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September 2020
UIF Advancement Insider
An inside update on services provided by the University of Illinois Foundation
TED is getting a new URL!

The URL for TED is changing to https://ted.uif.uillinois.edu on October 3rd during the TED Service Pack Upgrade.  This change is occurring to further the consistency of our TED branding.  This change will be made across the different environments as well.  Therefore, the TED Training environment will be https://tedtraining.uif.uillinois.edu.  As you update your bookmarks and favorites, both URLs will be available for a time.  Please check future UIF Advancement Insiders for when the old https://crm.uif.uillinois.edu will be retired.  NOTE: The new URL will not be active until October 3rd.  

In addition to this change, the top banner color in Non-Production environments will be changed to better indicate when you are working in an environment of TED that is not Production.  This will make it easier to tell if you are working in the Training environment or doing some testing in one of our test environments.  The banner color for Production will remain as it is. 

System Updates

The Foundation is dedicated to making sure you have the best resources available for your advancement needs.  For this reason, we regularly update TED, UIF Online, OnBase, and BBIS.  The next scheduled updates are:  

Saturday, October 3rd, 2020 - Service Pack Upgrade
Saturday, November 14th, 2020
Saturday, February 20th, 2021

During these updates the systems may not be available, but there will be a notification letting you know which systems will be affected and the timeframe.

Reminder! UIF Information System Access and Security Changes Implemented

New security roles in TED and Hyland Onbase were implemented on Saturday, August 15.  The Foundation has created separate "view only" and "edit" roles for Interactions, and a Fundraiser “view-only” role, as well as separate and streamlined “view only” roles for Revenue and Marketing Communications.  These changes may have caused some users to lose access to functionality they have used in the past.  Leadership at each University reviewed lists of users for preliminary assignment to roles that will enable users to add and edit plans and interactions, or to be limited to a view-only role.  If you have questions or cannot access functionality you need, please contact UIF Advancement Information Management and Support at aims@uif.uillinois.edu.

Graduate and Student Loads

2020 Summer Grads and Fall Student data have been loaded into TED.

Take a look at the TED Calendar on the home page for all future load dates!

Monthly Faculty Staff Data

September Faculty Staff data has been loaded into the University Appointments area under the Relationships tab in TED.  Monthly Faculty Staff data is pulled from Banner on the 10th and loaded into TED on the 3rd weekend of each month.

TED Stewardship Recipients

UIF OATS recently created additional fields in the TED Stewardship Recipients Add/Edit functionality section to better reflect relationship to fund and who is managing that relationship. To access this functionality, go to the Fundraising Purpose Page, click on the Stewardship tab, and click on Stewardship Recipients.

Add/Edit a Fund functionality was also added on the Individual Record Relationship’s Fund Purpose Stewardship sub tab. Be aware that the Constituent field has been replaced by the Fund Purpose field. The changes provide additional functionality previously unavailable. TED users now have the ability to Add/Edit a Fund Purpose along with stewardship data from the Individual Record.

For more detailed information please reference the TED user guide under Fundraising Purpose Add Stewardship Recipient.

NEW!! Annual Giving Dashboard

The Annual Giving dashboard can be found in TED under the UI Reporting → Annual Giving reports group. The dashboard includes summary information grouped by

  • Primary Annual Giving Metrics
  • Annual Giving Levels
  • Target Groups (New Donors, Renewals and Lapsed)
  • Industry Metrics (US News and VSE participation)
  • Other Metrics (Retention rates, Upgrades, Downgrades, Faculty/Staff Giving etc)

The Dashboard can be viewed by three reporting levels: UI System, University and Advancement Unit. It also provides the ability to compare multiple years starting from FY 2016.


The information captures the goals and targets highlighted by our advancement community, guest presenters and industry experts at the UIF Annual Giving Summit.

A special thank you to all our advancement colleagues who participated in putting this dashboard together as well as providing valuable feedback to make sure this is a useful tool for Annual Giving teams across the System.

TED Homepage

Check the TED Homepage every day!  It is constantly being updated with important dates and announcements.

TED Calendar - This shows you upcoming scheduled maintenance and important data updates that have occurred. 

News & Updates - This contains important announcements about TED, including any current issues, and other UIF system updates and information.  Be sure to subscribe to this to receive an email whenever something is posted.  To subscribe, click one of the posts and choose 'Subscribe' at the bottom.

