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cybersecurity tunnel 
Kim Gudeman, CSL

The University of Illinois has received an $8.3 million grant to develop foundational computing technologies for next-generation autonomous systems for defense and commercial applications. The multi-university initiative includes collaborators from Princeton University, Raytheon Missile Systems (RMS), and GLOBALFOUNDRIES. Read more

Naresh Shanbhag 
Kim Gudeman, CSL

Research conducted through a partnership between the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Micron Technology, Inc., could help your cell phone and IoT devices run applications faster and conserve battery life at the same time. These advancements are courtesy of the team’s development of a new deep in-memory architecture (DIMA) for NAND flash memory, which provides data storage for most of the world’s mobile devices. Read more.

IEEE Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award 
Joseph Park, ECE

Fredric G. and Elizabeth H. Nearing Endowed Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor R. Srikant, who conducts research at the Coordinated Science Lab, was recently awarded the IEEE Koji Kobayashi Computers and Communications Award"for contributions to congestion control and scheduling in computer communication networks." Read more.

Wed, Aug 8, 3:00 pm
Location: 1030 NCSA and via Webcast GoToMeeting
Thu, Aug 9, 12:00 pm
Location: 301 Coordinated Science Lab

Les Allen, NSF. 3 years starting 9/1/18, $428,035, Local Atomic-level Thermodynamic Probe for Nanoscience of 2D Membranes:Synthesis, NMR and Nanocalorimetry Study

Olgica Milenkovic, NSF starting 10/1/18, 3 years, CIF: Small: Collaborative Research: Leveraging Data Popularity in Distributed Storage Systems via Constrained Design Theory  $250,000

Klara Nahrstedt, NSF, starting 10/1/18, 2 years, CC* Integration: SENSELET: Sensory Network Infrastructure for Scientific Laboratory Environments $500,000