Join the Phoenix Rising Collective + Thank you, WLRC & CAN Student Staff!
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In this issue:

  • WLRC News & Upcoming Events
  • CAN News & Upcoming Events
  • Thank you, WLRC & CAN Student Staff!
  • WLRC Spotlight: Sounds of Feminism
  • Staying Connected: Updates about COVID-19 and WLRC/CAN
  • CCUSC Events & Resources
  • Campus Opportunities
  • Community Opportunities
  • Connect with us!

WLRC News & Upcoming Events


CART live captioning is provided for all events hosted by WLRC and CAN. Please send any questions or additional accommodation requests to

"PHOENIX RISING Collective" in red block text above the WLRC logo ("UIC Women's Leadership and Resource Center" in black block text) with a red phoenix rising from orange flames to the left of the text. 

Join WLRC's Phoenix Rising Collective!

Are you a student leader in a campus organization that is led by women and/or committed to gender equity? Join our Phoenix Rising Collective for the 2021-2022 academic year!

You'll have the opportunity to learn about feminist and anti-oppressive approaches to leadership development and activism to build stronger organizations that support your members’ academic and professional journeys.

Join us for an info session or email for more info:

Desk with open notebook and stationary 

Write @ WLRC 
Fridays, 10am - 12pm CDT
Through April 30, 2021

Can’t find the time or motivation to write? Working on your dissertation/conference paper/creative project? Need some structure, support, and accountability? Join our drop-in virtual write onsite space for graduate students, faculty, and staff! Every Friday through April 30, 2021.



CAN News & Upcoming Events


Call for Submissions: This is Me! This is Us!

CAN is calling for video submissions to showcase the personal side of UIC's campus. Anyone at UIC can participate! Your video will be posted on the CAN Facebook page and WLRC website and be used to maintain connections with campus partners as well as to show the human side of staff, students, and faculty at UIC. Please record yourself responding to one of the following prompts and briefly introduce yourself (ex: My name is... One mistake I made in college is...)

  • One thing I have learned in life
  • One mistake I made when I was a freshman
  • Something I overcame in college
  • What one or two things have helped me navigate adversity?
A cup of coffee, a notepad with pencils on top, a notecard with paper clips, a WLRC promo card, and WLRC buttons all form the border of a poster with text about Don't Cancel Your Class! 

Don't Cancel Your Class! 

Are you thinking about cancelling class or assigning “busy work” because you can’t teach due to personal, family, or work obligations? Don't Cancel Your Class!

Request a presentation from us instead! DCYC! Is for any instructor--tenure-track, adjunct/contingent, graduate teaching assistants--who wants to make alternative arrangements for a class. We offer a variety of topics, including rape culture, consent, dating violence, harassment/stalking, and toxic masculinity. Visit our page for full details and to contact our team.


Thank you, WLRC & CAN Student Staff!

Headshots of the WLRC student staff 

In celebration of National Student Employment Week, we'd like to take a moment to thank the students who have worked at WLRC and CAN this year:

As we noted during our student panel last week (video coming soon!), students have been integral to making our center a warm and welcoming home for the UIC community throughout our 30-year history. We're grateful for your dedication! 


WLRC Spotlight: Sounds of Feminism


Want to learn more about the kinds of feminist ideas that inspire WLRC's programs?  Every week on WLRC's Instagram and Facebook, we'll be sharing critical feminist conversations and insights on key concepts, ideas, and debates that shape our everyday lives.

Words and ideas matter. So does form. WLRC’s “Sounds of Feminism” is intended to educate, engage, and inspire our UIC community and beyond. How? By featuring critical feminist conversations about history, politics, media, culture and beyond. Whether you are new to feminist struggles and debates, or have weathered all the ups and downs and are still waving your flag, you will find “Sounds of Feminism” useful, provocative, and always loudly pushing for justice.

What is Transformative Justice? text in gradient purple font 

What is Transformative Justice?

“Transformative justice asks us not just about accountability for the individual for the harm that has been caused, but to think more largely about how all of us may…be a part of these systems that create the harm that we are trying to address.”

In this thought-provoking video from the Barnard Center for Research on Women, practitioners define the scope and potential of transformative justice. Transformative justice addresses not only the harm that occurs between two people, but also tries to address the conditions of the environment that allowed the harm to occur. It works to break the connection between justice and punishment and create accountability within our communities to break generational cycles of harm and violence.


Staying Connected: Updates about COVID-19 and WLRC/CAN

Aerial photo of UIC's campus 

WLRC will be working remotely for the Spring 2021 semester. We can be reached at and will continue to stay connected with you through email and social media.

The Campus Advocacy Network will continue to serve UIC students, faculty, and staff. Our confidential advocate is available for virtual appointments via phone, video conference, online chat, or email. To schedule a meeting or request more information, please email You can also call (312) 413-8206 and leave a voicemail.

