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Dear AHS faculty and staff:


Hello, everyone. I want to thank you for taking part in all of our great Homecoming events, including the Distinguished Alumni Awards and the tent party, which was very well-attended! I love to see your commitment to AHS, and to see everyone from the college come together to celebrate these accomplishments. 

Additionally, the long-awaited dedication ceremony for the McKechnie Family LIFE Home was a wonderful event, and we are grateful for the appearance of Chancellor Jones. Congratulations to Wendy Rogers, and we wish her the best with that fantastic research facility.

The Dean's List is now a bi-weekly publication, with the next delivery on Nov. 1. Continue to send your announcements and calendar items to communications@ahs.illinois.edu. Items will be reviewed and edited for style and grammar.

Cheryl Hanley-Maxwell
Dean, College of Applied Health Sciences



Even with everything she has achieved, the opening of the McKechnie Family LIFE Home has a special place for KCH Professor Wendy Rogers.

WAND-TV also interviewed Dr. Rogers about the McKechnie Family LIFE Home.

The News-Gazette reported how the Department of Speech and Hearing Science at the University of Illinois has a long history of innovation and determination to make the field better.

Speaking of SHS, Professor Fatima Husain sees the use of brain imaging as vital to studying hearing disorders.

A car accident has put Paralympic gold medalist Susannah Scaroni's career on hold, the News-Gazette reported.

Paralympic gold medalist and KCH alum Steve Serio was interviewed for the latest A Few Minutes With AHS podcast.

Daniel Romanchuk and Tatyana McFadden, fresh off their Paralympic performances, competed in the Chicago Marathon and Boston Marathon on consecutive days. They each won Chicago, and were runners-up in Boston.

Five students in the College of Applied Health Sciences—Shruthi Mekala (I-Health), Diana Morales (SHS), Fredy Quevedo Jr. (RST), Tyler Roberson (KCH), Faye Yang (I-Health)—were named to the 2021 Homecoming Court. The Homecoming Court is composed of 20 student leaders in senior standing, who are selected based on their academic achievements, campus leadership and community involvement. Those selected to serve on the court are viewed as role models for their peers and outstanding representatives of the University of Illinois student body. Congrats to all!

In her latest podcast, Teaching Associate Professor Jamie O'Connor speaks with Nicole Malloy of Urbana Middle School.


AHS will be holding a memorial in remembrance of KCH Associate Professor Karin Rosenblatt. Karin passed away on Sept. 17 at her home in Champaign. We will gather in Room 114 of Huff Hall from noon to 1 p.m. on Oct. 22 for the memorial. Please join us as we remember Karin for her many contributions to KCH and AHS.  If you prefer to participate remotely, we will stream the memorial through Zoom. Meeting ID: 861 4317 9440; Password: 567288


Did you know the College of Applied Health Sciences has an Intranet? The webpage is meant to be a central hub for resources you need to conduct your business. Scan the menu to find the resource you need, and if you don't see it, let us know


Join us via Zoom as we present the AHS Fall Lecture Series. These lectures feature distinguished faculty and staff in AHS presenting on topics we think will be of interest to you, our alumni and friends. Please mark your calendars and join us via Zoom. If you have any questions, please email advancement@ahs.illinois.edu. The first lecture is Nov. 8 with RST Professor Bill Stewart presenting, "Re-purposing Vacant Lots and Well-being in Chicago." Register here for this lecture.


The Health Technology Speaker Series welcomes Professor Abigail R. Wooldridge from Industrial and Enterprise SystemsEngineering.  Her talk is titled, Designing Sociotechnical Systems to Support Teams in Health Care and Health-related Contexts.” The talk will explore recent and ongoing work in the Human Factors in Sociotechnical Systems Lab, where we create, integrate and translate knowledge to improve performance, human well-being and quality in complex sociotechnical systems, found in healthcare and health-related settings through interdisciplinary collaborations. The talk is scheduled for Oct. 22 from 3 to 3:50 p.m. at 1002 Khan Annex in Huff Hall.


The Chez Veterans Center is working in collaboration with ROTC to host a Veterans Day Celebration on Nov. 11. During this event, and throughout the month of November, we want to feature the military service of current students, staff, faculty, and alumni! Send us your images in uniform to be featured throughout November on social media and during out Veterans Day Celebration.  Submit images and info here.


A new tool developed by the DRES Accessible IT Group has been released to support people with disabilities in navigating web pages using the keyboard. The SkipTo Landmarks & Headings browser extension implements a long-standing requirement for web browsers to provide structural navigation by headings and content sections. We encourage you to install it by visiting the extension's Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-ons page, and to let us know what you think.


