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CGS Announcements

Brown Bag Series: "Missing Children in Educational Research: Issues with Representation and Large-Scale Data in India"

March 28, 2018
 12:00pm - 1:00pm


April 10, 3:00pm
National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) -- Auditorium

Big data sets and metrics have impacted governance, decision-making, and the public’s access to information. At this talk, Professor Sally Engle Merry will address the implications of the “big data” revolution on contemporary social life and global governance.


International Studies Research Lab 2018

Dates: July 8 - July 20
Application Deadline: April 15

The Center for Global Studies, International & Area Studies Library,
and Russian, East European & Eurasian Center at the University
of Illinois Urbana-Champaign are pleased to announce fellowships
and research honoraria to support the internationalization of community
colleges nationwide. We invite applications from faculty, librarians,
and administrators interested in expanding global studies curricula, 
instruction in less commonly taught languages, library collections, or 
international education programs at their home institutions. Participation
in ISRL provides resources and time for research otherwise unavailable
to applicants. Fellows will have the opportunity to work one-on-one
with international and area studies reference librarians and explore the
unlimited print and online resources at the University Library. 
Co-sponsored by the Center for African StudiesCenter for East Asian and Pacific StudiesCenter for Latin American and Caribbean Studies and the European Union Center.


CGS High School Summer Programs 2018

Dates: July 15 - July 20
Application Deadline: April 30 

Events This Week

March 26, 4:00pm
Beckman Institute -- Auditorium

Professor Neblett has argued that the only acceptable and legitimate form of psychological science is one that incorporates diversity. Diversity is not a “special” topic or interest. Psychological science must consider and capture the full breadth of human experience and understand how culture informs worldviews and behaviors. Thus, research and training must both prioritize multiculturalism. In addition to examining the diversity of subjects, the academy as well as its leadership must reflect diversity.


"Transforming South African Museums Exhibitions in the Era of President Nelson Mandela"

March 28, 4:00pm
Davenport Hall, Room 329

House of Memory’s founder and curator, Vusi Mchunu, was deeply involved in the creation of President Nelson Mandela’s premier legacy museum and monument: Freedom Park. The House of Memory (HOM) heritage consultancy began in 2007 with the goal of freeing the marginalized African voice and transforming the Eurocentric and Apartheid era museum and heritage landscapes of South Africa. HOM has sought to integrate African knowledge systems/world views in museum exhibition development and heritage training.


Key Note Address: Tariq Ali - The Broken Ladder: The Global Left Fifty Years After 1968

March 29, 7:30pm
210 Levis Faculty Center 

At the end of the Cold War, the notion of revolution seemed to have been placed among the relics of history. Francis Fukuyama’s “end of history” and Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” emerged as bold, alternative frameworks to imagine the course of history after the age of political revolutions had come to an end. Then, the so called Arab Springs and the re-emergence of radical narratives of transformation, from Ukraine to Venezuela, have forced intellectuals and politicians to reconsider the actuality and the meaning of revolutions in the age of globalization.


Joint Area Centers Symposium (JACS) - "Revolutions: Past and Futures of Radical Transformations"

March 30, 9:30am-6:30pm
Levis Faculty Center, Music Room

The symposium will be articulated around 4 themes: 1) religion and revolution, 2) anti-colonialism, 3) violence and transformation, and 4) gender, race, minorities and revolution. The goal of the symposium is to bring experts from different disciplines and different geographical areas to articulate the productiveness or the anachronism of the concept of revolution in multiple cultural contexts. Scholars from and experts on China, India, Latin America, Europe and Africa will provide a truly transnational perspective to the symposium.

Upcoming Events

April 3, 2:30-3:30pm
Funk ACES Library 2nd floor

Three experts from across campus (from the School of Integrative Biology, the Prairie Research Institute, and the Department of Urban and Regional Planning) will each discuss their research related to climate change – encompassing agricultural and urban ecosystems; flooding, drought, carbon dioxide levels, and heat – and respond to questions from attendees.  This panel presentation will be an opportunity for people to come together in the library to learn about and discuss research related to one of the world’s major challenges – climate change.

  • Andrew Leakey (Associate Professor of Plant Biology)
  • Sally McConkey (Section Head, Coordinated Hazard Assessment and Mapping Program in the Illinois State Water Survey)
  • Bev Wilson (Associate Professor of Urban & Regional Planning)

April 6, 2-6:00pm
Lincoln Hall, Room 3047

This workshop will address Land Concentration, Agricultural Sustainability and Food Sovereignty  in the European Union. Sponsored by European Union Center (EUC); Russian, East European and Eurasian Center (REEEC); Center for Global Studies (CGS); Women and Gender in Global Perspective (WGGP)

Opportunities for University of Illinois Students and Faculty

Education and Professional Training Program for New Translators of Greek Literature
Application Due May 17, 2018 

TURK 490 - Special Topics in Turkish: Language and Culture in Turkey
Fall 2018 Course

Save the Date: Framing the Global Conference at Indiana University - Bloomington
September 27 - 30, 2018 

Graduate Minor in Global Studies (Ongoing)