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September 2018 Newsletter
First 1,000 Days Symposium Success

The First 1,000 Days Symposium united more than a hundred researchers and community partners studying or contributing to this critical window of development using a cells-to-society framework. Representation was wide-reaching spanning 4 higher education institutions, 2 University of Illinois campuses, 6 colleges, 16 departments, 3 schools, 6 centers, 2 institutes, 3 health departments, and 11 organizations. 10 community partners which offer valuable resources to families across east central Illinois also took part in the event. The First 1,000 Days Symposium was held in partnership with Institute of Interdisciplinary Health Sciences, Beckman Institute, and the College of ACES Office of Research at the iHotel and Conference Center in Champaign, IL, September 4-5, 2018.

Plastic Chemical Exposure Linked To Brain Development – New Podcast

New research shows a relationship between phthalates and deficits in cognitive function in rats. This podcast explores what the findings could mean to humans and society as a whole.  It features FRC affiliate Janice Juraska, PhD, and the Children’s Environmental Health Research Center at Illinois.  Dr. Juraska calls this new research a "cautionary study" that shows exposure to phthalates at critical stages in human development could lower the baseline of how smart humans are as a society and while it may be difficult to prove over time, "enough evidence in animals of various sorts, should make us worried." Prof. Janice Juraska and her team's paper is published in the Journal of Neuroscience and can be found here

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FRC Director’s Work Featured in ACES Fall Magazine

Dr. Barbara Fiese is considered one of the national experts on role shared family mealtimes and family food involvement may play in promoting health.  A snapshot of her work is now featured in the latest College of ACES Fall Magazine.  Dr. Fiese’s feature can be found here.  The full 2018 ACES Fall Magazine can be found here

STRONG Kids Milestones

The STRONG Kids 2 program is reaching new milestones marking important data collection points in the longitudinal study. These significant data collection points will offer researchers long awaited information that will offer valuable insight into this transdisciplinary study focused in risks to childhood obesity.  May 2018 marked the final collection of data analyzing participants’ introduction to solid foods.  August 2018 marked the final child to enter the study’s birth cohort’s 1st birthday, which means the final 12-month home data collection visit was completed.  STRONG Kids 2 is exploring how individual biology interacts with family environment and the relationship the interaction has to childhood obesity risk.  More information on STRONG Kids and STRONG Kids 2 can be found here.

The Autism Program (TAP) Fundraiser

Mark your calendars to help TAP Monday, Sept. 24th ! 10% of all checks at LongHorn Steakhouse in Champaign, IL, will go back to The Autism Program (TAP) to support its programs which offer valuable services to hundreds of people in our community. We encourage you to come out with your friends and family to support a great cause.  LongHorn Steakhouse is located at 2101 Prospect Ave. Champaign, IL.

Recipe of the Month Featuring the National Dairy Council

For a great performance plate after your work-outpair this delicious baked ziti with a side salad and sliced chicken breast:

The National Dairy Council supports Family Resiliency Center's STRONG Kids 2 Research


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