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NILOA June 2018 Newsletter

In this edition of our newsletter, we are pleased to announce Erick Montenegro as NILOA’s new Communications Coordinator! Please join us in welcoming him in his new position. Previously, he served as a graduate research analyst with NILOA and has a background in marketing and business administration. His research interests include equity in assessment, student learning outcomes assessment at Minority-Serving Institutions, and issues affecting access to higher education for students of color. 

Included in our newsletter is a Viewpoint, Rubrics: Lessons from the Field, by Laura Massa of Loyola Marymount University and Margaret Kasimatis of Saint Mary's College of California, an Assessment in Practice, Triennial Assessment as an Alternative to Annual Assessment, by Jason Lyons and Gina Polychronopoulos, both of Christopher Newport University, a response to our equity conversation by Sheri Williams and Frank Perrone, both of the University of New Mexico, and this month's Featured Website of Hawai’i Pacific University. In addition, we extend an invitation to students, faculty, and staff to submit original designs for NILOA's new logo. We would also like to extend a thank you to all the institutions who applied for the 2018 EIA Designation and our EIA reviewers!

NILOA Assessment in Practice

Triennial Assessment as an Alternative to
Annual Assessment

Jason Lyons and Gina Polychronopoulos
Christopher Newport University

This Assessment in Practice (AiP) provides an overview of Christopher Newport University's (CNU) assessment process, potential limitations, and lessons learned. CNU has a long history of assessing the extent to which its educational outcomes are achieved, and faculty members have the primary responsibility for the content, quality, and effectiveness of the University's undergraduate and graduate curricula. Student learning outcomes for new and revised courses and degree programs are developed and reviewed by faculty, under the guidance of the Office of Assessment.  Many institutions utilize assessment processes that are faculty-driven.  So what makes the assessment process at Christopher Newport different? Read more...

NILOA Viewpoint

Rubrics: Lessons from the Field

Laura Massa, Director of Assessment, Loyola Marymount University
Margaret Kasimatis, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, Saint Mary's College of California

There is no greater tool in higher education for understanding and improving student learning than the rubric. That may seem like hyperbole, but in our years of work as educators, assessment professionals and administrators, we have found time and again that the rubric is the most versatile, powerful instrument in our toolkits. You can use a rubric to generate direct evidence of student learning for just about every learning outcome and type of student performance. The rubric is especially powerful when the work students produce does not have a single correct answer, which is most of the time in higher education. Read more…

Bringing Equity into the Heart of Assessment

In January 2017, NILOA launched a conversation on the relationship between equity and assessment in the 29th Occassional Paper, Equity and Assessment: Moving Towards Culturally Responsive Assessment. We are continuing the conversation in 2018 with additional responses to the paper, and are pleased to announce the release of a new installment to the equity conversation by Sheri Williams and Frank Perrone, both of the University of New Mexico. Read more...

Submit Ideas for a NILOA Logo!

NILOA is in process of a website redesign and logo development and we'd like to invite you to take part! We invite all students, faculty, staff, and others to let your creativity flow and submit original ideas for a new NILOA logo! We would love to give you – those who frequent our website, make use of our resources, and inform our work – the opportunity to have a voice in creating a logo to represent NILOA. While we would like you to be as creative as possible, we encourage you to draw inspiration from your experiences with NILOA's mission, materials, and staff. The deadline to submit an original piece to is August 24, 2018.

NILOA Updates

NILOA Featured Website

Hawai’i Pacific University’s (HPU) Student Success website is this month’s NILOA Featured Website! Visitors can peruse HPU’s institutional learning outcomes statements which are available for the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree-levels. Learning outcomes statements are also provided for each of HPU’s programs, and the Career Development Center also offers career outcomes that prepare students for a global and dynamic workplace while also aiding students in the transition between college and career. Aside from outcomes, HPU’s Student Success website also offers rich information on the institution’s yearly Capstone Symposium, and an interactive resource on student retention and graduation. Read more...


An Inside Look at Why Accreditation Works
Bob Udell reflects on his own experience, specifically, the collaboration needed between an institution and its site visitors for productive conversations, on a recent accreditation visit.

Book Review of “Degrees that Matter”
Read a book review of Degrees that Matter: Moving Higher Education to a Learning Systems Paradigm written by NILOA director, Natasha Jankowski and NILOA senior scholar, David Marshall. The review was written by Virginia Montero Hernandez in the Teachers College Record.

Updates from AALHE
Addressing the Varied Professional Development Needs of Practitioners”, a report co-sponsored by AAHLE and Watermark, discusses perceptions, roles and activities, and professional development needs of assessment practitioners. In addition, AALHE recently announced its new leadership for 2018-19 during its Annual Meeting in Salt Lake City, UT.

