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To assist graduate programs, the Graduate College has created Grad Experience.

This interactive data tool provides information from annual surveys sent to first and final year doctoral students. The Graduate College is committed to sharing information about key graduate education metrics and performance indicators as broadly as possible. Information in Grad Experience is restricted to those with a University of Illinois NetID. 


Grad Experience provides information for the following six categories:


Measures doctoral student satisfaction with their program of study


Measures doctoral student assessment of program collegiality


Measures doctoral student understanding of program requirements


Measures doctoral student perceptions of adequacy of financial support


Measures doctoral student satisfaction with the advising relationship


Measures doctoral student assessment of career preparedness


The Graduate College at the University of Illinois recently joined the gradSERU consortium of research universities that shares information about student experience and satisfaction. In the near future, departments will be able to compare student experience data for their program relative to similar programs at a number of major peer institutions.

For additional data about graduate education at Illinois, visit the publically available Graduate Education Dashboard. For questions about Grad Experience or the Graduate Education Dashboard, contact us at