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2018-19 WGGP Awardees Announced

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Faculty Affiliate News

WGGP Director, Colleen Murphy and WGGP Faculty Affiliate, Lesley Wexler, part of a co-written article on #MeToo Movement.

To find more on the paper, "#MeToo, Time's Up, and theories of justice" and the News Bureau article, more information here.


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WGGP Gender Relations in International Development Graduate Minor

WGGP offers a graduate minor in Gender Relations in International Development (GRID). The GRID interdisciplinary minor is designed to give students the analytical and empirical skills needed to address global human security and gender equity issues in research and policy analysis, as well as daily life. In this age of global economic transformation, it is especially necessary for researchers and practitioners to examine who gains and who loses from new policies, to assess the disparities in the impacts of reforms on women, men, and children, and to study the successful strategies and policies that appear.

To learn more about the GRID minor, please contact Anita Kaiser at or by phone at 333-6221.



Certificate in

Global Health

Joint with WGGP and LAS Global Studies

Certificate Description

LAS Global Studies, in conjunction with Women and Gender in Global Perspectives (WGGP) is offering a Certificate in Global Health. This certificate is open to all undergraduate majors at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

The Certificate in Global Health will prepare students to engage with issues and problems in global health policy, access, and delivery.

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