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Katie Carr, Coordinated Science Lab

Each year, the College of Engineering honors faculty, alumni and students for their excellent work in their respective fields. This spring, six CSL faculty and alumni received awards for their contributions. The six are: Timothy Bretl, Wen-Mei Hwu, Rakesh Kumar, Sayan Mitra, Lui Sha, and CSL alumnus Sunil Kumar. Read more.

Vikram Adve 
Stephany Guerrero, Coordinated Science Lab

We interviewed Prof. Lav R. Varshney for our new infographic series on CSL research. Titled, "Universal and Succinct Source Coding of Deep Neural Networks." Varshney and his student Sourya Basu created a lossless algorithm that can compress a deep neural network onto a device. This infographic breaks down what it's all about. Read more.

Mike Koon, Engineering at Illinois

"It occurred to us that people on social media [act] as a new sensing modality. If you think of Twitter, people say things about the physical world much like sensors ... So can [we] think of Twitter as a new sensing medium?" Listen here.

Dina Katabi 

If you missed Prof. Dina Katabi’s R.T Chien Lecture, here is your chance to see it. The video is now available on our YouTube channel. See here.

Around CSL
Jeni Summers 2017 R.T. Civil Service Award 
Annual Academic Professional Staff Award

Congrats to our Associate Director of Research, Normand Paquin, for winning the CSL Academic Professional Award! Read more.


The latest issue of our Connect newsletter is out! Features include: researchers leading a $25 million initiative to develop the Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT), Mayo Clinic and CSL teaming up to improve methods for identifying brain seizure-causing regions, and more. Read here or grab a print copy from the main office, CSL 202.


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In the News

Prof. Girish Chowdhary speaks to Axios about the AI farm experiment ... Prof. C.K. Gunsalus weighs in on, "When Scientific Fraudsters Slip through the Cracks," in UnDark News ... Prof. Minh Do's group, including PhD student Chen Chen's work on creating an algorithm that can flawlessly correct dark photos featured in Gizmodo ... Prof. Andrew Miller interviewed in IoT Agenda on a proof-of-concept IoT data marketplace that runs on 'tangle,' ... New York Times mentions Prof. Romit Choudhury, Prof. Haitham Al-Hassanieh, and PhD student Nirupam Roy's innovative research on inaudible attacks of smart voice-enabled devices.



All from Texas Instruments

Naresh Shanbhag, $115,000

Pavan Hanumolu, $75,000