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Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Professor Arnab Chakraborty to the position of Associate Dean in the College of Fine and Applied Arts. Professor Chakraborty will oversee the college’s research support efforts, administer the promotion and tenure process, lead the college’s faculty mentoring program, and advise the dean on matters related to faculty affairs. This half-time administrative role will allow Professor Chakraborty to remain active as a full professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning.

Since Spring 2016, Professor Chakraborty has served as the Dean’s Fellow responsible for stewarding the college’s research portfolio. His stewardship of this portfolio has helped the college inform colleagues across campus about how research in the arts, design, and planning fields contributes to the making of new and useful knowledge. One important result: the development of cross-disciplinary research relationships with faculty in other colleges with strong histories of funded research, such as the College of Applied Health Sciences. Bringing together key researchers from AHS and FAA, Professor Chakraborty was author of an Investment for Growth proposal that was recently funded by the campus.

Professor Chakraborty’s research program addresses critical questions about housing and infrastructure planning, and he has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Federal Highway Administration, and the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy. Trained as an architect and a planner, Professor Chakraborty’s work extends internationally and bridges research and practice. He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners and serves multiple leadership roles in his discipline including editorial board member of the Journal of the American Planning Association and site visitor for the Planning Accreditation Board. His recent research identifying the urban populations most vulnerable to extreme heat events is featured in the current issue of the college’s Dimension magazine.

Please join us in welcoming Professor Chakraborty to his new role in the college.


Kevin Hamilton, Dean Designate