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Photos of Bill Sanders and Robert Lee 

The United States Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources invited CREDC co-PI and ECE ILLINOIS Department Head William H Sanders, to testify at a full committee hearing on March 1. Robert M. Lee, CREDC industrial advisory board member and CEO of Dragos, Inc., also testified at the hearing focused on cybersecurity and cyber resiliency of the nation's critical energy infrastructure. Read the full story on the CREDC Website or view the archives by visiting the hearing archive page.

 photo of David Norton
David Norton Retires from the CREDC Industry Advisory Board

CREDC would like to thank David Norton for his service as an advisory board member both to the Cyber Resilient Energy Delivery Consortium (CREDC) and its predecessor, the Trustworthy Cyber Infrastructure for the Power Grid (TCIPG) project. Norton (Nort to friends) recently retired from his role as a CREDC Industry Advisory Board member as well his post at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Office of Electric Reliability. CREDC and TCIPG both benefitted greatly from Nort's 40+ years of experience in information systems, large scale data/tele- communications, electric sector EMS/SCADA/AGC systems, manufacturing automation, and military command and control environments. He asked tough questions, gave seasoned advice, and ardently supported CREDC's mission and research. We wish nothing but the best for Nort as he embarks on the next chapter! 

slide from Mark Guth Seminar, "IT and OT, Information Security Architectural and Operational Divides in the Energy Sector" 

If you missed Mark Guth's seminar, "IT and OT, Information Security Architectural and Operational Divides in the Energy Sector," you can now view video and slides on the CREDC website by visiting   

 photo of Jianhui Wang

CREDC Public Seminar
Tuesday, April 3 
3-4 PM Central Time 
1030 NCSA | Webcast

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Our April seminar will feature Jianhui Wang of Argonne National Laboratory. His presentation title is "A Resilient Self-Healing Cyber Security Framework for the Power Grid."

The power grid is increasingly dependent on its cyber infrastructure in order to support the numerous power system applications necessary to provide improved grid monitoring, protection, and control capabilities. Wide-Area Monitoring, Protection, and Control (WAMPAC) applications form the backbone of the bulk power system that relies on wide-area measurements transmitted over communication networks for real-time operational, protection, and control functions. Cyber security and resiliency of WAMPAC is critically important to ensure secure, reliable, and economic operation of the bulk power system. In this talk, we will discuss developing, prototyping, and evaluating application layer attack resilient solutions for WAMPAC cyber security. The applications include State Estimation, Self-healing PMU Network (Wide-area Monitoring), Remedial Action Schemes (Wide-area Protection), and Automatic Generation Control and Optimal Power Flow (Wide-area Control). We will also discuss various case studies for each application and other cyber security projects at Argonne including cloud computing, distribution system cybersecurity, etc.  

Jianhui Wang (M’07-SM’12) received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois, USA, in 2007. Dr. Wang is the secretary of the IEEE Power & Energy Society (PES) Power System Operations, Planning & Economics Committee. He is the Editor-in-Chief of IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid and an IEEE PES Distinguished Lecturer. He is the recipient of the IEEE PES Power System Operation Committee Prize Paper Award in 2015.

Upcoming Seminars: 

Tuesday, April 24: Robert M. Lee, CEO, Dragos, Inc. 

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The Cyber Resilient Energy Delivery Consortium recently announced the dates and location of their annual industry workshop to be held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston from September 11 - 13. Visit the event website ( and follow CREDC on social media for registration and program updates as they become available. 


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Scalable Identity and Key Management for Publish-Subscribe Protocols in EDS

Validating Security and Resiliency in Software Defined Networks for Smart Grids

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CREDC Researchers have recently published 2 papers: 

Diversity Modeling to Evaluate Security of Multiple SDN Controllers

Resilient Data Collection Protocol with In-Network Processing for Oil and Gas Refinery Networks

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