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Joey Ramp, a senior in molecular and cellular biology, relies upon the support of her service dog, Sampson, to conduct research in a laboratory. (Photo by Jesse Wallace.)
Joey Ramp, a senior in molecular and cellular biology, relies upon the support of her service dog, Sampson, to conduct research in a laboratory. (Photo by Jesse Wallace.)

Golden purpose

Sampson, a service dog, helps an Illinois student conduct research.



Kelvin Droegemeier 



LAS alumnus selected to lead White House Office of Science and Technology Policy

Atmospheric scientist Kelvin Droegemeier awaits Congressional confirmation.


Bela Gandhi 



The fairy godmother of love

LAS alumna Bela Gandhi helps people make the right connection.


students at a table talking 



Campus invests $5 million in Investment for Growth proposals

Second round of program will fund three programs in the College of LAS. 


Alexandra Harmon-Threatt 



Entomologist receives $1 million grant to research the impact of pesticides on bees

Alexandra Harmon-Threatt will study neonicotinoids. 

Jiangtao Li and Xiaodong Song 



New geology model reveals rips in mantle layer below southern Tibet

Seismic waves lend insight to possible future earthquakes. 

Ju Seong Lee 



New ways of learning language

Conference at Illinois examines a rapidly changing field.


From left: chemistry professor Jefferson Chan, graduate students Chelsea Anorma and Thomas Bearrood, and postdoctoral researcher Jamila Hedhli. 



Molecular probe illuminates elusive cancer stem cells in live mice

Research will help reveal how cancer cells change and respond to treatment.


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Join us!

LAS alumni are invited to connect with others through the college’s LinkedIn Group. 

Nicole Odulate 

Your gift transforms lives

The odds of going to college were stacked against Nicole Odulate, the second of five children in a single-parent home. That single parent, however, was her mother, who worked tirelessly to keep her daughter’s future bright. In 2014, Nicole entered Illinois as a College of LAS Lincoln Scholar.

Now, Nicole is bound for law school with dreams of helping kids in poverty focus on their goals. She is grateful for all the support she’s received—from her mother to the donors who made the Lincoln Scholarship Initiative possible.

“It’s somebody’s future that you’re literally helping build,” Nicole said. “Each dollar is somebody’s step up to a better life.”

Education transforms lives. Join with us, With Illinois, and together we can propel bright minds with the power of an outstanding liberal arts and sciences education.


  All together. Amazing.  

For more than 100 years, the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has been the beating heart of the University of Illinois, providing students with an education that’s as focused as it is diverse. We’re making groundbreaking discoveries in the lab, using literature and languages to understand and interpret historical and current events and peoples, and developing an understanding of society and individuals. Working together, our people, programs, and facilities make the College of LAS altogether amazing.


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