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Ricker News Spring 2018
Librarian's Corner

It has been a busy spring semester with an increase in library users as well as instruction sessions taught by our librarians and graduate assistants. However, the start of summer means it is time to start preparing for projects that will improve user experience at Ricker Library. This summer our biggest plans revolve around the replacement of the flooring in the library. We are pretty excited about this, as we have had the same flooring since Ricker Library moved into its current location almost one hundred years ago.

The project will begin the week of May 14 and conclude sometime before August 10. During this time the Ricker Library space will be inaccessible and the collections moved to temporary locations. All Ricker Library materials will be available by request only. Requested items will be available for pickup in 210D Architecture (our staff office area) or for retrieval at other campus libraries. My apologies in advance for any inconvenience this causes. We still plan to do our best to help support research needs and make sure patrons can obtain the requisite materials. Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can do anything to help.

We look forward to inviting everyone to see the space once the project is complete and all of the collections are back in place. We are also going to have new exhibitions cases installed once the flooring is complete. This will provide additional space for displaying our unique collections as well as yet another reason to stop by the library. Our fall exhibition will highlight some of our recently acquired artists' books and zines.

On your next visit to the library, please don’t hesitate to stop by my office. My door is always open and I am happy to meet with you regarding your research or discuss your thoughts about the library and the services we provide.  I hope you have a wonderful summer! I look forward sharing more news soon. 

Melanie E. Emerson
Head, Ricker Library of Architecture and Art

Floor and Bookshelves before Project 
Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon
Students, faculty, and community members hard at work contributing to Wikipedia 

On March 5, Ricker and Krannert Art Museum hosted an Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-A-Thon, where students, faculty, and community members joined together to create and contribute to Wikipedia articles on lesser-known women artists. We began by providing a tutorial on how to use Wikipedia's editing tools. Participants then broke loose to work on artists of their own choosing, utilizing our selection of relevant reference materials to bolster their research. Everyone also had a chance to enjoy our snacks and refreshments. 

This was many participants' first time editing Wikipedia, so many walked away not only with a new technological skill, but a concrete way in which to independently engage in a global community of knowledge sharing. We added almost 2,500 words, edited sixteen articles, and created two new articles during the event. We are also working with the Spurlock Museum and other groups on campus to plan a few more Wikipedia edit-a-thons for the next academic year. 

Thank you to everyone who stopped by and helped diversify the Web!


April Pop-Up Libraries
Our Rainbow pop-up library 

At the beginning of April, Ricker brought the library to the Art+Design Building. It was a great way to engage with our users in a new space, as well as have a little fun. For each of the five days of our pop-up library, we provided a different collection: rainbow, graphic and industrial design, world of art, photography, and painting. Students and faculty were welcome to check out books from our cart and peruse special collection items relevant to each theme.  We also offered candy and Ricker Library pencils, and on one day, raffled off two of our beloved Ricker tote bags for the two closest guesses on how many physical journals we have (4,148)! 

Ricker plans to have other pop-up libraries during the next academic year. We hope to return to the Art+Design Building and are looking forward to reaching out to students and faculty in other spaces including Temple Buell Hall. 

Class Visits
Professor Kristin Romberg's Modern Art History Course 

This spring, Ricker Library facilitated fourteen class visits and instructions sessions, working with 432 Art+Design and Architecture students. At the start of the semester, we hosted Professor Weissman's Art History course, Design History, for two separate trips. In the first, we provided rotating groups of students with special collection materials on Constructivism, Futurism, Bauhaus, and other avant-garde movements. The second visit was focused on radical design principles and 1960s design sensibilities. For this session, we introduced the students to Futura, Blueprint of Counter-Education, and Visual Design in Action. 

