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November/December 2018

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  • New Book We Just Had to Read: Come November
  • Highlighted Book from Our Wish List: A Wrinkle in Time


News and Updates

Staff Changes at the BCCB 

The Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books is pleased to welcome two new reviewers this Fall, Natalie Berglind and Fiona Hartley-Kroeger.

Natalie Berglind graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2017, where she majored in English with a German minor. For a semester during her undergrad, she volunteered at the CCB. Natalie is renowned in her hometown for her annual Halloween book giveaway, wherein she passes out hundreds of books to children in the community. Natalie is passionate about libraries and children’s literature.

Fiona Hartley-Kroeger holds an MA in Children’s Literature from Simmons University and is currently a PhD candidate in English Literature at UIUC. Her interests include speculative fiction, fairy tales and folklore, and the history of women’s writing and education. Her research centers on gender in transformative retellings and adaptations. Fiona has a background in children’s bookselling, and her work has been published in Children’s Literature in Education.

Spotlight Feature: How do you Halloween?

Since 2011, Natalie Berglind has run a Halloween book giveaway out of a garage in Naperville with prizes, books, candy, apple cider, and “fortune telling” (a plasma ball kids like to play with). Each year Natalie collects a few hundred books from sales and giveaways with a focus on bringing diverse stories to the community. On Halloween the books are presented on a bookshelf for kids of all ages to peruse and choose a favorite to take for free. Berglind explains, “It’s very popular in the neighborhood and the kids love getting new books. Every year I have kids who come back and tell me how much they liked the books they got the year before. I never have more than a handful of books left over.”


November/December Calendar 

Thursday, November 15th: Brown Bag from 12:00 to 1:00 pm: Dr. Fred Schlipf and Ann Ohms: Designing Library Spaces That Work

Monday, November 19th - Friday, November 23rd: Closed for Fall Break

Monday, December 13th - Sunday, January 13th: Closed for Winter Break


Our Affiliates Out and About

CCB GA Stacia McKeever presented her poster “ArtLab: An Art Discovery Tool” to the Midstates Chapter of the Art Libraries Society of North America on October 19th in Indianapolis at the Herron School of Art and Design, IUPUI. ArtLab is an app that functions as an educational tool allowing for users to explore, collect, and learn. As users engage with the app they discover artwork and artists, collect favorites, and learn to identify and articulate concepts introduced in the classroom as they practice applying them to library materials, and works found in university collections. McKeever also shared her poster at the 2018 iSchool Research Showcase.


A New Book We Just Had to Read

Every month, the CCB and BCCB Graduate Assistants highlight books reviewed in the most recent issue of the Bulletin that we were excited to read.  These decisions are based on personal preference, but all books listed are Recommended by the Bulletin. For complete reviews, visit the Bulletin website ( to learn how to subscribe.

Elora’s Review: Come November

Reading Level: Gr. 7-10

Pages: [384p]

Publisher and Year: Scholastic, 2018

Trade ed. ISBN: 978-1-338-26842-3

Trade ed. price: $18.99

At first glance, Rooney Harris is a typical high school senior: she serves as the editor of the school newspaper, has an after-school job at a coffee shop, and is working out feelings for a best friend turned boyfriend. And Rooney would very much like to keep things that way. However, her mother is an active member of the Next World Society, an organization started around concerns about climate change that evolved into a cult, complete with an alien departure taking place on November 17th. When Rooney’s mom loses her job for pushing NWS literature, she makes no effort to get another and becomes hyper-focused on preparing her family for the departure, unthinkingly burdening Rooney with providing for the family and taking care of her younger brother, Daniel. The book centers around Rooney’s skepticism of the NWS and her resentment towards her mother, which in turn creates tension with her relationship with Daniel, a believer in the NWS. When November 17th comes and goes without a departure, Rooney and Daniel are left to pick up the pieces of their ruptured lives, but they are not without help. Despite the unusual circumstances of Rooney’s life, this book feels very human, particularly in how it handles the descriptions of other cult members; they are portrayed not simply as zealots but as flawed people who were taken advantage of. Rooney’s character development at times leaves something to be desired, but her sheer persistence in the face of life-altering circumstances makes for a compelling read.


Highlighted Book from Our Wish List

L’Engle, Madeleine. A Wrinkle in Time. Paperback ed. Square Fish, 2007. ISBN 978-0312367541.

For more book selections or to order this one, visit the CCB’s Amazon Wish List.


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The CCB will be closed on Monday, November 19th - Friday, November 23rd for Fall Break and Monday, December 13th - Sunday, January 13th for Winter Break. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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