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November 2018
Goodwin-Green Globe Sign-Up

Leaseholders automatically receive the Globe each month. If another member of your household is interested in receiving the newsletter, he/she can sign up online. The newsletter is also available at HOUSING.ILLINOIS.EDU/GLOBE.

Community Calendar

See what's going on in your community with the November events calendar.

Goodwin Green Social Hour takes place at 6 p.m. in the Goodwin-Green Lounge unless otherwise noted.

Friday, November 2
Taste of Thai Curry
Come to explore the food culture of Thailand through the Thai red curry! Chicken and vegetarian option will be served, as well as Thai iced tea. Contact Xiaomei at if you have any questions.

Friday, November 9
Salad Party
Eat healthy by building your favorite salad bowel! Various vegetables and proteins will be provided. Come, relax, chat, and have a healthy meal. Contact Xiaomei at if you have any questions.

Friday, November 16
Let’s talk about tolerance for the weekly social hour. There will be a Greek yogurt bar to make a healthy snack while we discuss the International Day of Tolerance. Contact Edith at with questions.

Friday, November 30
Taste of Portugal 
Every year Renato prepares a Taste of Portugal featuring Portuguese cuisine and music. Don’t miss out–mark it on your calendar! Contact Renato at if you have any questions. 

November Happenings

Holiday Office Hours
The Family & Graduate Housing office will be closed on November 22 and November 23 for the Thanksgiving holiday.

November 1–16
We invite you to spend extra quality time with your family during this week and will provide several opportunities for you to do just that, including the Fall Harvest Dinner, Family Service Night, and the Attachment and Bonding event. Events will be at the Orchard Downs Community Center unless noted. Our family relationships are one of the most important in our lives. Let's take some time together to focus on just how special they are!

Fall Harvest Dinner
Saturday, November 10 at 5:30 p.m.
Wesley Foundation Church (1203 W Green St. Urbana, IL 61801)
Kick off Family Week with a Fall Harvest dinner. We will be serving a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner and doing fall themed crafts. Vegetarian options are available. Also, we will have a photographer and a backdrop to take family pictures. Contact Artinese at with questions.

Family Service Night
Tuesday, November 13 at 6:30 p.m.
Join us for a night of volunteering. We will be baking cookies for a local soup kitchen and making care packages for the local homeless shelters. This is a perfect opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community! Contact Edith at with questions.

Family Birthday Bingo
Wednesday November 14 at 6:30 p.m.
Join us in a family game of BINGO! We will share our funniest and most fun family moments while playing bingo. We will also celebrate all November birthdays. Come for sweets and family fun. Contact Artinese at if you have any questions or you are interested in volunteering.

Surprising Thoughts about Attachment: Infants & Toddlers
Thursday, November 15 at 6:30 p.m.
Learn and discuss what attachment with infants and toddlers is, what it isn't, and what makes a difference. Michael Trout, an expert from The Infant-Parent Institute, will facilitate an informal discussion on attachment and positive infant mental health. Parents or soon to be parents of infants and toddlers are encouraged to come. Snacks and childcare will be provided. Email to RSVP and indicate if you will need childcare.  

What Is Thanksgiving?
Thanksgiving is an important public holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. It originated in 1621 in the town of Plymouth, Massachusetts as a three-day feast to celebrate a bountiful harvest.  This first Thanksgiving celebration was shared by early American settlers (the Pilgrims) and the Wampanoag Indians, a native American Indian tribe. In many American households, the Thanksgiving celebration centers on cooking and sharing a bountiful meal with family and friends. Traditionally, the meal includes a roast turkey and side dishes such as bread stuffing or sweet potatoes. Parades are popular on Thanksgiving, the largest and most famous is the Macy’s department store parade in New York City. This year, Thanksgiving is celebrated on Thursday, November 22

Mail Over Fall Break
Headed out of town? The United States Post Office can hold your mail safely at the local Post Office until you return. Sign up for USPS Hold Mail Service at You can also have a friend pick up your mail. If you leave for an extended amount of time, the Post Office may assume you moved out and will stop delivering your mail. Don’t let that happen!

Family Housing Council

All programs are in the Orchard Downs Community Center, 510 George Huff Court unless noted.

Hello Residents,

We hope that you are doing well and that the semester is going great for you. This is to formally let you know that starting November 2018, the Family Housing Council will begin organizing two, instead of the usual three meetings. The new schedule is as follows:

  • FHC Residents Social -- First Saturday of every month
  • FHC Residents Meeting -- Second Friday of every month

Thank you,
2018–2019 FHC E-Board

Resident Social:
Saturday, November 3 at 6 p.m.

