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  News for Alumni and Friends June 2018  

Sushma Adari (BS CS + Astronomy '18)

Four years ago, Illinois Computer Science launched a new blended degree option, CS + X, incorporating a strong grounding in computer science with technical or professional training in the arts and sciences. Now, three of the program’s most recent graduates talk about their Illinois experience, and what the future holds. Read More




Four of the first graduates of Illinois Computer Science's online Master of Computer Science in Data Science talk about the challenges posed by the rigorous new degree track, and the doors that it is helping them open.


Funding from Microsoft will promote digitally accessible classrooms, encourage the creation and use of accessible software, and provide a pipeline to careers in technology for Illinois students who have autism. Part of the $200,000 grant will support CS's ClassTranscribe project.


University of Illinois researchers, including Professor Jian Peng, may have found the solution to a dilemma plaguing satellite imagery – whether to sacrifice high spatial resolution to generate images more frequently.


A $3.75 million grant has been awarded to a University of Illinois team, including Professor Sarita V. Adve, to work on ways to increase the performance, efficiency, and capabilities of electronics systems.


A group of San Francisco Bay Area alumni have launched a new way for Illinois Computer Science graduates to meet, cultivate meaningful connections, and share stories and advice.


CS alumni Sandra and John Rankin pay it forward with support of CS scholarships.


New Media Coverage

The Chronicle of Higher Education

The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign is updating and reinvigorating a number of traditional majors by combining them with computer science in its CS + X program. Liberal-arts, arts, and agricultural fields increasingly encompass data analysis that requires computer-science skills.


Therese Tucker created a software company, BlackLine, which currently has a market cap of $2.17 billion. But before that, she fell in love with computing at the University of Illinois.

Daily Beast

Professor Karrie Karahalios helps explain how machine learning algorithms at YouTube might restrict or demonetize LGBTQ video content. “The hard part as an outsider is figuring out if it is happening internally, meaning that explicit rules were set, or if it has to do with behavior from clicks from the outside world.”

USA Today

CS + Astronomy major Charlie Young was at the right place at the right time when the Fighting Illini became one of the increasing number of college baseball teams to delve into analytics.

The Register

The Eudora email client was created by Illinois CS alumnus Steve Dorner (BS '83) and later licensed by Qualcomm, with a final release in 2007. Now, the Computer History Museum has released the source code under a BSD license.



Featured Events

September 17-22

Save the date for this free, week-long, student-run event that features tech talks by speakers from across the industry and academia, two career fairs, and an array of workshops, challenges, and competitions!

Everitt Laboratory 
September 21, 2-4pm

The official grand re-opening of Everitt Laboratory, which includes a program and a reception, is a featured event for the University of Illinois Foundation's Annual Meeting.

October 13

Make plans to visit the University of Illinois campus for Homecoming 2018. Celebratory events will take place throughout the week, highlighted by the Illinois-Purdue football game.

October 19

Join the tradition! Save the date! Visit campus to enjoy our annual awards celebration and engage with CS faculty, students, and fellow alumni.

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