Towards the end of the semester, Professor Romberg brought her Modern Art History students to the library to study numerous artist-produced materials from the early twentieth century. Several art movements were explored, including Surrealism, Futurism, and Russian Constructivism. Professor Romberg utilized almost fifteen titles from our special collections to demonstrate a number of ideas, discussing not only the historical context of each piece but also the various production and printing methods that each artist employed. At the end of the class, students had the opportunity to investigate these works independently. Many were drawn to the way in which each publication was influenced by its time, as well as the artists' unique use of color and typography. 

In addition to the class visits and instruction sessions that focus on our special collections, we also provided more traditional information literacy-focused instruction sessions to a number of courses, including Graphic and Industrial Design research studios as well as Art History and Architecture seminars. 

                                     Image may contain: 2 people, people sitting and indoor 

                                     Design History students exploring our special collection materials 

Krannert Art Museum Library Guides

Starting in fall 2015, staff at Ricker have been creating guides for Krannert Art Museum exhibitions, which include books and reference sources related to the exhibition topic, as well as information and resources about the art and artists. Guides for current and past Krannert exhibitions can be found on our website

Recently created exhibition guides include Allan deSouza: Through the Black Country and Basel Abbas and Ruanne Abou-Rahme: And Yet My Mask is Powerful.

Ricker Activities
Ricker Library's "Color our Collections" coloring pages 

Starting in December with a "make a paper snowflake" station, Ricker has been offering interactive stress relief projects for its students. In February, we participated in The New York Academy of Medicine's "Color our Collections" week, alongside 150 other libraries, archives, and museums. Our staff selected five or so playful black and white illustrations, scanned them, and printed them out for students to color.

The Natural System of Colours by Moses Harris. 1963 facsimile of the 1766 original, which is an incredibly rare book on color theory. 

This semester, Ricker Library extended Learning to Draw: An Exhibition of Books and Manuals for Art Students. We added a new selection of materials related to color, including the works of theory by Le Corbusier, Charles Julius Jorgensen, and Moses Harris. These visually-striking titles not only inform the practice of artists and architects but beautifully reflect the time periods in which they were made.

We are proud to announce that, starting in the fall, exhibitions will be displayed in brand-new cases made possible by the Professor Harold A. Shultz Endowment Fund in memory and honor of Dr. Allen S. Weller.

We continue to curate rotating exhibitions; every month, Library staff members craft an interesting and relevant theme, select related works, and create an eye-catching display. This selection of books can be seen on the shelf nearest the reference desk.

The January display featured a collection of books by and about art and architecture faculty, which allowed students another window into the preeminent research of their very own educators. 

For Black History Month, Ricker Library's February collection featured the prominent art, architecture, and design that the African American community has produced. 

In celebration of Women's History Month, Ricker Library's March collection highlighted works of art, architecture, and design by women.

With hopes of spring and the advent of Earth Day, our end of the semester collection focused on sustainability, eco-design, and environmental art. This display has been popular amongst students of art, design, and architecture alike. 

Notable Acquisitions

The Ricker Library generally obtains more than 3,000 new titles each year. Below are just a few examples of some of our notable acquisitions. View more of our recent additions through the library’s website.


Les Réverbères edited by Jean Marembert and Michel Tapie

Paris: Neo-Dadaist Review, 1938-1939. These rare materials represent the views of the Réverbères group, founded in December 1937 by Tapie, Marembert, Jacques Office, Pierre Mine, and Henri Bernard. Réverbères promoted Dadaist exhibitions, jazz concerts, stage performances, and literary works. Each issue contains a full-page signed hors-texte plate and other illustrations by artists including Tapie, Cocteau, Roger Sby, Pierre Minne, Aline Gagnaire, and Ulrich Senne. Writers Apollinaire, Ribemont-Dessaignes, Noel Arnaud, Camille Bryen, Georges Herment, and Jacques Bureau contribute literary and critical content. This work includes nos. 1 through 5, alongside an alternate version of no. 2, several extra plates, and other related ephemeral material.

Image Courtesy of Small Editions 

Subtle Body by Lauren Clay

New York: Small Editions, 2016. Subtle Body is a tunnel book expanding the installation and sculptural work of Lauren Clay. Its vivid pigment printed and laser cut pages take their forms from Clay’s wall-based paper sculpture series and create a feminine interior landscape.

