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Week of November 12th, 2018

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 GIS Day 2018
 PSM in GIS students Nurmakhan Ziyadin and Malik Moulton

Many thanks to GIS Day 2018 keynote speaker Dr. Donna Cox; Interim Vice Chancellor for Research Dr. Susan Martinis, our generous sponsors, Geography & GIS faculty, students, and staff; and everyone in attendance who made this event a great success!

GIS Day attendees voted on the 21 student posters and maps, and a panel of judges selected among 12 Dynamic Web Maps (scroll down for gallery). Congratulations to our Dynamic Webmap and Map/Poster winners!

Dynamic Webmap
1st Prize: Busra Cakal (PSM in GIS student)
Runner-up: Jacob Hesslau (Senior, Geography & GIS)

Cartographic Design
1st Prize: Nurmakhan Ziyadin (PSM in GIS student)
Runner-up: Junghwan Kim (PhD student, Advisor: Dr. Mei-Po Kwan)

Research Quality
1st Prize: Junghwan Kim
Runner-up: Fikriyah Winata (PhD student, Advisor: Dr. Sara McLafferty)


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