Research & Portfolio Management (RPM)
The Portfolio Health Dashboard is now LIVE!


What is it?
The Portfolio Health Dashboard is an interactive visualization tool designed to give fundraisers an overview of their active portfolio. Use it to assess portfolio sizes, see how many plans are being moved through the fundraising process, and gauge whether ask amounts are in line with prospect ratings. From the dashboard’s high-level overview, you can drill down directly into specific plans in TED.

Where is it?
Find it on the UI Reporting page in TED, under Dashboard.


Clicking on the dashboard link will take you to the Tableau login screen. A prompt will appear asking for a Username and Password. 

  • UIF and UIUC users please use your Net ID Login/Password as you do when logging into TED.
  • UIC users for your Net ID you need to enter AD\NETID
  • UIS users for your Net ID you need to enter UISAD\NETID

Once entered, click Sign In and you’ll see the main Portfolio Health Dashboard page displayed.

How do I use it?
Training sessions are currently being scheduled for CAOs in Urbana, Springfield, and Chicago. Training sessions and videos for all fundraisers are forthcoming.

What if I need help?
If you have access issues or questions, please contact AIMS at 217-300-3907 or aims@uif.uillinois.edu.

NEW Step Templates in TED!

There are three new plan step templates in TED:

Steps | Cultivation Virtual Meeting Secured

Steps | Qualification Virtual Meeting Secured

Steps | Solicitation Virtual Meeting Secured


Remember: You can access all the plan step templates by selecting “Edit Steps” in the Planned and Pending Steps area of a plan, then look for the “Outlines” drop down menu.

REMINDER: Do not use the “Unqualified” Opportunity Type

The Opportunity type “Unqualified” is reserved for Campaign Ask Expectancy plans managed by RPM. When you create an opportunity, you should set the status as “Qualified,” then update the status once the ask is made and as you work through the negotiation process.

New & Updated Courses Available

Event Registrations and Attendance in TED

Users have asked for an event online course and here it is! Watch the Advancement Insider for more new event-related courses.

In this course you’ll learn how you can easily add event registrations and attendance using several different methods in TED.

Available for self-enrollment under featured courses in iLearn.

Locating Records (Update)

The TED system tracks a wide range of constituent information, and finding the correct record is often the first step to take when performing your advancement tasks. TED offers multiple types of searches to help you find the correct record.

Take the Locating Records Overview training to help you determine which search type will best fit your needs.

The Constituent Search and the Organization Search trainings will give you details on how to best use these two search types.

Take a look at the updated Custom Search training for new and updated tutorials on how to best use Custom Search to find your graduates.

Available for self-enrollment under featured courses in iLearn.

Introduction to Engagement

This course was created with new Advancement staff in mind, but everyone can benefit from a closer look at the importance of engagement to advancement.

Learn how engagement keeps our donors, alumni and friends abreast of all the great things happening here and inspires them to give. You’ll also gain an overview of how engagement can be tracked in TED.

Available for self-enrollment under featured courses in iLearn.

New TED Tutorials

Several event and search related tutorials and job aids are now available in iLearn.

Use the iLearn search feature as shown below to locate specific tutorials, or click the TED Tutorial tile on the home page to access the entire list.

Upcoming Live-Training Sessions


In partnership with the U of I Universities, UIF staff will lead a panel discussion around various Prospect Management concepts.

We recommend all fundraisers and their staff take this course after completing the “Updating Prospect & Plan Records in TED” or “Reading Prospect Records in TED” curriculum. In order to enroll in this ILC you must enroll in one of those curricula. We recommend the first to fundraisers, and the second to those who will be using prospect records less often.

Instructor: Shannon Sweeney, Training Specialist              

Dates offered:  

  • October 22, 1:30-3:30 – Online Webinar
  • November 11, 9:30-11:30 – Online Webinar


Introduction to Gift Processing & the Cycle of a Gift

This course provides training for processing all gifts and non-gifts, including cash, securities, gifts-in-kind, and matching contributions. It covers the steps taken from the time a gift is received to the time a receipt is provided to a donor.

We recommend this course to anyone in annual giving, business operations, major gifts, stewardship, and to all support staff.


  • Cassi Wildman, Gift Administration Manager
  • Olivia Gritzmacher, Manager of Gift Processing
  • Jessie Mitsdarfer, Cash Desk Coordinator

Date offered: October 21, 2:00-3:30 – Online Webinar

New Gift Planning Courses

The Office of Gift Planning and Trust Services is pleased to offer four new webinars to help you amplify your work with donors.

