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This is my last message to you as president. I cannot thank you enough for the support you’ve given to me this past year. It truly has been an honor to lead this wonderful organization. I’ve enjoyed getting to know so many of you, and I could not have done this job without your constant words of encouragement and feedback. Your kindness has meant the world to me. I hope that you all have had a good year as Secretariat members, and that you will encourage your colleagues to become members. Next year will be very exciting as we embark on a new chapter in this organization’s history as the Illinois Administrative Professionals.

If you haven’t had a chance to congratulate our newly elected officers for the 2018-2019 year please do so. They, along with Michael Foellmer, incoming President, are going to do an excellent job! Congratulations, and thank you for taking on these very important roles:

President-Elect – Erica Hanson; Treasurer – James McGraw; Recording Secretary – Colleen Hammel

Thank you to the Executive Board and committee members for their hard work this past year:
President-Elect – Michael Foellmer

Treasurer – Jill Odom
Recording Secretary – Laura Owen
Auditor – Susan Schuh

Bylaws/Parliamentarian – Debbie McCall
Communications Committee – Selena Douglass – Co-Chair, Donna Miller – Co-Chair, Lezli Cline, Crystal Hahnstadt, Lori Stalter
Membership & Mentoring Committee – Marie Buckhanon – Co-Chair, Penny Nigh – Co-Chair, Jill Ouellette – Co-Chair
Nominations & Elections Committee – Lezli Cline – Co-Chair, Stacy Dudzinski – Co-Chair, Crystal Hahnstadt
Office Professional of the Year/Boss of the Year – Colleen Hammel – Co-Chair, Anne Price– Co-Chair, Erica Hanson, Theresa Harvey, James McGraw
Philanthropy Committee – Sonja Bean – Co-Chair, James McGraw – Co-Chair

Programs & Events – Andrea Fain – Co-Chair, Leta Summers – Co-Chair, Jennifer Sans
Scholarship Committee – Amy Cain – Co-Chair, Anne Price – Co-Chair, Penny Ames, Elizabeth Lancaster

“Teamwork Makes the Dream Work” truly is fitting for this year’s Executive Board and committee members.  We accomplished so much together this year, and it would not have been possible without great teamwork. So many stepped up, and stepped in, to make sure that no stone was left unturned. I cannot thank all of these folks enough for their support of me! I hope that you can join me for next month’s program as I personally thank each one of them for their hard work and dedication. We will also recognize one special member for their contributions by awarding them with the Secretariat Member of the Year.

One last item before I sign off…CONGRATULATIONS to Stacy Dudzinski for graduating last month from the University of Illinois Master of Education program. We are proud of you, Stacy!

Thank you for allowing me to be your president!

Angie Wisehart



The proposal to change the name of The Secretariat organization to “Illinois Administrative Professionals” was presented to the membership for vote via paper ballot at the annual business meeting on May 16, 2018.   The resolution passed by a vote of 27 in favor, one opposed. 

Following the approval of the name change, Bylaws revisions were presented to the membership for approval to change all language in the Bylaws referencing “The Secretariat” to “Illinois Administrative Professionals.”  The revisions to the current Bylaws passed unanimously via voice vote.  The name change of The Secretariat and the associated changes to the Bylaws will become effective July 1, 2018.

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie McCall, Chair



Monthly Secretariat Meeting

Doors open at 11:45 a.m., Program runs 12:10-12:50 p.m.

 Wednesday, June 20th  

114 Huff Hall

1206 S. Fourth St., Champaign, IL


President's Appreciation
Member of the Year


This month’s lunch option:

Cost is $12.00

RESERVATION Deadline: 5 p.m., Friday, June 15, 2018 Reservations will NOT be accepted past the deadline date!

RSVP for you and your guest by clicking the following link:


Please note:  Be sure to finish the registration form completely, this assures your lunch is ordered correctly. Remember cancellations must be received 48 hours before the deadline date or payment will still be required.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Andréa Fain, Leta Summers, or Jennifer Sans



After 5:00 p.m. plans on June 28:

This month, we will head back to Houlihan’s for an enjoyable evening on their patio with live music in the background. They have a nice selection of ‘Happy Apps’ priced under $4.00 until 6:00 p.m. every day of the week, excluding Friday and Saturday. Plan to meet with other members on Thursday, June 28. If you will be joining us, kindly send a note to so we can reserve a large enough table.