The tunnel structure for Subtle Body was inspired by a historical example from around 1825, The English Garden, in the collection of the New York Public Library. The book’s large side walls create a cinematic effect for the viewer as the form expands, giving the illusion of traveling into the work.

This book is limited to 100 copies signed and numbered by the artist, 2 APs and an exhibition copy.


Collection of Vintage Wallpaper Catalogues (one such catalog:Nouvelles créations: Essef 1935-1936)

Paris/Balagny-sur-Thérain: Essef (Société Française des Papiers Peints), 1929-1939. This collection includes six catalogues from the Essef wallpaper company in Paris, containing vibrant color plates that exemplify the company's various wallpaper designs. Settings include living rooms, studies or offices, dining rooms, bedrooms, halls and stairwells, and other interior spaces. Designers include Primavera, Ruhlmann, Sue et Mare, and Stephany. 


La Ferrovia per la Cittá del Vaticano

Rome: Ministero dei Lavori Pubblici, 1934. La Ferrovia covers the construction and completion of the Vatican's railway, which was financed by the Italian government. This work is arranged into sections including a description of the line, the enlargement of the plaza surrounding the San Pietro station, the Gelsomino viaduct, the gateway to Vatican City, and the construction and design of the new station. Each section's headpiece--along with the cover --was designed by iconic Futurist graphic artist Attilio Calzavara. This work is profusely illustrated, with 28 photo-lithograph plates that display views of the Vatican, the rails, the viaducts, and the interior and exterior of the station. Architectural details and decorative elements, as well as three large folded plans of the railway system and the viaducts, are also included.

New Catalogues Raisonnes at Ricker


John Baldessari catalogue raisonné, Volume 4

New Haven: Yale University Press 2012-2015. Catalogue raisonné of Baldessari (1932-). Volume 4 is the last of 4 volumes and covers his work from 1994-2004. Ricker has the complete 4 volume set covering 1956-2004.



Paintings of Guercino: revised and expanded catalogue raisonné.

Roma : Ugo Bozzi editore s.r.l., 2017. A revision and expansion of the 1988 work Dipinti del Guercino (Luigi Salerno). New version is in english with extensive bibliography and brief biography of Guercino (1591-1666).



Gerhard Richter: catalogue raisonné,Volume 2

Ostfildern : Hatje/Cantz, 2011-. Most recent volume of the ongoing catalogue of the work of the Richter (1932-). Volume 2 covers 1968-1976. Four volumes of a projected 6 have now been published, covering 1962-1994.



Luc Tuymans: catalogue raisonné of paintings, Volume 1

First volume of the catalogue raisonne of Belgian artist Tuymans (1958-). Covers 1972-1994.



Cy Twombly Drawings: cat. rais., Volume 8

Final volume of the catalogue raisonne of Twombly’s (1928-2011) drawings, covering 1990-2011.

Generous Donations
Thanks to the individuals who have helped Ricker Library grow:

Mrs. Mildred L. Barnett

Profs. Jane Block & Paul S. Kruty

Mrs. Dolores S. Das

Ms. Thelma L. Fite

Mrs. Bernice H. Freeman & Mr. George V. Freeman

Mrs. Beverly A. Friese

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Ms. Sharon K. Kitzmiller

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Mr. Walter E. Miller

Mr. Tommy H. Moss & Mrs. Mariam J. Masid

Mrs. Margaret T. Neggers & Mr. Ronald L. Neggers

Ms. Bea Nettles & Mr. Lionel Suntop

Mr. Martin J. Rosenblum & Mrs. Carol R. Rosenblum

Prof. Ronald E. Schmitt

Dr. Lydia Soo

Dr. Marjorie M. Stinespring

Mr. Grant E. Ullrich

Mr. Michael A. West

Ms. Jacqueline L. Worden

Ms. Joyce C. Wright


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