Resident Meeting:
Friday, November 9 at 5:45 p.m.


President–Muhammad Sohail Khan

Vice President–Ahmed Elolimy

Treasurer–Shaojun Li

Executive Secretary–Ademola Akinrinola

Recording Secretary–Noah Samuel

The Family & Graduate Housing Handbook for apartment residents is located online at HOUSING.ILLINOIS.EDU/RESOURCES/POLICIES/HANDBOOK. The handbook contains important information regarding apartment services, programs, resources, and policies.

The Daniels Hall Desk, located at 1010 West Green Street, has various equipment available for residents to use free of charge. Need a vacuum cleaner to tidy up your room? Need a bicycle pump to fill up your tires? Then stop by the Daniels Hall Desk, open 24 hours a day to check out any of the following equipment: vacuums, bicycle pumps, a battery charger, a tool box and snow shovels.

Grab a Zipcar for a few hours to run errands, the whole day for a local shopping or sightseeing trip or a few days for a vacation getaway. Every trip includes gas, insurance and 180 free miles per day. One Zipcar is parked at Orchard Downs in the North Laundry Parking Lot and the second is parked at the South Laundry Parking Lot. Join Zipcar for $15.00 at

Programs at Orchard Downs

All programs are in the Orchard Downs Community Center, 510 George Huff Court unless noted. Email Artinese at with questions unless another contact is noted.

We often take photographs during community events for use in FGH publications. If you do not wish to have your photograph taken please inform a staff member at the event or contact FGH.

Free Nutrition and Cooking Class with the U of I Extension Office
Thursdays from 3–4:30 p.m.
Family Resource Center (1834-A Orchard Place)

If you are interested in learning how to plan healthy meals on a budget and new cooking techniques, then this is the program for you! There are opportunities to earn prizes that will aid you in cooking at home and bigger prizes if you graduate from the program. Contact with questions.

Women’s Group at the Family Resource Center (1834-A Orchard Place)
Fridays from 10–11:30 a.m. (NO GROUP – NOV. 23)
November 9: Special women's group with the McKinley Health Center talking about women's health related topics

Have you been looking for a chance to connect with other women across the neighborhood? Women's Group every Friday will be a great opportunity to connect with one another, do some fun activities, and learn together. It is a safe space for any woman interested in checking it out. We hope that you will join us and make this a regular part of your week. Contact with questions.

Dumpling Making Workshop
Saturday, November 3 at 10 a.m.
Love dumplings? Want to learn how to make your own? Come to our dumpling-making workshop! All ingredients will be provided. 

Thanksgiving Story Hour
Monday, November 5 at 6 p.m.
Thanksgiving Story Hour will feature crafts and snacks. Children of all ages are welcome, children MUST be supervised. Contact Edith at with questions.

Movie Night
Wednesday, November 28 at 6 p.m.
The stresses of the semester are beginning to hit. Come relax and eat snacks while enjoying a fan favorite movie. Join us for a fun movie night.

Turkey Bowl at the Illini Union
Friday, November 30 at 6:30 p.m.
Meet us at the Illini Union for a free fun night of bowling. Transportation not provided: buses and street parking are available near Illini Union. Children MUST be supervised. All residents welcome, but registration is required to play. Register by Monday, November 12 at noon using this link:

Volunteer with FGH!
Interested in volunteering at events put on by Family & Graduate Housing? This is a great way to meet new people, get involved in the community, boost your resume, and have lots of fun! If interested, let us know at:  FORMS.ILLINOIS.EDU/SEC/7689864.

Family & Kids Programs

All programs are in the Orchard Downs Community Center, 510 George Huff Drive unless noted.

Parent-Child Playgroup at the Family Resource Center (1834-A Orchard Place)
Every Tuesday and Thursday from 10–11:30 a.m. (NO GROUP ON THANKSGIVING – NOV. 22)

Looking for a great way to meet other families and help your children have play time with other kids? Every Tuesday and Thursday we will come together to sing, read, grow, and play while spending time with one another. This is a group for children ages five and under and a parent/guardian must stay with their child. Contact Jessie Heckenmueller at with questions.

November 1: Mother Goose on the Loose program from the Champaign Public Library – every child gets a book  
November 20: Mother Goose on the Loose program from the Champaign Public Library – every child gets a book
November 27: GREAT Start from Champaign-Urbana Public Health playgroup takeover   

Welcome to the World
Babies are a sign of hope and bring much joy to our lives. We want to welcome your newborn to our community with a small gift to say, “Welcome to the World!” If you have recently welcomed a new baby into your family, contact Jessie Heckenmueller at or call the Family & Graduate Housing office at (217) 333-5656.

