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Primates such as this northern muriqui in Brazil is critically endangered, according to authors of a new study.

Anthropologist: Primates face deepening
threat of extinction

New study suggests solutions to save apes, monkeys,
and other species from growing pressure.



Shayne Chammavanijakul 



College of LAS student launches food magazine

Dill magazine, run by a linguistics major, hits the spot with lovers of Asian cuisine.


Nina Baym 



A pioneer in the study of American women writers

Nina Baym, an internationally recognized professor and scholar, has died.





Should we worry about ticks this summer?

Entomologist explains how to avoid bites as tick-borne disease rises. 


Thomas Kwapil 



Creating a new way to study schizophrenia

Psychologist: Studying mild symptoms could shine light on a serious condition. 

Jon Ebel 



Understanding the influence of religion on history

From battlefields to bureaucracies, Jon Ebel studies the impact of faith. 

This Blue Waters-generated map shows a redistricting option for North Carolina (Photo courtesy of National Center for Supercomputing Applications). 



Can algorithms help end gerrymandering?

Professor believes supercomputers can strengthen democracy.


Patricia Gregg 



Geology professor receives NSF CAREER grant

Patricia Gregg will use award to study volcano eruptions.


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Nicole Odulate 

Your gift transforms lives

The odds of going to college were stacked against Nicole Odulate, the second of five children in a single-parent home. That single parent, however, was her mother, who worked tirelessly to keep her daughter’s future bright. In 2014, Nicole entered Illinois as a College of LAS Lincoln Scholar.

Now, Nicole is bound for law school with dreams of helping kids in poverty focus on their goals. She is grateful for all the support she’s received—from her mother to the donors who made the Lincoln Scholarship Initiative possible.

“It’s somebody’s future that you’re literally helping build,” Nicole said. “Each dollar is somebody’s step up to a better life.”

Education transforms lives. Join with us, With Illinois, and together we can propel bright minds with the power of an outstanding liberal arts and sciences education.


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For more than 100 years, the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has been the beating heart of the University of Illinois, providing students with an education that’s as focused as it is diverse. We’re making groundbreaking discoveries in the lab, using literature and languages to understand and interpret historical and current events and peoples, and developing an understanding of society and individuals. Working together, our people, programs, and facilities make the College of LAS altogether amazing.


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