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The UVBot. 
Health Care Engineering Systems Center

Ultraviolet light is a form of radiation that can be used for sterilization and disinfection. A team including HMNTL's Elbashir Araud has developed the UVBot: a robot that can be built out of easily accessible objects and programmed to clean spaces using UV light, which kills COVID-19. Read more

Jean-Pierre Leburton 
Ryann Monahan, ECE

An innovative work by HMNTL Professor Jean-Pierre Leburton and his team offers a novel approach to follow and investigate the evolution of unrepaired breaks in DNA strands - potentially detecting, and preventing disease, more effectively. The research was recently published in Nature. Read more

Brian Cunningham 
Lizzie Roehrs, CSL

HMNTL professor Brian Cunningham, along with his team of graduate students and postdocs, is working to use light to make industrial chemical reactions more energy efficient. Read more

Honors and accolades
 Taher Saif

HMNTL faculty member Taher Saif was the featured presenter at the Frontiers in Miniature Brain Machinery lecture series at the Beckman Institute the week of October 21. He presented “Miniature neuro-machinery with large potentials.” Read more

 Pawel Strzebonski
Lizzie Roehrs, CSL

Holonyak Lab student Pawel Strzebonski has been awarded a DEPS scholarship for his work in directed energy. Read more

HMNTL alumni feature
Ritu Raman 
Told to Lizzie Roehrs

We're featuring some of our esteemed alums in a new series. Starting with Ritu Raman, former student of Rashid Bashir. Raman graduated in 2016 with her PhD in Mechanical Engineering. Read more about her time at HMNTL and advice she has for current students.


Milton Feng, sdPhotonics LLC. $50,000, for 1 year started 6/08/2020, "VCSEL-Based Hybrid Packaging for High Speed Optical Data Connection."

Around Holonyak Lab

COVID updates
Due to the increase in COVID spread on campus, the requirement for testing for all faculty, staff, grad students, and undergrads has increased to twice per week. This is for anybody working on campus for any length of time for any reason. More information and the latest updates can be found here.

This is a reminder that Holonyak Lab has instituted a handshake agreement for COVID verification.  Before working closely with somebody else, if any meeting participant wishes to do a COVID “handshake” verification, each meeting participant should show their Safer Illinois smartphone application COVID status.

Mental health reminders
As we get into the second half of the semester, this is your reminder that you matter and your efforts are appreciated. If you are feeling run-down, overwhelmed, or anything else, the University of Illinois Counseling Center remains open to help. There are virtual appointments available from 8-5 on weekdays, and immediate appointments available for emergencies. Call 217-333-3704 or visit their website to schedule an appointment and get the support you deserve.

News updates?
This is a reminder that if you have an exciting research result, get published in a journal, complete an internship, or just have something cool to share, the Communications team wants to know about it! Email your news and information to kgudeman@illinois.edu.

Want to share research on your own social media? Make sure to tag Holonyak Lab's pages listed below and use the hashtag, #HMNTL. This will make sure we see all the posts about Holonyak Lab and will allow people to group them together.

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Follow the Nick Holonyak Jr., Micro and Nanotechnology lab on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and now Youtube for the latest news and updates.

Equipment update and processing tips

My.MNTL updates
HMNTL engineers are placing tool operation guides and tool equipment data on the My.MNTL site. They can be found on the right two columns of the “MNTL tools status” page and are labeled “SOP” and “Process Control Chart.” These will be further explained at the next user meeting, which takes place at noon on December 1. We look forward to seeing you there!

Tool update
The next new tool that will arrive at HMNTL is a PECVD from Oxford. It is expected to be shipped to us in November. When it arrives, we will need to remove the existing PECVD to put it in place before installation. If you are in the middle of a series of runs, please let Mark McCollum know so we can schedule the change in the most convenient way for your research.

Facility information

Chilled water updates
On November 10-11, major work was done to isolate the chilled water loop in Holonyak Lab from the Beckman, Coordinated Science Laboratory, and ECE bulding. These updates mean that chilled water maintenance in adjacent buildings will not cause Holonyak Lab chilled water outages. Chilled water is critical to Holonyak Lab because many research tools and infrastructure require chilled water in order to function properly.

Thanksgiving break access
Due to the Thanksgiving break, the cleanroom and bionano laboratory will be closed on Thursday, November 26, and Friday, November 27.  Building and general purpose lab access will not be affected.

BioNano Lab update

No updates this month.

External opportunities

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Multicellular Engineered Living Systems for Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology
The Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign offers a fellowship for a truly exceptional young scholar who has completed their PhD within the last several years, and who is looking for a stimulating and supportive interdisciplinary environment to carry out independent and collaborative research.

There are other postdoctoral opportunities offered by IGB as well.

Upcoming events

HMNTL User Meeting
Tuesday, December 1, Noon
Zoom information will be sent out ahead of time

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