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Wen-Mei Hwu 
Allie Arp, CSL

You might not think of high-performance computing and high programmability as things that go hand in hand—unless you’re CSL researchers Wen-mei Hwu and Deming Chen. Read more

Suraj Jog 
Allie Arp, CSL

Each year, dozens of students submit their work to the ACM SIGCOMM Conference Student Research Competition. Last month, after three rounds of competition, third-year doctoral student Suraj Jog was announced as the overall winner of his division. Read more

Pramod Viswanath 
Allie Arp, CSL

One of the most unique evolutionary aspects of humans is the ability to cooperate flexibly in large numbers. As part of his new research project CSL Professor Pramod Viswanath is trying to mimic how trust among humans drives societies, as an inspiration for building new blockchain technology with applications in cryptocurrencies. Read more


The University of Illinois is teaming with ABB on two newly awarded projects funded by the Department of Energy Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems program. These are the latest from an ongoing research collaboration between Illinois and ABB. Read more

Gonzalo Augusto Cucho Padin 
ECE Illinois

PhD student Gonzalo Augusto Cucho Padin, advised by CSL professor Lara Waldrop, won the Best Student Presentation Award at the annual National Science Foundation-sponsored CEDAR. Read more

Tues, Oct 2-Fri, Oct 5
Location: Allerton Park and Retreat Center
Mon, Oct 8, 12:00 pm
Location: CSL 301
SINE Seminar
Mon, Oct 8, 4:00 pm
Location: CSL 14
Wed, Oct 10, 3:00 pm
Location: CSL B02, Auditorium
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56th Annual Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing

This week is the 56th annual Allerton Conference. The event draws some of the brightest minds from industry, academia and government to discuss innovation in the fields of communication, control and computing. Visit the Allerton Conference website for more information.

CSL researcher's work featured in WIRED

CSL researcher Nikita Borisov is part of a team that discovered websites loaded in mobile browsers of cellphones can often access an array of mobile device sensors without permission. WIRED recently wrote an article about the findings.


Yuliy Baryshnikov, "Science of Embodied Innovation, Learning and Control." 5 years, started 8/15/18, $750,000, DARPA.