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student and advisor

Week six of the semester is underway.

How are you doing?

  • Need assistance catching up in classes?
  • Searching for ways to stay motivated?
  • Hoping to make impactful connections with peers?
  • Looking for direction in your academic or career goals?
  • Ready to take on your job search?

If you're considering these or related questions, sign up for a Life + Career Design in the Pandemic community. Work with a small group of peers with a similar concern to help each other find a way forward. Coaches will support the community conversations and progress.

Contact an Advisor
Happening Across LAS

Mathematics: succeeding in the calculus sequence
4-5 p.m (CT) Tuesday, Sept. 29 via Zoom
We will discuss strategies for successfully navigating large lecture math courses, as well as general strategies for succeeding in introductory-level mathematics courses. Whether you struggled in a course last semester or are already feeling overwhelmed this semester, this workshop will provide practical steps you can use.

My first chemistry exam did not go well, now what?
4-5 p.m (CT) Wednesday, Sept. 30 via Zoom

Students struggle in chemistry because they haven’t figured out how to prepare for a challenging class that requires students to apply basic knowledge. We will spend an hour discussing how best to use your time before, during, and after class and look at a few study skills that should help you perform to the best of your abilities in your chemistry classes (and beyond).

Mastering PSYC 100 content in an online format
4-5 p.m (CT) Thursday, Oct. 1 via Zoom
Psychology 100 requires absorbing a large amount of information at a fast pace. It is not the complexity of the concepts that makes it difficult, but rather the sheer volume of them, an experience made even more daunting by the online environment. This workshop will focus on navigating and absorbing the content in a psychology textbook to promote successful mastery of the concepts.

Contact a Life + Career Design intern 
Noon to 2 p.m. (CT) each weekday via Zoom
The Life + Career Design interns are available to offer peer advising. We can offer you assistance with resume preparation, help you explore possible majors and career paths, and help you find an internship. Contact us for an appointment at another time if the daily virtual lab hours do not work for you.

Resume building experiences available this fall
Are you looking for resume-building experiences this fall? The ATLAS Internship Program will host self-paced skills tracks. Skills tracks are in the following areas: office communication, website development, data visualization, and social media/marketing. Students can earn valuable experience with Lynda.com certificates to verify their hard work. Email us here and find more information on our website.

Happening Across Campus

Need a few minutes to find calm and focus?
4:15-4:45 p.m. daily via Zoom
Check out Daily Mindfulness Drop-In Sessions with the Counseling Center. In these times of uncertainty, many of us feel stressed, overwhelmed, and unfocused. One of the best ways to process your emotions is through meditation. Beginning Monday, Sept. 28, the Counseling Center is offering online daily guided activities to help you master mindfulness. Please note that these workshops are not therapy groups. They are open to all Illinois students and are not confidential. Reflections will be personal and not shared with the group.

Building Stuff: Materials From the Earth that sustain our built environment
Noon to 1 p.m. (CT) Tuesday Sept. 29 via Zoom (Password:758636)
Did you ever wonder where the concrete in a sidewalk, the asphalt in a highway, or the glass in a window come from? All are derivatives of rocks and sediments, processed in ways that allow the cities of modern society to exist. But use of these materials comes at a cost to the environment, and supplies are not sustainable. This free lecture will be presented by professor emeritus Stephen Marshak.

Proposal writing for undergraduate researchers
3-4:30 p.m. (CT) Tuesday, Sept. 29 via Zoom
This workshop will discuss the fundamentals of proposal writing, guiding students to explain their research in a concise and compelling manner. Students will leave with basic knowledge about research proposals and their structure, tools to write successful research statements, and resources for the writing process. Please visit our events calendar to register.

Critical Language Scholarship information session
3 p.m. (CT) Friday, Oct. 2 via Zoom (Meeting ID: 921-7421-7157, Password: CLS)
The Critical Language Scholarship, provided by the U.S. Department of State, is a fully-funded, intensive overseas language and cultural immersion program for undergraduate and graduate students. The CLS institutes cover one academic year of university-level language coursework in eight to ten weeks over the summer, and include cultural programming, local language partners, and excursions. For more information, please visit here. If you would like to learn more, please join us at our information session. For more information, contact the National and International Scholarships Program here or visit our website.

Free flu shots
9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (CT) Monday through Friday at CRCE, 1102 W. Gregory Drive, Urbana
Free flu shots are now available to all Illinois students who have paid the Health Service Fee. A University of Illinois ID card must be presented at the time of service. McKinley Health Center encourages all students to get their flu shots. Note: McKinley Health Center is not a location for flu shots this year. 

Join We CU Community Engaged Scholars program this fall
We CU honors students for their community-based work and provides them with training, connection to like-minded peers, and support from We CU program leaders. Students completing 20 hours of service each semester will be honored at a spring awards ceremony, with distinct recognition given to those who complete 300 hours of service over the course of four years. Students may submit their interest in joining the program here.

Pay what you can at Bevier Café
Unique challenges call for unique solutions. At Bevier Café, the crew wants to make sure everybody eats. In an effort to do their part in the face of COVID-19, they will be testing a new pay-what-you-can model for the remainder of the Fall 2020 semester. Bevier Café will continue to serve the same delicious menu, but with four distinct payment options: pay the suggested price (menu price); pay what you can (name your own price); pay more (suggested price + a little extra); or pay it forward (buy a meal for someone else). 

The Career Center offers coaching appointments
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (CT) Monday through Friday
During the Fall 2020 semester, The Career Center offers 30-minute career coaching appointments online or by phone. Limited in-person appointments may be available. Call 217-333-0820 to check availability and schedule in-person appointments.

Adobe Creative Cloud for all students
Adobe Creative Cloud is now available and free of charge to University of Illinois students. Head to the Webstore to get your free copy!

Study spaces available at libraries
The Library is offering individual quiet study spaces in the Grainger Engineering Library Information Center and the Undergraduate Library. Spaces are limited. Students must make appointments in advance; no walk-up access is available. Please see the individual library websites above for more information.

Dates and Deadlines

ICT/Curriculum changes for Spring 2021
Monday, Oct. 5 through Friday, Oct. 30

Deadline to drop, elect CR/NCR, or elect grade replacement in a full semester course
Friday, Oct. 16

Second half-session courses begin
Monday, Oct. 19

Deadline to add a second half-session course
Friday, Oct. 23



To contact a college-level advisoruse the online chat, online advising appointment calendar and queue, and online forms for program change requests.

Find a list of unit and college advisors along with hours and contact information on the college website.


The LAS Lineup provides information about events, opportunities, and deadlines to help you plan your week.
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