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March 31, 2021

 LCLC Language Peer Tutoring Spring 2021
 In the picture: LCLC tutors Paola (top left) and Kelly (top right); 2021 UIC Language Map (bottom left)

Dear UIC Language Student: 

Welcome back!  

Good news: It’s time to register for your next language class! In 101, 102, 103? Register for the next level, and tell your friends to join you!

Finishing 104? Continue to a 200-level class in Italian, German, French, or Spanish AND apply to take the 1-credit Peer Tutoring Apprentice class in Fall 2021: join us! Here’s the very short application (and see below too).

This week our peer tutors have recommendations for German raop (rap and pop) sung by a pandastreet food from Oaxaca, and lots more on IG and on the Peer Tutor Blog

What languages do you speak and learn? Put yourself on the LCLC UIC Language Map with this very short form. Our map celebrates the linguistic richness of the UIC community, and you can watch it grow day by day as students, faculty, and staff represent the many languages of UIC.

Questions about peer tutoring? Great, contact us at language-peer-tutors@uic.edu, and visit our website for more info.


Here’s the news from our undergraduate peer tutors:

Lars, French Peer Tutor 
Meet Lars, one of our French peer tutors!

Hello! It is my first year at UIC and I am majoring in English. I have been studying French for five years and naturally I am a French peer tutor! I decided to study French in order to read literature from Francophone countries in the original version. When I first began studying French I had a really tough time and picked up some helpful study tips that made me get to where I am now: loving learning the language! I started at UIC in FR 104 and I am studying to be an English teacher, so I am very excited to be peer tutoring. Learning a language can be difficult but I am looking forward to helping make it a little easier for you.

 Street Food Latin America on Netflix
(2/4/2021) Samie recommends “Street Food: Latin America - Oaxaca” and also memelas…

"If you’re like me and consider yourself a foodie, then you should definitely check out “Street Food”! It’s an amazing series on Netflix that visits several different Latin American countries, including Argentina and Bolivia. I chose Oaxaca, Mexico because I have visited this city myself and I really enjoyed tasting all the different types of street food that can’t be found in the northern cities of Mexico. Also, watching this reminded me of my grandmother who is from Mexico!"

"I highly recommend Street Food: Latin America (Netflix) to everyone, because you get to see the variety of street foods that are offered in each country and you meet cooks that have built their business from the ground up. Each episode is simply amazing and it really makes you want to book some flights just to taste all the different foods. The next time you’re thinking about traveling to a new place and you’re not sure where to try, “Street Food: Latin America” just might inspire your next trip!"

Click here to read Samie's full post and check out posts from other tutors!

Screenshot from music video for the song "Traum" by Cro 
Click the image to view the post on our IG page! 
German Music: Cro

What are some of Germany’s most popular artists? It might surprise you when I tell you that it’s actually a panda. Well...not an actual panda, but an artist who wears a panda mask and goes by the name of Cro. Cro creates music he calls “raop,” a mix of pop and rap music. Cro wears a mask as a means to protect his privacy and allow his listeners to focus on his music, rather than his appearance.

 Apply to be a peer tutor next semester
104-level langauge students: you are eligible!

104 students: Become a peer tutor! YOU will be a great language tutor at UIC if you:

  • love learning about language and culture in French, German, Italian, or Spanish
  • have ideas and strategies for succeeding in 100-level language classes at UIC
  • want to share your passion with your fellow UIC language students
  • want to build life and job skills

Apply to take the Peer Tutor Apprentice course (1 credit) in Fall 2021! Click the graphic and visit our website to find more info and an application form.



Contact us on the Peer Tutoring Website or at our email: language-peer-tutors@uic.edu.

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