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IECAM Newsletter, FY2018 Issue 12

IECAM Has Updates for Tabular Data Searches and Child and Family Characteristics

IECAM has recently added data to its online database (tabular data search) for ISBE Prevention Initiatives and ISBE PFA programs. This is in addition to FY2017 data that has already been added for the following early childhood service types:

  • Head Start
  • Early Head Start
  • Migrant and Seasonal Head Start
  • IDHS home visiting programs

IECAM also has updated spreadsheets and static maps for the following Child and Family Characteristics:

Short on Time? Try Our Standard Reports

Standard Reports can save steps in searching for data by viewing reports IECAM has prepared in response to frequently asked questions about early care and education services in the state of Illinois.

The data available in Standard Reports are mostly available by searching the IECAM online database in the usual ways. However, the advantages of using a Standard Report are quick access to data without having to go through a series of search steps and the addition of explanatory information related to the topic of the Standard Report.

IECAM has Standard Reports for

  • Child Care
  • Early Care and Education Services and Child Population
  • Publicly Funded Preschool and Head Start
  • Response to PFA and PI Request for Proposals
  • School District Profile