See you there!!

Andrea Fain, Co-Chair

Leta Summers, Co-Chair



The Nominations and Elections Committee thanks everyone who stood for election, or helped in any way with the process.  We look forward to serving the organization next year, with an updated name (Illinois Administrative Professionals) and fresh outlook!

Respectfully submitted,

Lezli Cline, Co-Chair
Stacy Duzinski, Co-Chair
Crystal Hahnstadt, member 



Along with the new name, a new logo is needed to express the purpose of Illinois Administrative Professionals. A successful logo design is effective in communicating the image and message of the group. It should serve the purpose of supporting the new name and the services provided to the membership, along with creating recognition in its brand identity.

The Rebranding Committee wants your feedback for a new logo. Submit your unique design and a brief explanation of how this image represents the mission of Illinois Administrative Professionals. Committee members will review submissions, select the top logo designs, and present these as options for the Executive Board members to review and select from during their August meeting.

The deadline for submitting your logo design via email to one of the co-chairs listed below is Friday, June 29. And….did we mention there is a prize? The creator of the chosen design for the new logo will receive a $25 Visa/Master Card gift card. Many thanks in advance for helping us develop a new logo for our organization.

Andréa Fain –
Leta Summers –



The 70th Anniversary Celebration Planning Committee is meeting regularly to plan a special recognition event in honor of The Secretariat’s 70 years of existence.  Fundraising ideas are being finalized in order to obtain funds for the event.  Selected items will be brought to the June Career Connections luncheon for the membership to see and provide feedback.

The committee will also be seeking items to raffle or auction at a future Career Connections luncheon meeting.  Members who have items to donate may contact any committee member. This is a great way to promote your unit and help the Secretariat!

70th Anniversary Planning Committee Members:

Rob Chappell,
Sharon Conatser,
Andrea Fain,
Teresa Harvey,
Debbie McCall, 
Terri Palumbo,
Leta Summers,

Respectfully submitted,

Debbie McCall, Co-Chair

Leta Summers, Co-Chair




A special THANK YOU to those who purchased plants from the Philanthropy plant sale. We sold 61 plants. Pattie Grove drew Angie Wisehart’s name for the beautiful geranium.

We wish you and your family a wonderful and safe summer!

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. Audrey Hepburn



We want to keep you connected!

Have you or a colleague gotten a promotion or moved to a new office? Are you continuing your education here on campus, EIU, Parkland or elsewhere? Are you graduating, having a baby or getting married?

Please let us know and we’ll share that information in our next newsletter! Our goal is to make as many connections as possible to ensure you are successful!

Are you looking for a more personal mentoring experience? Complete the Mentoring Request Form to be matched with a mentor!


Although the half price promotion has ended, if you join now for FY19, we will give you June’s membership for FREE!

If you are a current member of the Secretariat, please remember to renew your membership by July 1, 2018. This will insure your status as an active member in the Illinois Administrative Professionals Organization!

We offer so many great opportunities to improve your leadership skills, advance your career, and connect with other office professionals across campus. Remind your friends and colleagues to join and please invite any NEW STAFF in your office to be a guest at an upcoming luncheon so they can see for themselves what we have to offer.

Please remember to let us know if you are planning to retire soon so that you can be a Secretariat retiree member! We will miss you very much, but we hope that you’ll come back for a visit! Check out the membership page of our website for more information on joining!

Thank you to all Secretariat members who have renewed their memberships

 Andrea Fain and Stacy Dudzinski at College of Education, UIUC (May 2018)

Happy June Birthday! 
Barb Russell-June 8; Kathleen Wax-June 15; Jennifer Sans-June 16; Mary Frerichs-June 18; Betsy Lancaster-June 21; Bridget Hillier-June 22; Andrea Fain-June 23; Hannah Graves-June 23

Happy June Anniversary!
Hannah Graves-1 year; Sheree Denham-4 years; Jill Sanders-10 years; Kristen Sexton-10 years; Becky Burklund-12 years; Teresa Harvey-13 years; Barb Russell-19 years; Lezli Cline-20 years; Lori Stalter-20 years

The Membership and Mentoring Committee
Jill Ouellette, or 333-6104
Penny Nigh, or 265-0451
Marie Buckhanon, 265-5452



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