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Ricker News Fall 2018
Librarian's Corner

The Ricker Library saw many noteworthy changes in the spring and summer of 2018. Our long-awaited flooring project was launched in mid-May when the library closed for the summer. Collections were moved to temporary locations. We maintained service to patrons in room 210D and most of the collection could be requested and used during this time. Work on the flooring continued through early July. In mid-July our new shelving was installed and collections were moved back in late July. August was spent reinstalling other furniture and computers, receiving a new set of custom-made bookshelves for our closed stacks area, and completing other work necessary for the reopening of the library on August 27. The final touches for the new space were completed in October when baseboards were reinstalled and our new exhibition cases were delivered. (more on this under exhibitions on page 3)

Sadly for Ricker Library, our Head Librarian and guiding force behind the project, Melanie Emerson, left for an exciting new position as the Dean of the Library and Special Collections at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. We thank her for all her work at Ricker Library and wish her all the best in her new position.

With the departure of Melanie in the summer, I became Interim Head of Ricker Library. Please contact me if you have any questions or wish to schedule an information literacy session or collections based session for your class. I am available in Room 201 or Room 210D.

Christopher Quinn

Floor and Bookshelves Before and After
Pop-Up Libraries
"Tall + Small" pop-up library at Temple Buell Hall 

Ricker has continued to provide pop-up libraries this year, where we bring part of our collection straight to our users by setting up shop in buildings such as Art + Design. Passerby gain the opportunity to check out books, view special collection materials, and enjoy small giveaways. 

This November, we had our first series of pop-up libraries at Temple Buell Hall. One theme we curated was "Tall and Small", where we provided books on both skyscrapers and nanoarchitecture. From our special collection, we procured an Architecture student's 1931 thesis on tall buildings, which includes black and white photographs as well as hand-drawn detailing. We received enthusiastic reception by both students and faculty, and are looking forward to returning in the Spring. 

Ricker also returned to the Art + Design building this fall to accompany the interdisciplinary conference Unnatural Disasters: Climate Change and the Limits of the Thinkable. The rare books that we showcased included Bruno Taut's Alpine Architektur, which incorporates fantastical utopian drawings of architecture surrounded by nature. 

We look forward to continuing our pop-up programming this coming semester.

Krannert Art Museum Library Guides

For the past several years, staff at Ricker have been creating guides for Krannert Art Museum exhibitions, which include books and reference sources related to the exhibition topic, as well as information and resources about the art and artists. Guides for current and past Krannert exhibitions can be found on our website

Recently created exhibition guides include Capturing Landscape–Krannert Art Museum, May 26 to Oct. 20th, 2017 , Blue and White Ceramics: An Enduring Global Obsession–Krannert Art Museum, Aug. 30 to May 12, 2019 , Between the Buildings: Art From Chicago, 1930S–1980S–Krannert Art Museum, Aug 30, 2018 to Mar 23, 2019 , and Kennedy Browne: The Special Relationship– Krannert Art Museum, Oct. 4, 2018- Feb. 9, 2019.

Ricker Activities
Ricker Library's pumpkin painting event 

 Ricker Library kicked off its student-centered interactive stress relief projects with a pumpkin painting activity in October. Twenty students participated, creating a unique array of designs that included everything fom ghouls to Frida Kahlo. This December, we are hosting a gingerbread house-making event, which we anticipate will be equally successful.     

One of two new exhibition cases 

This semester, Ricker Library's exhibition theme is recently acquired artist's books. We have displayed books that vary not only in content and style but in form as well; last month, we showcased Lauren Clay's tunnel book Subtle Body,which provides a profound experience of depth in all of its vibrant pastels. Our November display includes accordion books by Bea Nettles, a former University of Illinois professor, as well as Amos Kennedy Jr., a former artist-in-residency at the University of Illinois. We plan to display a selection of architectural photography books produced by Professor Tierney's class.

Thanks to the Professor Harold A. Shultz Endowment Fund in memory and honor of Dr. Allen S. Weller, our exhibitions are now housed in beautiful, new cases that allow us even more space to showcase Ricker's rich collection.

We continue to curate rotating exhibitions; every month, library staff members craft an interesting and relevant theme, select related works, and create an eye-catching display. This selection of books can be seen on the shelf nearest the reference desk.

The September display featured a collection of books on innovation in the fields of art and architecture, which was quite popular among our patrons.

For October, Ricker Library's collection featured books on physical and psychological darkness in celebration of Halloween. 

In honor of election season, November's collection of books focused on the theme of democracy, participation, and activism in art and architecture.

Our theme for December is Scandanavian design in architecture and art. 

Notable Acquisitions

The Ricker Library usually obtains more than 3,000 new titles each year. Below are just a few examples of some of our notable acquisitions. View more of our recent additions through the library’s website.


Suburban Homes with Constructive Details

New York: David Williams, 1923


“Twenty three artistic suburban country and city homes,” are featured from across the U.S. Floor plans, elevations, details and in some cases specifications are included. One design of a house in Danville, IL, is included, by architect Mark H. Whitmeyer.


Plans (no. 1-13, January 1931-March 1932)

Important french avant-garde monthly covering architectural, art, political and literary culture of the era. Le Corbusier was an important figure in the journal's origins, served on the editorial board, and wrote contributions in most issues. The sixth issue in June 1931 was a special number entitled “La Guerre est Possible.” (War is Possible)


Actualites Grognet (1870-71)

Collection of hand-colored lithographed political cartoons and caricatures depicting historical figures and current events of the era, including the Paris commune, the Armistice of Versailles (ending the Franco-Prussian War), etc.


El Islam: La Alhambra. Investigación y Estudio Histórico Arqueológico y Artístico de Este Monumento.

(Macario Golferichs) 1929.

Beautifully bound and illustrated work on the Alhambra. Many black and white illustrations and some color.

New Catalogues Raisonnes at Ricker


Cy Twombly : the printed graphic work : catalogue raisonneĢ

Catalogue Raisonne of Twombly (1928-2011), American painter, sculptor and photographer. Works range in year from 1952-2002. This is the second edition of the catalogue raionne of the graphic work, which was first published in 1984. This joins the other recent catalogues raisonne of Twombly covering sculpture, paintings and drawings, all of which Ricker owns.




Umberto Boccioni : catalogo generale delle opere

Torino : Umberto Allemandi, 2016. Catalogue raisonne of Boccioni, (1882-1916), Italian painter and theorist of futurism. Provides a bibliography, list of exhibitions, and list of publications.




Thomas Wilmer Dewing : beauty into art : a catalogue raisonné  

 New Haven : in association with Yale University Press, 2018. Catalogue raisonne on Dewing (1851-1938), an American painter and founding member of the Ten American Painters. A life of Dewing is included. Volume 1 covers oil paintings, Volume 2 the works on paper.



Bridget Riley, the complete paintings : the complete paintings 1946-2017

Multi-volume catalogue raisonne on the English painter (1931-). Volumes 1-4 cover the paintings from 1959-2017. Volume 5 covers early painting, 1946-58 and includes exhibition lists, selected bibliography, index of paintings, etc.



Egon Schiele : the complete paintings, 1909-1918

Large format catalogue raisonne of the Austrian painter (1890-1918). Many paintings are illustrated in large, color illustrations. The catalogue includes small illustrations and the accompanying text for all works.

Generous Donations

Thanks to the following individuals who have helped Ricker Library grow:

Thelma Fite

Daniel Jares

Roland Kehe

Jane Block and Paul Kruty

Mr. Edmund T. Mazur and Mrs. Joan Mazur

Chris Quinn

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