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News for Alumni and Friends
May 2021
"The College Tour" showcases Illinois.

Eleven Illini, including Illinois CS senior Mackenzie Kirkham, appear in the latest episode of "The College Tour," a new Amazon Prime series co-produced by Lisa Hennessy (LAS '91) where students are asked to share what makes their campus great. The episode showcasing the U of I is also currently available on YouTube. Watch now

 Watch the Graduation Celebration video on YouTube.

Graduation Celebration!

More than 1,100 students received CS degrees over the past year. Congratulations to all of our May 2021, December 2020, and August 2020 graduates on the completion of their Illinois degrees!  Watch the Graduation Celebration →

 Illinois CS alumna Eileen Burbidge

Six Alumni Earn Awards from Illinois CS Recognizing Efforts in Academia, Industry and Service

This year’s alumni award winners include academics who engage in cutting-edge research and innovative teaching as well as industry experts who are revolutionizing computing around the globe. Learn more →

 Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science

Celebration of Excellence!

Dozens of Illinois CS students, alumni, faculty and staff were recognized over the past year for their academic, research, leadership, and service contributions. A new web page commemorates their achievements. See this year's awards winners →


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 ChengXiang Zhai

Zhai Inducted Into Inaugural Class of ACM SIGIR Academy

Illinois CS professor ChengXiang Zhai was one of 25 inductees into the first class of the ACM Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval (SIGIR) Academy, which honors researchers who have made significant, cumulative contributions to the development of the field of information retrieval (IR), the science behind all search engine applications. Learn more →

 Illinois CS professor Tiffani Williams

Three Illinois CS Projects Earn Grainger Engineering Support for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Efforts

Two faculty members - Tiffani Williams and Hongye Liu - and one PhD student - Federico Cifuentes-Urtubey - earned GIANT grant funding for their projects through the Institute for Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Access. Learn more →

 Illinois CS professor Tianyin Xu

C3SR Researchers Find Real-World Impact from Architecture Research, Operating System Security Innovation

A team of researchers from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Carnegie Mellon University, IBM, and RedHat, affiliated with the IBM-Illinois C3SR center, work to defend against exploits of kernel vulnerabilities. Learn more →

 Girish Chowdhary

Center for Digital Agriculture Contributes to Launch COALESCE

Can machine learning, artificial intelligence and advanced computing help to make farming more efficient? The COALESCE (COntext Aware LEarning for Sustainable CybEr-agriculture systems) initiative, a $7 million project funded via the NSF’s Cyber Physical Systems program and the US Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture, seeks to combine all of these domains for agricultural benefit. Learn more →

 Tarek Abdelzaher

New DoD Grant to Help Combat Online Misinformation Attacks

Illinois CS professor Tarek Abdelzaher and a multidisciplinary team of academic researchers recently received a $1.5 million grant from the Department of Defense Basic Research Office to develop a mathematical theory to understand the transmission pathways of misinformation and ways to counteract it with accurate information. Learn more →


iCAN Application for Fall 2021 are open.


Media Coverage


SILLIAC: The Machine that Brought Australia Into the Computer Age
In the early 1950s, there were just a dozen computers in existence worldwide, and the Illinois Automatic Computer (ILLIAC), built by the University of Illinois, was considered the best. Illinois was happy to share their ILLIAC blueprints, if Sydney shared its own advances. University of Sydney News


Connections are the Superpower of the College of ACES
A couple of years ago, the College of ACES and The Grainger College of Engineering worked together to develop the Center for Digital Agriculture, which resulted in a couple of new majors — CS + Crop Sciences and CS + Animal Sciences. AgriNews


NCSA Gravity Group Research Team Prepares Students for Their Futures
Yufeng Luo is a recent graduate of the Illinois CS + Astronomy undergraduate program. He worked on a project involving DataVault, a data storage infrastructure for the Einstein Toolkit to store and analyze numerical relativity simulation waveforms. HPCwire →


Louisville Music Duo 'Twinjabi' Gaining Global Following
Neil Nijhawan (BS CS '16) and his twin brother Kush are making a name for themselves in the music world by combining their Louisville roots with their Indian heritage. Twinjabi's debut song, "Bombay," has more than 1 million views on YouTube. It landed on VH1 India and attracted fans from around the world. WDRB Media


While Some Colleges are Requiring COVID-19 Vaccines, Many Others Have Yet to Announce a Policy
Illinois CS professor Sheldon H. Jacobson notes that existing immunization requirements against mumps, measles and other infections provide legal precedent for mandates, and a fully approved COVID-19 vaccine would be no different. U.S. News & World Report →


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Illinois Computer Science Speaker Series
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The Illinois Computer Science Speaker Series brings prominent leaders and experts to campus to share their ideas and promote conversations about important challenges and topics in the discipline. Join us online: talks are virtual this year!  View the Calendar →


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