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This Week
2018 Joint Area Centers Symposium, Mar. 29-30

Keynote Address: Tariq Ali- The Broken Ladder: The Global Left Fifty Years after 1968

March 29, 7:30pm
210 Levis Faculty Center 

At the end of the Cold War, the notion of revolution seemed to have been placed among the relics of history. Francis Fukuyama’s “end of history” and Samuel Huntington’s “Clash of Civilizations” emerged as bold, alternative frameworks to imagine the course of history after the age of political revolutions had come to an end. Then, the so called Arab Springs and the re-emergence of radical narratives of transformation, from Ukraine to Venezuela, have forced intellectuals and politicians to reconsider the actuality and the meaning of revolutions in the age of globalization.


Joint Area Centers Symposium (JACS)-"Revolutions: Past and Futures of Radical transformations"

March 30, 9:30am-6:30pm
Levis Faculty Center, Music Room

The symposium will be articulated around 4 themes: 1) religion and revolution, 2) anti-colonialism, 3) violence and transformation, and 4) gender, race, minorities and revolution. The goal of the symposium is to bring experts from different disciplines and different geographical areas to articulate the productiveness or the anachronism of the concept of revolution in multiple cultural contexts. Scholars from and experts on China, India, Latin America, Europe and Africa will provide a truly transnational perspective to the symposium.


YMCA Friday Forum:
Strong Women Reclaiming Imagery

Speakers: Native POP Collective

Friday, Mar. 30
University YMCA Latzer Hall
1001 S. Wright Street, C.
More information here
Co-sponsored by WGGP

Native POP Collective

MaryBeth Timothy (Cherokee), Serena Penaloza (Navajo and Maricopa), and Brent Learned (Cheyenne-Arapaho) will showcase street, progressive, contemporary, and pop art working to to reclaim indigenous imagery.

About the Artists:
Native POP is a collective of indigenous artists re-appropriating and reclaiming indigenous imagery that has been exploited by mainstream society, and depicting it through a Native artist’s eyes. The collective is working to educate the public that Native people do more than traditional arts and crafts; they also make progressive art that is intelligent and provocative.


Upcoming Events

 “Social Geographies of Seasonal Labor Migration in Rural Western India”

Monday, April 2nd, 3:00pm

2049 Natural History Building (Russell Seminar Room)

Pronoy Rai, a Ph.D. candidate in Geography, GRID alumnus, and past recipient of Goodman Fellowship and Due and Ferber International Research Award, will present his dissertation titled “Social Geographies of Seasonal Labor Migration in Rural Western India”

Symposium on "Revalorizing Extension: Evidence and Practice"
     April 3-4, 2018
     Click on image for full schedule and registration

April Speaker
Rebekah Niblock
Staff Attorney, The Immigration Project

Wednesday, Apr. 4
345 Armory Building,
505 E. Armory Avenue, C.
Light refreshments will be served


Each monthly event will offer a short presentation from our featured speaker about his/her research and work and then allow time to visit with faculty and graduate student to share ideas and meet others from across campus.


The Illinois Alumni Association &
Illinois International Programs invites you to attend


A panel discussion with breakfast featuring the
2017/18 International Achievement Award Recipients

April 4, 2018    8:30am.
Alice Campbell Alumni Center Ballroom

Jinwoo Cheon
Madhuri and Jagdish N. Sheth International Alumni Award for Exceptional Achievement

Benjamin J. Lough
Sheth Distinguished Faculty Award for International Achievement

Adam Brakhane
Charles C. Stewart International Young Humanitarian Award

Richard Oliver Bido-Medina
Illinois International Graduate Achievement Award

Naomi Kainuma 
Illinois International Undergraduate Achievement Award

The panel is free and open to the public but a reservation is requested

Breakfast will begin at 8:30am & the panel discussion will begin at 9:00a.m.


Land Concentration, Agricultural Sustainability and Food Sovereignty in the European Union

April 6, 2:00-6:00pm

Room 3057 Lincoln Hall

This workshop will address Land Concentration, Agricultural Sustainability and Food Sovereignty  in the European Union. 

Speaker list and additional information available at

Sponsored by European Union Center (EUC); Russian, East European and Eurasian Center (REEEC); Center for Global Studies (CGS); Women and Gender in Global Perspective (WGGP)




Human Rights, Gender Violence, and the Challenge of Global Governance by Number

Speaker: Sally Engle Merry
Silver Professor of Anthropology, New York University

April 10, 3:00pm

National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) Auditorium





Women's and Gender Studies Instructional Assistant Professor NTT position at Illinois State University, AY 2018-19

The Women's and Gender Studies program at Illinois State University is hiring a full-time NTT professor for next year.  Teaching load is 3 and 3 with some service duties.  Applications are due April 9th. 

All application materials must be submitted online at Please prepare in advance separate documents representing a cover letter, CV, three Letters of Recommendation, and Evidence of Teaching Quality. To ensure full consideration, apply by April 9, 2018.

Faculty Affiliate News

WGGP Director, Colleen Murphy, speaks on transitional justice

WGGP Director, Professor Colleen Murphy, featured in the LAS Experts blog discussing transitional justice.  Full article available here.

To learn more about Professor Murphy, visit webpage

To learn more about our faculty affiliates, please visit here

If you are a WGGP Faculty Affiliate and you have news to share, please contact Anita Kaiser at or (217) 333-6221.

WGGP Gender Relations in International Development Graduate Minor

WGGP offers a graduate minor in Gender Relations in International Development (GRID). The GRID interdisciplinary minor is designed to give students the analytical and empirical skills needed to address global human security and gender equity issues in research and policy analysis, as well as daily life. In this age of global economic transformation, it is especially necessary for researchers and practitioners to examine who gains and who loses from new policies, to assess the disparities in the impacts of reforms on women, men, and children, and to study the successful strategies and policies that appear.

To learn more about the GRID minor, please contact Anita Kaiser at or by phone at 333-6221.



Certificate in

Global Health

Joint with WGGP and LAS Global Studies

Certificate Description

LAS Global Studies, in conjunction with Women and Gender in Global Perspectives (WGGP) is offering a Certificate in Global Health. This certificate is open to all undergraduate majors at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The Certificate in Global Health will prepare students to engage with issues and problems in global health policy, access, and delivery.

Learn more here

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