New Issue of Peer Review
A new issue of Peer Review focuses on global learning. Included in this edition are various practice-focused articles – including a six year effort at Purdue University to provide global learning faculty and student development, a discussion on the “Vulnerabilities in Global Classrooms” from Indiana University-Bloomington, and “Global Learning as Liberal Learning for All Majors” from Virginia Commonwealth University.

New Publications from ACRL
The Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) released two publications. The first is “Shaping the Campus Conversation on Student Learning and Experience: Activating the Results of Assessment in Action”, intended for those interested in learning and possibly replicating such efforts on their own campus. The second is a six-volume set, “Framing Information Literacy: Teaching Grounded in Theory, Pedagogy, and Practice,” which provide lesson plans grounded in theory devoted to the six frames in ACRL’s Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.

Fall 2018 New Directions in Teaching and Learning Issue Available
Edited by Claudia Stanny, this issue of New Directions for Teaching and Learning is focused on Assessment in Action: Evidence-Based Discussions about Teaching, Learning, and Curriculum.  book.  Included in the issue is an article written by Kimberly Green (Washington State University) and Pat Hutchings (NILOA Senior Scholar) on faculty engagement and assignment design.

New Publications by ACE
A recent report by ACE, "Bringing Accountability to Life: How Savvy Data Users Find the 'Actionable N' to Improve Equity and Sustainability in Higher Education" explores the use of actionable data to promote racial equity. Also, in Higher Education Today – a blog by ACE – Margery Ginsberg and Raymond Wlodkowski discuss a new motivational framework for culturally responsive teaching.

What a Controversy Over an App Tells Us About How Students Learn Now
After a dozen students were suspended from Texas Christian University after being accused of cheating for encountering exam questions on Quizlet – an app designed to serve as a study aide – some faculty suggest that pedagogy must change from memorization and regurgitation to more authentic methods that better meet students’ needs.


Responses Needed for National Survey of Postsecondary Competency-Based Education
AIR and Eduventures® Research recently launched their 2018 National Survey of Postsecondary CBE. If your institution is interested in completing the survey to help map the landscape of the CBE field, more information can be found here. This study is funded by Lumina Foundation, supporting AIR’s work, and Ellucian, which supports Eduventures’ contributions.

Job Announcement:

Director of Assessment in Educational Equity at Penn State

Penn State is looking for a committed, innovative professional to direct assessment efforts in Educational Equity and participate in University-wide projects. Educational Equity provides leadership for forwarding diversity, equity, and inclusion at Penn State—and this position is critical to supporting transformational work. Educational Equity at Penn State is committed to ensuring that diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to the success of a world-class research institution. The entire job description can be found here: To learn more about the Office of Educational Equity at Penn State, visit

Upcoming Conferences and Programs

June 17-20. HEDS Annual Conference.
Spokane, WA. The Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS).

June 19-20. Watermark Engage Conference.
Austin, TX. Watermark.
**Natasha Jankowski, NILOA director, will present "Emerging Trends in Assessment of Student Learning: How Did We End Up Here?"

June 20. 2018 Summer Assessment Symposium.
Houston, TX. University of Houston.

June 21-22. Inaugural HBCU Collaborative for Excellence in Educational Quality and Assessment.
Atlanta, GA. Morehouse School of Medicine.

June 20-22. ACPA Assessment Conference.
Chicago, IL. Commission for Assessment and Evaluation.
**Gianina Baker, NILOA assistant director will present the closing keynote.

June 22. Assessment By Design (ABD) Workshop.
Overland Park, KS. Johnson County Community College.

June 28. International Assessment in Higher Education (AHE) Conference.
Manchester, UK. Assessment in Higher Education (AHE). 
**Natasha Jankowski, NILOA director, will chair a session at 2:00 pm.

June 29-30. Anglo-American Assessment Summit.
Leeds, UK. 

July 3-5. 2018 Advance HE Teaching and Learning Conference.
Birmingham, UK. AdvanceHE.

July 9-13. 65th Annual SHEEO Annual Meeting.
Park City, UT. State Higher Education Executive Officers Association. 

July 11. Quality Assurance and the Italian Higher Education System: Exploring Opportunities and Challenges.
Bari, Italy.
**Natasha A. Jankowski, NILOA director, will deliver the Keynote “Advancing Higher Education Through Assessing Student Learning: The Current State of the Art.”

July 17. Webinar - Deconstructed Assessment: Using Assessment to Foster Social Justice.
12:00 pm CST. Campus Intelligence.

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