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Bill Sanders 

CSL Professor William H. Sanders and ECE Department Head, was one of four University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign faculty members who were honored on April 25 with Campus Awards for Excellence in Faculty Leadership. Read more.

Stephany Guerrero, Coordinated Science Lab

Ever take a photo in the dark and it's just a blurry mess? Grainy and dark photos may soon be thing of the past, thanks to deep learning. We interviewed CSL and ECE PhD student Chen Chen on a published paper he worked on called, "Learning to See in the Dark." Read more.

Katie Carr, Coordinated Science Lab

As demand for mobile data continues to increase, the strain it has caused led the Federal Communications Commission to open up bandwidth in high frequency spectrums. These Millimeter Wave (mmWave) bands are expected to play an important role in next-generation cellular networks. Read here.

Jinjun, Wen-Mei, and Suma 

A collaboration between CSL, ECE ILLINOIS, CS @ ILLINOIS, and IBM seeks to leverage vast data sets into useful tools for everything. The project, known as the Center for Cognitive Computing Systems Research (C3SR) has already has had some major successes. Read here.

Around CSL

 Through video and social media, our goal is to feature the innovative women here in CSL with the hopes of encouraging more women to pursue engineering, science, math, and tech. Our next video features CSL Prof. Idoia Ochoa! Watch here.

New CSL Employee! Jillian Zwilling - Project Manager for IoBT REIGN

Jillian Klean Zwilling joined CSL as a research program manager for IoBT REIGN in May.  She previously worked for the Department of Computer Science as a course administrator for large courses. Jillian holds a Ph.D. in Communication and has more than a decade of experience in higher education. Make sure to say hi in the hallways!


Hailing from all over the U.S., these students will be spending the summer with the Information Trust Institute. Click here to see the Facebook album, and click each photo for a brief profile of each! Good luck students!

Biennial Inventory Audit

We are currently conducting a physical audit of all equipment purchased with CSL and ITI funds. As part of this process, students or staff will be going through all spaces in the CSL building and CSL Studio throughout the summer looking for equipment.  You may be asked to assist in looking for inventory tags on computers or other equipment if needed. If you have any questions, please contact Chris Holt at

In the News

Prof. C.K. Gunsalus weighs in on, "A Lesson in Apology-ology," in Bloomberg News and "Nine Pitfalls of Research Misconduct," in Nature Journal ... CSL and ECE PhD student Chen Chen's work on creating an algorithm that can correct dark photos featured in Quartz  ... 


Systemic Practical Cyber Security Training for Cooperatives (SPCSTC)
Tim Yardley, 1 year, $365,000. National Rural Electric Cooperative Association