SHS Visiting Assistant Professor Windi Krok was awarded a two-year $50,000 Clinical Research Grant (Mentored) from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation for the project “Validating a Sentence Diversity Priming Task as a Dynamic Assessment.” SHS Professor Pamela Hadley, will serve as the mentor for this project. The aims of this study are to evaluate the validity of a dynamic assessment tool, the sentence diversity priming task, as a measure of toddlers’ ability to produce diverse sentences and readiness for grammatical growth. The overarching goal of this research is to improve early identification of toddlers at high risk for persistent developmental language disorder. Congratulations, Windi!

SHS Assistant Professor Keiko Ishikawa has been award a Campus Research Board grant for her project entitled “The Effect of Background Noise on Skill Transfer in Voice Therapy.” This project will investigate how different levels and types of noise affect a speaker’s ability to maintain clear speech and how the noise affects the speaker’s s perception of effort.  The outcome of these studies will lay the foundation for subsequent projects, which will develop a therapy program that helps individuals with voice disorders learn to use therapy techniques in everyday communication environments. This grant is for $29,953 for 18 months. Congratulations, Keiko!


KCH Assistant Professor Sarah Geiger has a new publication entitled, “Associations between both legacy and alternative per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances and glucose-homeostasis: The Isomers of C8 health project in China,” in the journal Environment International. In it, Geiger and her collaborators provided more evidence on associations between legacy PFASs and PFAS alternatives and glucose-homeostasis.

KCH Assistant Professor Mina Raj has a new article in The Conversation. The article, entitled, "What’s on the menu matters in health care for diverse patients," describes preliminary findings from my study with family caregivers of older Asian immigrants and encourages health care organizations like hospitals and long term care facilities to consider culturally inclusive menu options in order to promote mental wellbeing, sense of belonging, and to prevent unintentional weight loss and other physical health outcomes.


SHS Associate Professor Raksha Mudar has been selected by the Provost’s Office to participate in the Building Pathways for Emerging Leaders at Illinois. The program is designed for faculty members at the associate and full professor rank who demonstrate leadership potential in their current role. Eleven faculty are participating in the year-long leadership development program for 2021-2022. Congratulations, Raksha! 

SHS Professor Pamela Hadley has been selected by the Provost’s Office to participate in the Big Ten Academic Alliance Department Executive Officer (DEO) program. The Department Executive Officer Program was created by the Provosts of the Big Ten Academic Alliance, the academic consortium of the Big Ten Universities to develop the leadership potential of participating faculty. There are five DEO fellows from Illinois for 2021-2022. Congratulations, Pam! 


Looking for adults aged 21-55 years with high weight for height to participate in a study into prolonged sitting and how adults think. The study involves 3 visits to Freer Hall, 3 Zoom calls, wearing activity monitors, and screening procedures. Measures include cognitive tests, electroencephalography, a body scan, maximal exercise test, and blood draws. Compensation up to $250. Email Dominika Pindus for more information.

Adults (18-35 years) needed to study the molecular mechanism through which exercise affects brain function in adults. Participation involves several visits to the lab to complete questionnaires, exercise tests, computer tasks, and blood draws. Compensation up to $100 (gift card) provided upon completion. Schedule a phone screening at or email bcnnlab@gmail.com.

We are seeking participants for a research study exploring the social engagement benefits of a video chat platform called OneClick. The aim of this study is to test how usable and enjoyable OneClick is for connecting with others. Participants will engage in fun, social events with other people to test and help develop a video chat technology. This study will last 4 weeks and take place on OneClick.  Potential participants must be aged 50-64, speak English, and have a computer with access to internet. Participants will be compensated for participation in the study. If interested in participation, please contact us at KCH-HFA-OneClick@illinois.edu or (217) 265-0089.  

The Wellness Research Collaborative in Multiple Sclerosis (Well-MS) is seeking to recruit faculty, staff, and students to join our working group. The mission of the collaborative is to support the health and well-being of individuals living with Multiple Sclerosis in Central Illinois and beyond through research and outreach activities. If you are interested in being involved with the MS collaborative, please contact Laura Rice for additional details.

We are recruiting mothers and their children (8 to 12 years old) for a study about benefits of familiar voices in noisy places. Requires two, one-hour lab visits. Mothers record a list of sentences. Then children are tested on their ability to recognize the sentences in noise. Participants are paid $15 an hour. Daytime/evening/weekend availability. Free parking. Email: child-SRL@illinois.edu or call 217-300-8336.

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