More info & resources


CCUSC Events & Resources

CCUSC logo: "Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change" in red text on a white background, with the UIC red circle to the left. 

UIC's Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change will all be open and available virtually this semester! Click each center's name below for this week's events, services, and resources (all times CDT):

Yellow and white text on a purple background about what Muslims do during Ramadan and key terms. 

Ramadan Mubarak / Ramadan Kareem!

Ramadan is April 12 - May 11 this year. The Arab American Cultural Center has created several downloadable resources to share with your communities, including religious traditions, key terms, and how to support students and colleagues who are fasting.

The Muslim Alliance for Sexual & Gender Diversity (MASGD), in collaboration with groups like the Chicago-based Masjid al-Rabia, has coordinated a great lineup of inclusive Ramadan programs.

Twitter user @dinapapii has also created a lovely Ramadan planner you can download and use.


Hate has no home here.  Our rich identities would not exist without diverse voices and perspectives. We condemn racism and xenophobia in all forms, including the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes in recent weeks and since the COVID-19 pandemic began.  We stand in solidarity with the Asian and Asian American communities, as well as Pacific Islanders impacted by anti-Asian hate and violence, now and always.  For more resources visit #StopAAPIHate #StopAsianHate 

Hate Has No Home Here

WLRC and CAN condemn the recent racist and xenophobic attacks on Asian Americans, and the rise of anti-Asian hate crimes since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

We know that hate-driven violence against any minoritized group affects all of us, in big and small ways. We want to also name that gender-based violence and targeting of women and LGBT folks is one way that hate crimes manifest.

We stand in solidarity with Asian, Asian American and Pacific Islander communities now and always, and will not allow these or any similar incidents to pit any of our UIC communities against others, whether on campus or in the larger city, state or country.

For more resources, visit


Campus Opportunities



UIC Celebrates Earth Month
All April

There is something for everyone on the Earth Month calendar, from learning the facts about climate change and how to live "greener," to supporting the Heritage Garden and their efforts to demand justice and equity. The Office of Planning, Sustainability and Project Management invites you to join us in learning something new, speaking up, and taking action.

GLAS Documentary Screening: We Need to Talk About Anti-Asian Hate
Friday, April 16, 2021 I 12-2pm CDT

The Global Asian Studies Student Advisory Board (GSAB) is hosting an event for Asian Pacific Islander Desi American Awareness Month (AAPIDAM) and will be watching popular Youtuber and member of the Try Guys, Eugene Lee’s new documentary. After the viewing, we will hold a space for people to share their thoughts and reflect on the documentary.

Bystander Intervention to Stop Anti-Asian/American and Xenophobic Harassment
Friday, Apr 16, 2021 I 2PM CDT

To combat the current rise in harassment and discrimination and to also proactively prepare for the future increase of hate incidents, Advancing Justice | Chicago is partnering with New York-based nonprofit Hollaback!, CAIR-Chicago, and Great Lakes Asian American Student Services (of which UIC's Asian American Resource and Cultural Center is a member) to plan and implement an aggressive scaling up of locally led bystander hate incident intervention trainings for community members.

UIC Day of Service
Saturday, April 17, 2021

Student Leadership and Civic Engagement invites UIC students, staff, and faculty to end the semester by giving back to the community, in-person or virtually. Family and friends are welcome to join! Projects are first-come, first-serve, so sign-up now, especially if you have a preference on location.

Hans W. Mattick Award and Lecture
Wednesday, April 21, 2021 I 3:00 PM CDT
The UIC Department of Criminology, Law and Justice, the Center for Research in Law and Justice, and the Racial Justice, Violence and The Law Project presents the Hans W. Mattick Award and Lecture, featuring award recipient Dr. Phillip Atiba Goff, the co-founder and CEO of the Center for Policing Equity at Yale University, and Professor of African American Studies and Psychology at Yale University.

Disability as Disposability: AIDS, COVID, and the Manufacturing of a Viral Underclass
Wed, April 21, 2021 I 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM CDT

When virologists first began looking at SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus, it bore little resemblance to HIV. The two viruses act very differently, transmit differently, and live on different timelines. Yet despite this, in many ways, both affected similar populations. Presenting a chapter from his forthcoming book The Viral Underclass, Northwestern University professor and author Steven W. Thrasher will explore how the two viruses are connected because they affect populations considered disabled and disposable by capital.

Strategies to Master the Job Interview
April 22, 2021 I 2- 3PM CDT

Do you have job interview jitters? Join LAS for this workshop where you will learn tips and strategies to best prepare and gain the confidence to rock your upcoming job interview. In this session you will learn how to best prepare for the job interview, shine during a video interview, address the salary questions, and much more!

