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Week of December 3rd, 2018

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The Fall 2018 Alumni Newsletter is now available on our website, and print copies were placed in faculty and graduate student NHB mailboxes in November. Please stop by Matt’s office if you need additional copies.


No Colloquium this week

Graduate Students

Aida Guhlincozzi (advisor: Dr. Sara McLafferty) and Rebecca Shakespeare (advisor: Dr. Mei-Po Kwan) have been accepted as Community Geography Fellows for the NSF-funded Community Geography Workshop on January 25-26th at Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Aida Guhlincozzi, Junghwan Kim (advisor: Dr. Mei-Po Kwan), and Arrianna Planey (advisor: Dr. Sara McLafferty) have been accepted to compete at AAG's 2019 Peter Gould Paper Competition sponsored by the Health and Medical Geography Specialty Group.


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