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June 2018 Newsletter
Microsoft Lighthouse Program Launches

Family Resiliency Center and The Autism Program (TAP) are thrilled to be a part of the Microsoft Accessibility Lighthouse Program in partnership with the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The program will further reduce barriers for students with autism and other disabilities. More information can be found here

FRC Affiliate Among Top 1% Most Productive Advertising Scholars Globally

A new study finds FRC affiliate Michelle Nelson among top 1% of most productive advertising researchers globally. Dr. Nelson is a co-principal investigator on FRC's JUS Media? Programme. We are honored to have her part of the FRC team! More on her recognition can be found here.

Child Evidence Brief for Society for Research in Child Development

FRC director Dr. Barbara Fiese and affiliate Dr. Craig Gundersen author a Child Evidence Brief on Food Insecurity for the Society for Research in Child Development.  This will be used by the policy and communications office at SRCD to inform government stakeholders about the importance of reducing food insecurity in households with children and supporting SNAP. The brief can be found here

JUS Media? Programme: Healthy Families Partnership

The JUS Media? Programme Study team is gearing up for the third and final Healthy Families Partnership meeting. This final meeting will led by the program’s collaborators at the University of the West Indies in Jamaica at the end of the month. Stakeholders, who have included the Jamaica Ministry of Health, the Cancer Society, the Heart Foundation, and the Parenting Support Commission, among others, will be gathering to review action plans to impact policy and intervention efforts to build healthy habits for school-aged children and their families in Jamaica. 

In preparation for this final Healthy Families Partnership meeting, Ryann Monahan, FRC Communication Specialist worked with the international JUS Media? Programme team at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of the West Indies to prepare media products regarding the JUS Media? Programme for broad dissemination in Jamaica. A video and set of infographics/posters can be found here.  The educational materials are intended to educate the general public on remote acculturation in Jamaica, the media landscape in Jamaica, the basics of media literacy as it relates to food consumption, and the recommendations versus realities of food consumption in the Caribbean.

Save The Date – First 1,000 Days Symposium

The First 1,000 Days Symposium will be held September 4-5 at the I-Hotel. The first 1,000 days of a child’s life is a unique period of opportunity when foundations of health and growth across the lifespan are established. Join fellow researchers across campus who are addressing this critical window of development through basic and applied transdisciplinary research. Registration opens in July.

FRC Staff Spotlight: Anne Hall

   1. Tell us about your role with TAP and the new Microsoft Lighthouse Program

My role with TAP is to coordinate services in our resource room.  That means purchasing the books and videos that we lend to patrons and deciding what visual supports to create, or find, to put on the shelves.  I assist parents and professionals with finding and creating materials and problem solving issues.  I supervise and train our interns on working in the resource room.  I work with them on how to use our library system and how to create visual supports using BoardMaker® software.  I show the interns the purpose behind the visual supports and in which situations they might work to alleviate a problem.   With the new Microsoft Lighthouse Program, I will be looking for additional materials to help with the college to work transition and support for workplace needs.

      2. What is the most exciting part about the Microsoft Lighthouse Program

I am very excited about the Microsoft Lighthouse Program.  So many people on the autism spectrum, or special needs in general, are unemployed or underemployed.  This is a great opportunity to help people that have the intellectual ability and creativity to accomplish great things but need a different environment in which to work or some support and understanding.  One of my favorite quotes is, “Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine” from the movie “The Imitation Game”.

      3. What are your hobbies

Now that my children are older, I feel I can start having some hobbies.  I have just started playing some tennis which has been great fun.  I also love to read, do crossword puzzles, and Sudoku.

      4. What is your favorite meal? 

Now that summer is here, one of my favorite meals is Tex-Mex Chicken salad.  But really I’m more of a dessert fan than the meal, especially ice cream.  [Recipe below]

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