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Photo of Managing Director Dilhan Rodrigo 

Blockchain technology has served as the building block for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for a decade, enabling users to verify virtual transactions each step along the money trail. Read more about how Sachin Shetty at Old Dominion University and Andrew Miller at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign are using the same technology to protect the power grid. 

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Did you miss Rob Lee's seminar on "Industrial Cyber Threats and Future Planning: Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads" last month? Or perhaps you joined us online and were not able to finish watching the seminar due to our technical glitch (sorry!). Good news! You can now view video and slide archives on the CREDC website by visiting

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The CREDC Annual Industry Workshop will be held September 12-13 at the MIT Samberg Conference Center in Cambridge, MA. A welcome reception will be held the evening of September 11.

Our 1.5 day program features invited speakers and panelists from industry, national labs, and government agencies that focus on emerging and critical topics in EDS cybersecurity and cyber resiliency, a CREDC research poster session, and networking opportunities. Participants will have an opportunity to engage with CREDC researchers, to learn about CREDC research, development, & technology, and to have an impact on current research and future research plans. Visit the event website and follow CREDC on social media for registration and program updates as they become available. 

 image of research slide from "Towards Attack Resilient Data Analytics for Power Grid Operations"

Learn more about CREDC research by viewing our team's research presentations. Each entry offers a video, abstract, a pdf of the slides (in most cases), and the associated research activity so that you can get more information. Videos uploaded in the past month include: 

ADNA: online, context-aware, intelligent framework for Anomaly Detection aNd Analysis in SCADA networks

Towards Attack Resilient Data Analytics for Power Grid Operations

Attack Graph Based Metrics for Identifying Critical Cyber Assets in Electric Grid Infrastructure

Simultaneous Localization of Multiple Jammers and Receivers Using Probability Hypothesis Density


Analysis of In-order Packet Delivery Network Policy Enforcement Function

Analysis of Stepping Stone Attacks in Dynamic Vulnerability Graphs

Improving Bulk Power System Resilience by Ranking Critical Nodes in the Vulnerability Graph

Modeling Cost of Countermeasures in Software Defined Networking-enabled Energy Delivery System

Simultaneous Localization of Multiple Jammers and Receivers Using Probability Hypothesis Density

Abstract image representing CyPhyR: Cyber-Physical Resiliency technology 

Our #PowerTheFuture social media campaign features emerging technology or tools resulting from CREDC research. We recently featured CyPhyR, an emerging technology that analyzes the impact of vulnerabilities on the planning and operation phases of a microgrid. It also provides a measure for resilience, both for cyber and physical systems to manage vulnerabilities better, and for the system operator to quickly understand the real-time resilience of the system.

Energy utilities and EDS industries are encouraged to partner with CREDC and contribute to the development and transfer of emerging EDS tools and technology. Follow our #PowerTheFuture campaign on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook to learn how you can inform or benefit from emerging tech that promotes cyber-physical operational resiliency and recovery.

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CREDC’s students are at the forefront of research related to Cyber Resiliency of Energy Delivery Systems. We’ll be happy to share your job or internship opportunities with them. Please feel free to email with announcements.


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