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Happening Around Campus and Beyond


Ilini Union Board Events

Join the Illini Union Board for a week of in-person and virtual events!

April 26 | Music on the Plaza: JEJ Vinson from The Voice
April 27 | Triva Tuesday
April 29 | Geena Rocero Q&A
April 30 | Illinites: Illini Spirit

Find the full shedule and more information at https://union.illinois.edu/see-and-do/events/spring-programming.


Seniors: Submit a Photo for Graduation Celebration

If you are graduating this spring or summer, don't forget to submit a photo of yourself for the Media Virtual Graduation Celebration by April 30!

Submit your photo to Box or via email to keclark@illinois.edu


#URBANITE Dance Showcase at Memorial Stadium

Saturday, May 1
8:00 PM

Special guests Kida The Great + Friends will perform at the #URBANITE Dance Showcase at Memorial Stadium on Saturday 5/1! Winner of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ season 13, Kida The Great is a dancer and choreographer who has done collaborations with Usher, Justin Bieber, and more, making him a recognizable force in dance. He is joined by Kendrick Willis and Jabari Timmons for a performance not to be missed!

FREE RSVP required via to reserve your spot!


Funding for Professional Journalism Conferences

The Dow Jones News Fund invites interested students to apply for free registration to attend journalism conventions this summer.

Click here for information about the approved conferences and the application process. Applications are due May 1.


Save the Date: The Sandage Summer Academy

The Hub for Brand Innovation presents our inaugural, virtual program, The Sandage Summer Academy. This year’s theme is "Frontiers of Digital Advertising" and focuses on the future of data analytics and innovative uses of technology in the advertising industry.

This four part, in-depth series is a unique, interactive event for learners. Sessions will include hands-on activities, lectures by world-class instructors, and demonstrations by industry experts. Learners can register for individual sessions or for the full program. Participants will receive certificates and digital badges from the University of Illinois upon completion of the academy.

Mark your calendars for these four Fridays: July 9, July 16, July 23, and July 30.

Look for our follow up email coming soon with more details and registration information. 


Class Spotlight


ADV 290: Becoming an Influencer

This course will identify the evolving strategies, tactics, and techniques that drive the influencer ecosystem, evaluate the social and cultural impact of influencer marketing and engagement on organizations and audiences, and assess the racial and gender dynamics that are created and recreated within this quickly evolving marketing and creative arena. Finally, students will focus on the development of influencer generated branded content across for-profit, nonprofit, and human rights organizations.
Open to all majors

JOUR 460: Journalist in Pop Culture

Where do our images of journalists and journalism come from? This class aims to offer a comprehensive look at how news is portrayed in popular culture, balancing what we see in the movies and learn from books with the actual history of news at that time. From this class, you will get a wide-ranging view of the history of journalism. You will see the developments of the news production process from giant machines to the speed of the web, and you will learn about some of the ethical dilemmas facing journalists.
Open to all majors

MACS 395: Documentary and Music Culture

The collision of music culture and documentary film has a long and wide-ranging history. From the early use of orchestras to accompany film screening to the documentation of underground music, the evolution of music counter-cultures, artist/band biographies, the commercial documentation of concerts, the realist music video and the current branding capacities of documentary for articulating artistic music innovation are at the forefront of our investigation. Documentary and Music Culture will survey music documentaries of all varieties, exploring the historical conditions of their production, their intervention into music culture and how these representations provoke exploration into the tensions around power, gender, class, race and sexuality.
Open to all majors




Journalism Internship Scholarships

The Journalism Department has limited funds available to help support journalism majors who have landed other journalism internships, especially folks with unpaid or low-paid positions or those interning in expensive places to live. If you would like to be considered for this support, please send the following information no later than Friday, April 30 to Jennifer Price (jajones6@illinois.edu):

Where you are interning (i.e., name of publication, TV station, news site, etc.)
Location (city and state) of internship
Full or part-time? Paid or unpaid?
Duration of internship (i.e. 8 weeks? All summer?)


Walter Cronkite Scholarship

The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences is accepting applications for the Walter Cronkite Scholarship. Scholarships range from $1000-$3000. Awards are merit-based and are awarded to students who plan to pursue a career in the media industry. In addition to completing the application, students must submit links to creative video work along with two letters of recommendation from faculty. The deadline to submit all materials is April 30, 2021.


College of Media Scholarship Application

The 2021-2022 scholarship application for continuing College of Media undergraduate students is now open. All students who will be returning as an undergraduate student in the College of Media in Fall 2021 are eligible to apply.

Students must apply to be considered for a scholarship from the College of Media. All submissions are due by 12:00 PM CDT on Friday, May 7, 2021.  


Irene Adler Prize

The Irene Adler competition is open to women pursuing a degree in journalism, creative writing, or literature at a recognized post-secondary institution in the United States or Canada in 2021-2022. Applicants will be asked to write a 500-word essay. 

Application and submission information can be found here.

Submissions are due by May 30, 2021.


The Rose Bowl Game Keith Jackson Postgraduate Scholarship

The Rose Bowl Game Keith Jackson Postgraduate Scholarship is a $10,000 scholarship that recognizes one senior student from the Big Ten Conference and one senior student from the Pac-12 Conference for exceptional achievement in academics and civic service, who also wish to pursue a career in the sports industry, with an emphasis on journalism, media relations, event operations, team operations, or marketing.

Students must enroll in postgradute studies within 18 months of graduation.

Recipients will be given the unique opportunity to recive a Rose Bowl game experience that is tailored to each recipients' interest of study an culminates with the opportunity to work the Rose Bowl Game.

Complete application packets are due by July 31, 2021.


Additional Scholarship Resources

As you start to think about scholarships for the next academic year, do not forget about the College’s Additional Scholarship Resources page. In addition to helping you think about the scholarship search process, this page highlights many awards that are offered by media organizations across the country.


Important Dates and Deadlines


Deadline to drop a full semester or second eight week course 
May 5, 2021

Reading Day
May 6, 2021

Final Exams 
May 7-14, 2021

Pass COVID/No Pass COVID (PZ/NZ) Selection Period
May 22-27, 2021


Academic Advising


If you have a quick question, you can visit virtual express advising. This is for 5 to 10 minute questions. Express advising is available at https://go.illinois.edu/MediaExpressAdvising on the following days and times while class is in session:

Mondays - 9:00am-10:30am Central Time
Thursdays - 1:30pm-3:00pm Central Time
Fridays - 10:30am-12:00pm Central Time