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To wrap up 2018, we organized all the Data Nudge topics in a calendar format to help you easily navigate to the month of interest.


2018 Data Nudge


File Format Considerations

 • Save in non-proprietary format
 • Include documentation   describing computing   environment


File Naming Tips

 • Create a consistent rule for   your file naming
 • Avoid using special characters   and spaces


Versioning with Cloud Services

 • Box and Google Drive support   version control features
 • Subversion and/or Git are often   used


Research IT Portal

 • Discover technology-based   resources and news
 • Find events and trainings via   Research IT Calendar


Reasons to Publish Data

 • Enhance discoverability, reduce   data loss, and more
 • Include the identifier for data in   paper


Methods to Disseminate Data

 • By request, website, as   supplemental material, or   through data repository
 • Each has its pros and cons


3 Common Data Repositories

 • Focuses on Dryad, ICPSR &   Illinois Data Bank
 • Find a suitable reposity based   on dataset and needs 


Common Zipped File Format

 • ZIP, TAR, GZIP, and 7Z are   widely used in research
 • Should NOT be compressed:   multimedia and encrypted files


What is DOI?

 • Enhance data discoverability   and provide persistent link
 • Data repositories provide DOIs   or become members of DataCite


Scary Data Stories

 • True stories from University of     Illinois community
 • Start data management early


What is ORCID?

 • Unique identifier that links you   to your research
 • Sign up to create your ORCID


 End of Year Data Nudge

Have a relaxing break!

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Thank you for all your support!   
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