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“SuperSecretPassword”  Panel 1:  The narration states: It was a dark and stormy morning. Two people are talking to each other. The person on the right holds a clipboard with tasks and says, “We need you to change John Doe’s Password.” The person on the left, who works in information technology (IT), responds, “You got it.”  Panel 2:  The computer screen displays a confirmation message that says, “Replace with ‘supersecretpassword’”. The IT person confirms the message and the computer runs the command. The computer screen then displays a new message. “Success! All passwords replaced.” The IT person is upset. It was not the IT person’s intent to change all of the passwords to “supersecretpassword”. The IT person is now panicked.  Panel 3:  Three students are gathered in a common area, looking at their laptops. They have question marks above their heads; they are wondering why they can no longer use their own passwords to access their password-protected resources. On the bottom of the panel, the IT person who has accidently reset all the passwords overhears the students saying, “Invalid password? What’s going on?” The IT person falls over in their chair in shock.  Panel 4:  A computer screen displays the last time the password system was backed up. It says, “Last back up: 10 minutes ago, today” and there is a button underneath the message that says RESTORE. A mouse pointer in the shape of a hand hovers over the RESTORE button. The RESTORE button is pushed, presumably by the IT person.  All of the passwords that had been changed to “supersecretpassword” have been restored to their original values. The relieved IT person stands next to a stack of servers. , and says, “And that’s why we back up our data!”.. One of the servers makes a “beep boop” noise.


“Ohnonono”  Panel 1:  The narration states: It was a few weeks into the new project. A person sits at a computer monitor in a lab. Scattered around the lab are beakers, test tubes and  notebooks.  Panel 2:  The narration states: “I was making good progress when…” The computer screen freezes up. The person in the lab says, “Oh no no” over and over again, and clicks the mouse multiple times. But the computer does not respond.  The narration states: “I had lost a week’s worth of data. There was no back up.” There are two people having a conversation. The person from the lab, who is standing on the left, says, “What do I do?” The person on the right, wearing a baseball cap that sayd “IT” responds with, “Uh, did you back it up?”  Panel 3:  The narration states: I was able to re-run some experiments with leftover supplies, and scavenge some data from email. But other data I could not recreate. The lab person stands in front of three almost empty beakers with a sad look on their face and an empty test tube in their hands.  Panel 4:  There are two people having a conversation. The person on the left is reading a report that says “results”, and asks “Why do you only have four results?”  The lab person on the right replies, “No reason!”. Then, mumbles, “Definitely not because I lost everything.”


“Doom”  Panel 1:  The narration states: It was a few months after joining the lab. The amount of work was overwhelming. There are two people having a conversation. The person on the left is carrying a stack of folders with papers inside. The person on the left says to the person on the right, “I brought you more files to enter.” The person on the right is sitting in front of a computer screen. The person on the right turns to the person on the left and says, “Consent form ‘A’ is about to expire.” The person on the left says, “I guess just use form ‘B’”, and hands a form to the person on the right. The phone rings.  Panel 2:  The narration states: I didn’t think it could get any worse. There is a door and the sound of someone knocking on it. Knock, knock. At the door is the Grim Reaper. The Grim Reaper has a skull for a face and is dressed in a black robe and is holding a scythe. The Grim Reaper unrolls a scroll that has the word “Audit” written on it. “Soon,” says the Grim Reaper.  Panel 3:  The narration states: 3 weeks until audit… The audit date is marked on a calendar with a skull. There is a bulletin board that has the words “To Do:” spelled out on it and many notes pinned to it. Next to the bulletin board is a filing cabinet.  The person who was sitting at the computer is running with folders towards the filing cabinet, leaving papers flying in their wake. The person has a nervous look on their face.  Panel 4:  The narration states: A few weeks later… An email is sent to the lab. It reads:  “Dear Lab,   Here are our audit findings: •	Inconsistencies between digital and paper records •	Wrong consent form usage   Action item: reconsent subjects   Follow-up audit: 3 months  XOXO, skull”  After reading the email, the person who was preparing for the audit  has X’s placed over their eyes. Their spirit is leaving their body. The other person is looking at a binder they hold in their hand. They say, “At least we have a regulatory binder now.”

* This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License, which requires attribution.
Copyright University of Illinois Board of Trustees, Research Data Service.


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