Financial and Tax Essentials for Fundraisers

Virtually every charitable gift is made as a result of a unique mix of donor-specific motivators. While tax incentives are just the cherry on top of the charitable giving sundae, they're still a secondary motivator you should keep in mind as an advancement professional. This course is recommended for all frontline fundraisers (including leadership annual giving officers, major gift officers, unit advancement leads, and advancement executives) and other advancement stakeholders looking to boost their knowledge of how the U.S. tax structure impacts philanthropic decisions. After completing it, you will be better able to:

  • Understand the decision-making factors underlying charitable giving,
  • Integrate the impact of ordinary income tax, capital gains tax, gift tax and the alternative minimum tax into your work, and
  • Hold discussions with suitable prospects regarding gift bunching as a tax-wise giving solution.

Dates offered and instructors:

  • September 30, 10:15-11:00 – Online Webinar (Jason Shuba, Director of Gift Planning)
  • October 28, 3:00-3:45 – Online Webinar (Justin Seno, Director of Gift Planning)
  • November 18, 9:00-9:45 – Online Webinar (Judy Schneider, Director of Gift Planning)


Maximizing Your Fundraising Work via Donor Advised Funds

Almost 500,000 new donor advised fund (“DAF”) accounts have been created since 2014, and over $120 billion in assets now rest in DAF accounts. Understanding the benefits, limitations, and mechanics of these accounts will help ensure the University is fully represented in donor philanthropic plans and you don’t miss out on a growing source of new business. This course is recommended for all frontline fundraisers (including leadership annual giving officers, major gift officers, unit advancement leads, and advancement executives). After completing it, you will be better able to:

  • Understand the mechanics of how a donor recommends DAF account distributions,
  • Broach discussions regarding DAF account distributions (including those via beneficiary designations), and
  • Effectively solicit gifts via DAF account distributions from suitable prospects.

Dates offered and instructors:

  • September 23, 3:00-3:45 – Online Webinar (Jason Shuba, Director of Gift Planning)
  • October 27, 10:30-11:15 – Online Webinar (Justin Seno, Director of Gift Planning)
  • November 16, 9:00-9:45 – Online Webinar (Judy Schneider, Director of Gift Planning)


Navigating Planned Gift Donor Stewardship Conversations

An increase in planned gift donor stewardship is a great way to make up for COVID-related qualification limitations. Planned gift donors are extraordinarily close to the University, welcome visiting, and frequently present commitments that can be easily revalued for additional New Business. This course is recommended for all frontline fundraisers (including leadership annual giving officers, major gift officers, unit advancement leads, and advancement executives) as well as stewardship officers. You'll learn a transferable structure for approaching these conversations and be better able to:

  • Update the value of booked planned gifts to help meet fundraising goals,
  • Broach then address past inadequate stewardship, and
  • Remedy internal problems associated with booked and "unbookable" tracked planned gifts

Dates offered and instructors:

  • October 7, 9:00-10:15 – Online Webinar (Jason Shuba, Director of Gift Planning)
  • November 5, 1:00-2:15 – Online Webinar (Jason Shuba, Director of Gift Planning)


Using Gift Planning to Meet our Donors’ Needs 201

The 101 curriculum helped you to understand the benefits, mechanics, and limitations of specific non-cash giving vehicles, but these options don’t always exist independently – they can also blend and stretch as donor needs become more complex. Using a case-study approach, this course will help you better be able to:

  • Apply the lessons from the 101 course, and
  • Integrate blended gift planning strategies in your daily work to achieve more effective fundraising success. 

Dates offered and instructors:

  • November 12, 9:30-10:45 – Online Webinar (Justin Seno and Jason Shuba, Directors of Gift Planning)
  • December 8, 3:00-4:15 – Online Webinar (Justin Seno and Jason Shuba, Directors of Gift Planning)
We Want Your Feedback!

If you have comments about any of the courses that you have taken, suggestions for things that we can train on in the future, or topics that you wish had more content available please let us know! We would love to hear any feedback that you have at learn@uif.uillinois.edu.


Please feel free to email aims@uif.uillinois.edu for any feedback or content that you would like to see in future editions!

Future Dates for the Advancement Insider (on or around):

  • October 19, 2020
  • November 16, 2020
  • December 21, 2020
  • January 18, 2021