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The Undergraduate Research Apprenticeship Program at Illinois (URAP@Illinois) offers the opportunity for advanced graduate students to gain valuable dissertation research assistance and a hands-on mentoring experience guiding and directing an undergraduate apprentice. The Graduate College and the Office of Undergraduate Research are now accepting applications from prospective graduate student mentors.

A growing body of literature emphasizes the benefits to graduate research mentors of undergraduates. These benefits include academic socialization, increased confidence, and preparation and marketability for academic and non-academic careers. Through an individualized research experience with their undergraduate student mentee, URAP@Illinois mentors will have the opportunity to communicate what it means to do research, to create knowledge, and to present work publicly.

Graduate mentors begin the program in fall 2018

This fall, graduate mentors will be trained via a comprehensive, student-centered mentoring series that covers topics such as “negotiating the mentor/mentee dynamic,” and “addressing equity and inclusion in mentoring relationships.” In spring 2019, mentors will direct the research of up to two undergraduate researchers for approximately 6 hours per week, for a total of 80 hours per mentee.

Mentors will also enroll in a 0-credit “Graduate Mentoring Practicum” which meets regularly to provide mentors with support, to offer further training, and to give an opportunity for mentors to communicate concerns to URAP@Illinois staff. Graduate students will also receive a Mentoring Certificate, issued by the Graduate College, at the successful completion of the program.

Graduate mentors should have completed all coursework requirements and be in the dissertation research stage by the beginning of the spring 2019 apprenticeship.

Graduate mentor applications should include:

  • A current CV
  • An unofficial transcript
  • A letter of support from the prospective graduate mentor’s dissertation advisor
  • A cover letter describing the graduate mentor’s dissertation project, how an undergraduate apprentice might be incorporated into the project, and the importance of participating in this apprenticeship program

An online application is available at the following link: URAP @ UI - Graduate Mentor Application. Graduate students with significant and proven experience working with individuals from U.S. minority populations underrepresented at Illinois are encouraged to apply.

For full consideration, applications should be submitted by Friday, May 25, 2018.

URAP@Illinois Info Sessions

The Graduate College and the Office of Undergraduate Research will host two information sessions about URAP that will cover the intent and logistics of the program. 

May 11th from 12:00-1:30 pm, in Coble Hall (The Graduate College) 304 and 308.

May 15th from 12:00-1:30 pm, in Coble Hall (The Graduate College) 304 and 308.