The Pressure of Doing It All: A Supportive Workshop for Parents Who Are UIC Students
Thursday, April 22, 2021 | 3-4:15pm CDT

Being a parent while also being a student is a unique challenge often not understood by your colleagues or peers. Please join the UIC Counseling Center for a virtual supportive space to connect over these challenges and gain ideas for navigating these multiple roles.

Health Ethics Book Club Meeting
Tuesday, April 27, 2021 | 12-1:30pm CDT

The final texts of this year's Health Ethics Book club include CN Lester’s Trans Like Me: Conversations for All of Us (2017), with two podcast episodes and an article. While book clubs do not make the change needed, folx attending these sessions have reported making substantive, meaningful changes in their teaching, policymaking, clinical practice, community engagement, and interpersonal relationships.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome During Finals: You Got This!
Tuesday, April 27 & May 4, 2021 | 12-1pm CDT

As the semester comes to a close and mental and physical burnout is on an all time high, it is not uncommon for the experience of feeling not good enough, namely, Imposter Syndrome, to also be heightened. The UIC Counseling Center staff invite students of color to join us to discuss and work through imposter syndrome.

SWE & WiCS Senior Send-Off
Friday, April 30, 2021 | 4-5pm CDT

Enjoy an evening with SWE and WiCS as we end the year! There will be a reflection on our virtual year, a trip down memory lane, and a few games to end the evening.


Chancellor’s FirstGen Flames Abroad Scholarship
Applications Due April 15, 2021

The Chancellor’s FirstGen Flames Abroad Scholarship is designed to award first-year students with high potential, whose parent(s) did not complete a bachelor’s degree, with a scholarship to study abroad.

UIC's Social Justice Initiative’s Pipeline to Justice Scholarship and Mentoring Program
Applications Due April 15, 2021

Apply today for UIC's Social Justice Initiative’s Pipeline to Justice Scholarship and Mentoring Program for UIC Undergraduates and prospective undergraduates. The Pipeline to Justice (P2J) scholarship and mentoring program is designed to support community organizers and activists in completing undergraduate degrees at UIC.



Center for Research on Women and Gender: Visiting Research Specialist, Health Sciences
Applications Due May 7, 2021

The CRWG seeks a PhD-level candidate to assist with research related to women's health, with a focus on maternal health.


Community Opportunities



Screening & Discussion: American Revolutionary
Friday, April 16, 2021 | 6pm CDT

Join The Rising Majority for a screening and discussion of the documentary on the life of activist Grace Lee Boggs with film creator Grace Lee, writer and activist adrienne maree brown, and youth organizer Holly Yu.

Africa Uprising: Activism and Resistance on the Continent
Tuesday, April 20, 2021 | 2- 3:30pm CDT

Join Haymarket Books for a live conversation with organizers from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kenya, Nigeria and Sudan on lessons from their movements and building international solidarity. Across the continent, social movements are rising up and taking to the streets. Organizing against police brutality, militarism, budget and subsidy cuts and for democracy, human rights and liberation, activists are building on a long tradition of struggle to demand change.

Black Feminisms: Emerging Scholars and Creatives Series
April 20 - May 25, 2021

Join the DePaul University Center for Black Diaspora for an insightful series of talks that seek to explore the complexity of Black women's relationship to feminism and ways that Black women have and continue to articulate their own manifestations of it to create plurality in Black Feminism.

Seeing Familiy in Latinx Art: A Conversation with Diana Solís, Nicole Marroquin, and Deanna Ledezma
Wednesday, April 21, 2021 | 6pm CDT

DePaul Art Museum hosts a conversation with Chicago-based artists and arts educators, Diana Solís and Nicole Marroquin, and Deanna Ledezma, a photography studies scholar and writer. Building upon the nonbinary, gender-inclusive term used in the exhibition title, the panel will discuss how Latinx art expands notions of family and kinship.

Disability & Intersectionality Summit: Call for Proposals
Proposals Due May 1, 2021

The DIS is a biennial national conference that centers the multiple oppressions that shape the lived experiences of disabled individuals, as told by disabled people, in a setting organized by disabled activists. DIS is attended by disabled community members and professionals with a range of disability understandings and lived experiences and is not an academic conference.



Asian Ink Creative Collective Summer Mentorship Program
Deadline: Sunday, April 25, 2021

This mentorship is intended to build a stronger network for AAPI creatives in Chicago. Mentees will have an opportunity to work with mentors that are professionals in their field to bridge the gap between students and professionals. Mentees will be paired with a mentor relevant to their career practice. 

Jane Addams Senior Caucus Internship
Deadline: May 1, 2021

This position will be focused on our Healthcare & Economic Justice Campaigns and working with our leaders to build political power for our members, especially in communities of color; specifically working with the Care Collective campaign that is organizing with seniors to fight for a systematic shift away from institutional care towards community centered care.


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