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Research and Productivity
Enhance your research with these free resources!

Claim a unique scholarly ID from ORCID

An ORCID iD is a unique, persistent identifier that links you to your research. Over 5 million scholars already use them, and some publishers and funders even require an ORCID identifier to submit manuscripts or proposals. Learn how to get started with ORCID using our ORCID LibGuide. For more information, visit the Scholarly Commons or Illinois Experts, or contact a Library subject specialist.

Manage and preserve your data with the Research Data Service

The Research Data Service (RDS) provides Illinois researchers with the expertise, tools, and infrastructure necessary to manage research data. The RDS can help you manage your data at all stages of the research process. More information about the RDS can be found at

In the beginning of your project, learn best practices for data management by:

  • attending a workshop
  • scheduling a consultation
  • requesting a Data Management Plan (DMP) review

At the end of your project, deposit your completed dataset in the Illinois Data Bank, the institutional data repository for Illinois. Datasets deposited in the Illinois Data Bank are:

  • given a stable, unique identifier (DOI) for persistent access and ease of citation
  • curated by professionals
  • preserved for a minimum of 5 years

While you’re working, get brief (and fun!) tips on managing your data delivered to your inbox once a month. Subscribe to the Data Nudge at

Get help with digital research at the Scholarly Commons

The Scholarly Commons supports the traditional and emergent needs of the Illinois campus community by providing information resources, expert assistance, and technology resources that support teaching, research, and public engagement. More information about the Scholarly Commons can be found at  

At the Scholarly Commons, researchers can find resources to:

  • learn new technology
  • access and better understand data
  • design surveys

And more!

The Scholarly Commons also sponsors the Savvy Researcher Workshops, which covers topics and skills that researchers need across disciplines. Each session is led by an expert and provides hands-on experience with software and other Library resources in an instructional lab setting. For upcoming workshops, see the Savvy Researcher calendar. Many instructors are also available to visit your lab, class, or faculty meeting. Submit a request at  

Drop in Monday-Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., or email to set up a consultation.