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 Michaela Castens

There are a lot of exciting upcoming opportunities for our 4-H families. Check in on the Extension events page, and be sure to connect with us by following us on Facebook. Information is also updated on the 4-H website on a regular basis. If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me at (618) 443-4364 or mes379@illinois.edu.

Randolph County 4-H is teaming up with HCE to start a Pen Pal program very soon. If you would like to be a part of this, please call the Extension Office. Also, don't forget that 4-H enrollment forms and project exhibit forms are due before May 1. If you need another copy, please let me know.

- Michaela Castens, Randolph County 4-H Extension Program Coordinator


Livestock Quiz Bowl

cows feeding 

Perry County 4-H is hosting a Livestock Quiz Bowl on Monday April 5, and all 4-H members are invited to attend. The event will be held from 9 a.m. to noon at Bigham Shed, 1899 State Route 13/127, Pinckneyville, IL. Come test your knowledge on Livestock nutrition, breeds, meat cuts, and equipment at the Livestock Quiz Bowl. Pizza and cookies will be served, there is no cost to attend, and registration is not required. Participants will be asked to social distance and wear masks at the event.


Let's Talk About 4-H!

 radio microphone

Randolph County 4-H is teaming up with the WHCO in Sparta to interview one 4-H member each month talking about their experience with 4-H, favorite projects, etc. Nickole Weber, from the Randolph County 4-H Country Crusaders, kicked off the program in March. If this interests anyone, it is a first come first serve basis! Please contact me if you would like to be featured!


Become a Facilitator for the Illini Summer Academy

high school student 

The state 4-H office is looking for facilitators to lead workshops for the Illini Summer Academies camp. Facilitators will help build high school youth by exposing them to workshop topics related to college and workforce development.  The deadline to apply is April 15, and you can contact Cindy Ogwal with any questions about the program.


Illinois 4-H Making a Difference

 girls washing dishes

Every day, 4‑H’ers across the nation pledge their hands to larger service. And every day, 4‑H’ers are rolling up their sleeves and putting their pledge into action – leading positive change that empowers their peers and their communities.

Illinois 4-H is inviting 4-H members and clubs to be part of the 2021 True Leaders in Service: National 4-H Day of Service event on April 24 as they support the people around them and the communities they live in! Register and find out about two opportunities to join statewide efforts to advocate for others and make a difference in your community!


Bass Fishing SPIN Club

bass fishing 

To the first 20 adult volunteer 4-H leaders that respond: start up a new 4-H Bass Fishing SPIN Club, and you will receive a kit of supplies that will allow you to complete all six of the fun activity lessons in this new curriculum!   Each kit will supply up to ten 4-H youth with the learning supplies they need. Want to look at the curriculum first?   Find it on the Illinois 4-H Project page website. To submit a request, contact Curt Sinclair.



Illinois 4-H Robotics Challenge

 robotic pieces

2020 brought many unexpected challenges and changes to each of our lives. From attending school from home to keeping each other safe during a global pandemic, each of us has a unique story to tell about the past year, and this year you and your team will be able to tell your stories at the 2021 Illinois 4-H State Robotics Challenge.

This year's challenge will be virtual and will require your team to use the challenges of the last 4 years (2017-2020) to tell your unique story. Register now through April 30: https://go.illinois.edu/4HR2021

For details about the challenge, and other FAQs, visit: https://go.illinois.edu/2021CHALLENGE


Become an Illinois RiverWatch Citizen Scientist

riverwatch text 

With one paid adult, two 4-H youth may attend one of 14 different statewide workshops free of charge.   During this 6-8 hour training, volunteers are taught to identify over 30 different organisms using a stereoscope. During the field training session, participants visit a local stream, where the Trainer demonstrates proper monitoring techniques and explains how to complete the data sheets. Additional information about RiverWatch is available at:  http://www.ngrrec.org/Riverwatch/.


4-H Volunteer Training: Cloverbuds

 volunteer development with images of coffee cups and people

Cloverbuds is an exciting entry point to 4-H for youth!  Join Illinois 4-H for training on the Cloverbud program on April 22 at 7 p.m. This is a great opportunity to learn how to support 4-H learning experiences for youth in the 5-7 year age group. Use this link to find out more about this training and to register.




4-H Volunteer Cafe Conversations

coffee cup with cafe conversations text 

Register to participate in the 4-H Volunteer Café Conversations Illinois 4-H recently launched a platform for 4-H Volunteers from across Illinois to meet virtually and discuss topics of interest and share both ideas and challenges. Volunteers will gain access to tools and techniques to support their volunteer efforts, strengthening 4-H club and member learning experiences. 4-H will address two topics during each Café Conversation, so come with your ideas, questions, and since this is a Café Conversation, feel free to bring a snack as well! 

Register for Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 7 p.m.


Food in Action

 Grocery bag with groceries and Food Action Summit Text

The Illinois 4-H Food Action Summit is where leaders meet to be inspired and share a vision for food security, food access, and food justice in Illinois. University of Illinois researchers, non-profit professionals, food advocates, and civic leaders will be present to lead workshops designed to empower young people with the knowledge, confidence, and resources they need to strengthen their leadership as they work to create food security in their communities. 

Share your ideas, vision, and passion while you network with Food Advocacy Professionals on a shared vision for future food security, food access, and food justice. Registration is now open for this May 15 Zoom event. 


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