research technologies available to UIC faculty, staff, and students at Advanced Cyberinfrastructure for Education and Research (ACER) to empower their research. We will describe the various high-performance computing (HPC) systems available to our users, our service portfolio, available software, high-performance data management with Globus, and our consulting and training programs.

      Date: Thursday, May 13
      Time: 3:00 PM - 3:45 PM
      Register Here

Instructor Training for LockDown Browser & Respondus Monitor
This comprehensive training, hosted by Respondus, is intended for instructors who plan to use LockDown Browser and/or Respondus Monitor with online exams.

      Date: Multiple
Register Here


GitHub Essentials Training (2h 55m)
UIC recently acquired a shared license for GitHub, a popular software among developers, project managers, designers, and students for its flexibility and control. Watch the introductory videos in this course to learn how GitHub is used for collaboration and sharing code. 

Universal Principles of Design (5h 29m)
Universal Principles of Design illustrates one design principle, ranging from the tried and true (the 80/20 rule) to concepts that you may not have ever heard in a design context. These principles are critical to successful design - no matter what the discipline. Anyone who creates, designs, engineers, or illustrates will learn invaluable lessons that can take their work to the next level.

PowerPoint Quick Tips (32m)
Enhance your PowerPoint abilities - and get on-the-spot solutions to common questions - with this collection of quick, bite-sized tutorials. Each video is self-contained and about one to two minutes in length, making it easy for you to squeeze in a few learning opportunities throughout your workday.


Tax Scams Targeting Educational Institutions
The Internal Revenue Service has reports of increased IRS-impersonation scams that target educational institutions, including students who have “.edu” email addresses.

The scam emails display the IRS logo and use various subject lines such as “Tax Refund Payment” or “Recalculation of your tax refund payment.” It asks people to click a link and submit a form to claim their refund. The phishing website requests taxpayers provide sensitive information including social security numbers, name, birthday, address, annual income, and other sensitive information.

If you receive a suspicious email, please do not click on any links and send the email as an attachment to security@uic.edu.


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