Orchard Downs Preschool Registration for 2018–2019
Orchard Downs Preschool is accepting registrations for the 2018–2019 school year. The Preschool is for children age 3 to 5. Half-day and full-day classes are available. For information and registering or scheduling a tour, contact Debbie Collins at or Sara Jenkins at

Only a Few Spots Left!
Kids’ Club after-school care program has a few openings for the fall. Kids’ Club is a free program for residents of University Apartments. The program is for children ages 5 (in kindergarten) to 12. Kids’ Club meets Monday through Friday from 3 to 5:30 p.m. at the Orchard Downs Community Center. Children participate in arts and crafts, games, outdoor play, and have a snack provided daily. For questions or additional information, contact Sara Jenkins at

Kids’ Corner
The cold winds may start blowing near Orchard Downs Preschool as we are approaching November. The students will be learning all about Fall as we start off this month. We will then focus on a few of the arts, music, and how we are Artists in the Making. As the students learn about music, we will be talking about different musical instruments. We will be taking a Fall Break during the week of November 19–23. When the students return to school on November 26, we will be focusing on art. At the end of our Artist in the Making Unit we will have an Art Gallery! 

MultiCultural Health Center

The HeRMES free medical clinic is a walk-in clinic staffed by volunteer medical students and supervised by a licensed medical professional. For several years, HeRMES has operated in partnership with area health clinics that serve the uninsured and underserved of Illinois.

Location: 2040-A Orchard Street


Multicultural Health Center Office Hours: noon–3 p.m. on Mondays

HeRMES Clinic Hours: 6–8 p.m. every Thursday (Walk-ins only)

Subscribe here for weekly news, updates, and wellness tips: GO.ILLINOIS.EDU/MCHC-SIGNUP

Change in Office Hours
MCHC office hours will now be held on Mondays from noon to 3 p.m. Come visit us for health, wellness, and nutrition resources, or use our weighing machines to keep updated on your health!

Winter Preparation
Thursday, November 8 at 6 p.m.
Winter is coming. While snow is soft and fluffy and looks like lot of fun, you have to prepare for the cold weather to make the most of it. Join us for an evening of winter preparedness tips, tricks, and practical things you can do to stay safe and healthy. We will serve soup and some healthy snacks for added fun!

Fall Fitness Festival
Sunday, November 11 at 11 a.m.
The Fall Fitness Festival is back! Bring yourself, your kids, your friends, and hang out with us for a morning of fun. Our friends from McKinley will demonstrate some cool indoor and outdoor exercises you can perform without having to go to a gym, and we can all play soccer! And of course, great food to end it!

Get Your Flu Shot!
Fall is when the flu really strikes. Get your flu shot from a nearby health provider – most insurance plans cover flu shots, and several providers even have drive-thru services! McKinley Health Center also offers free flu shots for students – visit MCKINLEY.ILLINOIS.EDU/FLUCLINIC to see the full schedule. For more information, walk into our free clinic every Thursday.

Cauliflower Season is here!
Cauliflowers are being harvested until April. Cauliflowers are fun! And tasty! And healthy! They contain tons of nutrients, including several types of vitamins, and can help you stay healthy. You can roast ‘em, fry ‘em, add ‘em to pasta, or make the good old curry — people even use it instead of rice! There is no end to how you can benefit from cauliflowers, so why not try it on the next visit to the grocery store?

Smoke-Free Campus
The University of Illinois is a smoke-free campus. Smoking both indoors and outdoors is prohibited (not allowed) on all University property including University apartments. Visit for more info about the policy and smoke-free resources.

Maintenance Requests

Please make sure cardboard boxes are collapsed to optimize space in recycling bins. If boxes can’t be collapsed, please throw them in the trash. If the cardboard doesn’t get contaminated by food it will get recycled. More info can be found on the Campus Recycling website.

Pest Control

1107 Green (Floor 2) and 300 Goodwin (Floor 5 and 4) will be inspected in November. Treatment will be provided only as needed; twenty-four-hour advanced notice will be given prior to treatment. To request treatment, visit

Important Contacts

Apartments Complex Coordinator
Whitney Welsh
Phone: (217) 300-7157

Community Aides

Renato Azevedo
Neighborhood: 1107 & 1113 W. Green
(217) 979-8957

Xiaomei Liu
Neighborhood: 300 S. Goodwin & 1115 W. Green
(217) 721-8174

Other Contacts

Family & Graduate Housing Office: (217) 333-5656
Emergency: 9-911
U of I Police (non-emergency): (217) 333-1216
McKinley Health Center Dial-A-Nurse: (217) 333-2700
Student Insurance: (217) 333-0165